‘The Wire’’s Michael K. Williams Will Play Ol’ Dirty Bastard

Here’s a casting call destined to blow up the Internet: Michael K. Williams, best known as Omar from The Wire, has just signed on to play Ol’ Dirty Bastard in an upcoming movie called Dirty White Boy. Instead of being a strict biopic, it’ll center on Jarred Weisfeld, "a 22-year-old VH1-intern-turned-manager" who falls in with the rapper, and the fun they have leading up until ODB’s untimely death in 2004. "This felt like Risky Business and 8 Mile, with equal elements of darkness, humor, and humanity," producer Lars Knudsen said in a press release. Those movies make for strange bed fellows, but hey, we’re all eyes and ears.

ODB was a bit of a bulkier guy than Williams, but that’s why they invented Krispy Kreme. More importantly: The Wire and the Wu-Tang! To quote every one of my Facebook friends, "Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick." Dirty White Boy is by the team that brought us the Oscar-winning Beginners, which means you’ll probably end up crying at some point — maybe with laughter, when Dirt McGirt jumps on stage at the Grammys to talk about the children.