Last Night: Rosewood Was Slamming, Spotted Leo DiCaprio & Amanda Bynes

So last night I had a blast. It was a bit of a pleasant surprise how great the opening of Rosewood, 5 E. 19th St., turned out to be. The space Rosewood occupied was once many clubs run by many operators. In my opinion, none of those joints were any good. Dorsia, some people said, had its moments, but none while I was there, which I admit was rare. The redux of the space into Rosewood seems to be on the cheap but that often doesn’t matter as long as it’s comfortable, the flow is good ,and the overall feeling is positive. I had heard that Leo…yeah “that” Leo, was there at the "friends and family" event a few days before, and that last night other boldface names were expected. From my perspective in the DJ booth, I saw beautiful people committed to a good time, and one semi-celeb: the much-talked-about Amanda Bynes. As far as I could tell, she was behaving marvelously. Noah Tepperberg once introduced me to her at Marquee many years ago, and she was all smiles and sweetness. I like to think of her that way and try to dispel reports of her "Lohanisms.”

The rock-themed den had Kelle Calco following me. His following is so hot that I was left shocked and awed and honored to make them sway. They seemed to enjoy my rock and roll tip. Upstairs, DJ Danny Rockz put the well-heeled crowd into a frenzy. He was like a rockstar with most of the crowd, dancing while facing the DJ booth as he put on a show. The room was illuminated by the requisite sparklers announcing the presence of the sweet set. Rosewood was slamming last night and I congratulate all involved.
After my DJ set, I headed to Hotel Chantelle to congratulate the wonderful Luc Carl at his birthday party. Luc is the real deal. He was humble about the event which also had a rock theme, with DJ Ian El Dorado offering rock anthems and crowd pleasers. Tommy London, one of the night’s hosts, handed me a flier for his Bowery Ballroom Dirty Pearls gig on January 4th, 2013. That is the first event in the next year that I have been invited to. It’s kind of eerie. The Pearls are heading off on their first-ever national tour and it couldn’t happen to nicer guys. We scooted off to The Famous Cozy Soup ‘n’ Burger on Broadway off Astor for a late-night burger and coffee malted. OMG I shouldn’t have; it was amazing and I want more but must maintain my figure. Cozy was slammed with familiar faces and eclectic strangers. It reminds me of Kiev, back in the day. Great food and a New York downtown crowd winding down after all the bells and whistles of the infinite night.

Sunday is Funday again at the re-tooled Goldbar. Jonny Lennon, a rocker from Queens, is at the helm of this weekly must-visit. Jonny and I are getting bro tattoos soon. It’s like that.

New York Opening: Bishops & Barons

Bishops? Barons? Where else can you party like a Teutonic aristo and a prince of the holy mother church all at once? The new Bishops & Barons is indeed fit for the titled classes, with its glittering chandeliers, plush velvet banquettes, and general air of old glamour and decadence.

The newest nightlife venue from Danny Kane of The Gates, it features the creative talents of Patrick Fahey and Kevin Chun; and with drinks by Dushan Zaric of Employees Only, it’s got cocktail cred to match any in NYC (try The Billionaire for maximum swank). Chun’s succinct menu of comestibles completes the epicurean picture. For those naughty special occasions, a VIP "chamber" is done up like a retro showgirl’s dressing room. 

[Photo: Sophie Elgort]

Austin Opening: Swift’s Attic

Set in a century-old warehouse, with a mesquite bar, and hunter green booths, restaurant and bar Swift’s Attic brings a comely masculinity and Moroccan feel to the downtown Austin scene.

For a special historical touch, a floor-to-ceiling mural was unearthed during the renovations. But it’s not toys you’ll find in this attic–rather, it’s creative, style-defying small plates featuring kimchi, poutine, scallops, and oxtails. The bar boasts at least fourteen craft beers on tap. Still, we’re most curious about the dessert menu’s Foie PB&J.

Berlin Opening: Waldorf Astoria

The Waldorf Astoria Berlin, the gleaming new tower on the Ku’damm, is unapologetically luxurious, particularly with the opening of Les Dolites: French culinary god Pierre Gagnaire’s first gastronomic temple on German soil, located within the hotel. The lushness of the space, awash in Italian silks and floral displays, extends to Germany’s only Guerlain Spa.

But this exceedingly posh Waldorf Astoria also pays tribute to the city’s more bohemian history; the Lang Bar is an encomium to Metropolis and M director Fritz, and the Romanisches Cafe (once a hang-out of Brecht and Grosz), has been revived as a chic new all-day dining spot, complete with a terrace overlooking the Breitscheidplatz. Book a room on a higher floor for views that stretch all the way to…Dresden? Perhaps.

Los Angeles Openings: Morinoya, AV, Link-N-Hops

Morinoya (West Los Angeles) – LA hero Chef Takayuki "Mori" Morishita does it again, this time in West Los Angeles.

AV (Hollywood) – Ballerina burlesque girls. Bottle service. Dance floor.

Link-N-Hops (Atwater Village) – Sausage gastropub that dares to offer one of the best vegan dogs in the city.

Tokyo Opening: Tommy Hilfiger Omotesando

It seems almost an impossibility that it hasn’t happened sooner, but America’s most American designer has finally opened a proper flagship in fashion mad Tokyo: the Tommy Hilfiger Omotesando. Taking up three floors, these interior spaces are replete with modern and vintage details, ranging from opulent gentlemen’s club style (lots of oak and brass) to Frank Lloyd Wright inspired minimalism, but all done with a sense of fun.

An LCD Gallery with 13 screens shows original video content, but also footage of other Tommy shoppers around the world. The entire Hilfiger range is encompassed, with everything from bespoke suit service for the gents to all you’d ever need to suit up the little ones. Another masterstroke for Hilfiger.

Beers, Breads, and Buns at Landbrot, German Bakery and Bar

Sometimes a restaurant opens in New York that makes you wonder, “How did this not exist before? How did we live without it?” It’s a rare, divine occurrence, and the first dining experience at this kind of place is filled with a lot of head-scratching, unfinished sentences (“I just… I don’t know… where do I… begin?”), and cleaned plates. If this is something you have yet to experience, then stop into Landbrot, the new German bar and bakery in the West Village and LES. With one bite of their just-baked salted pretzel, a sip of Hoss Holzar beer, and a scoop of German chocolate cake, you’ll realize Landbrot is that kind of place, and there’s no living without it.

Let us remind you that Landbrot (German for “country bread”) is a German bakery and bar, meaning that they offer – in one place – most of what makes life so wonderful: fresh and fluffy breads and pretzels; rare German beers on tap; smoked salmon, ham, and cheese sandwiches; and warm apple strudel.
Eating and drinking is welcomed at the bar or a table, where you get an unbeatable floor-to-ceiling windowed view of all the curious passersby who are admiring your herring sandwich from afar. The brats, sausages, and “frankfurters” are equally as enviable.
At Landbrot, it’s hard to name what dish is the star of the show, as this spot satisfies all-day needs, from a cup of drip coffee and a sweet bun or muffin, to a salad, jelly doughnut, and a pint. And with the 185 Orchard St. location staying open until 4am, six days a week, skip the decision-making process and just go all day and night. Or why not sleep there? With all of the freshly baked goods delivered via glass dumbwaiter at the West Village shop, perhaps you can just crawl right into the tray and no one will see.