Burger Friday: NYC’s 3 Best Burgers For Your 3-Day Weekend

Memorial Day is all about burgers. Burgers of every kind – juicy, veggie, dripping, spicy, charred. Burgers know no limits. And in honor of the national holiday that is National Burger Month, I’m devoting this extra-special Burger Friday to Memorial Day. In fact, I’ve created a three-day Memorial Weekend burger itinerary for you, simply to ensure that you devour only the best burgers all weekend long, every day. Dig in:

The Bronte Burger from Ruby’s: This burger is the star of the show at Australian-American spot Ruby’s in the middle of Nolita. Probably because it’s a sensory parade; you’ve got a thick hunk of beef, topped with fresh, local tomato and lettuce, creamy mayo and cheese, and a sweet and tangy chili sauce – sandwiched between a toasted ciabatta bun. Exclamations after the first bite known to include: "oh my," "what the…" and "Holy Mother."

The Black Label Burger from Minetta Tavern: Mosey down Greenwich Village’s tucked-away Minetta Lane and get served a $26 burger of prime dry-aged beef with caramelized onions on a toasted soft bun alongside pommes frites. You’ll feel French in no time.

The Off-The-Menu Burger from Brindle Room: This discreet burger is adored, yet it’s a strictly "ask the waiter" deal. What makes it special? The aged ribeye that’s ground into the steak, and its ruthless simplicity. Gotta love a good secret.

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Photo: Yelp.

Ramps In A Cocktail? Find It Here

Three years ago, the mere mention of “ramps” did not elicit salivating mouths, fanatical food-envy, and the urge to Instagram them in Earlybird, Valencia, and Amaro filters. Back then, the utterance of “ramps” conjured up an image of the handicap route you take to get to your grandma’s neighborhood pool in Florida. But after the debut of this little article in TIME in 2010, the word changed forever, in favor of the definition its known for today: the wild, crunchy, green leeks that resemble scallion stalks and make grown chefs cry. And since then, the ruffage has become one of the most desirable and trendy ingredients on a menu, and now it’s appearing in an alcoholic drink: shake hands with “Proserpina,” the new gin cocktail laced with pickled ramps, debuting at the canary yellow UWS spot Caffe Storico.

Named after the Greek Goddess of Spring, Proserpina is strictly limited-time-only and off-the-menu, meaning you need to whisper very soon and very dramatically to the waiter, like this, to have a chance to gaze into its pickled ramps, bubbly, simple-syruped, prosecco, lime juice depths.

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