Pastis: Pioneering Meatpacking Eatery to Shut?

What’s to become of a Meatpacking District pioneering eatery? Pastis is a restaurant responsible for putting this high-end NYC neighborhood on the map. (Not literally – there’s city planners that actually do that.) In 1999, "Meatpacking pioneer" Keith McNally opened the restaurant’s doors – taking great pains to reproduce a 1930s Parisian brasserie; adorning the establishment with items found at overseas flea markets. People were happy. Children were smiling. Onion Soup Gratinee was served. Life seemed good…

Now the whip comes down; Pastis may be shutting it’s doors – and also closing once those doors are shut! This maneuver could take effect as early as January 1st; basically the restaurant is laying off 200 employees on that date; just read between the entrees to figure out what’s going on.

So last call on Seared Organic Salmon (with baby spinach); final orders on Moules Frites au Pernod ($23). Remember what Raymond Chandler once said: “To say goodbye is to die a little – and boy does Pastis serve a great Grilled Chicken Paillard!" Check please…

GoogaMooga Gets Fantastical With Themed Roberta’s, The Spotted Pig, & Gabe Stulman Pop-Ups

GoogaMooga – Brooklyn’s May 17th-19th food/music fest with the really great toilets – is adding themed, fantastical pop-ups from Roberta’s and culinary greats April BloomfieldKen Friedman, and Gabe Stulman to their carnival of all things fried, buttered, sprinkled, and alcoholic. 

Roberta’s – the Bushwick pizza joint with a cult following – is going Elizabethan, debuting their "Urban Renaissance Faire" – fit with hunky knights and fair maidens, and platters of medieval bites. Freshly-hunted turkey legs? Spare ribs from a barn hog? Perhaps.

Foot-long sausages, German pastries, and bubbling beers, are at the German beer garden pop-up known as "The Spotted Pig Haus," dreamed up by  The Spotted Pig’s chef/co-owner April Bloomfield and co-owner Ken Friedman. And if you still have room…

Gabe Stulman is going Americana on us, bringing his Wisconsin upbringing to his pop-up "Little Wisco Seafood Boil & BBQ." The restauranteur behind such West Village greats as Joseph Leonard, Jeffrey’s Grocery, and Fedora, is stocking his with boiled crawfish, barbecued shrimp, and wholesome games of bocce ball and bean-bag toss. 

All these delectable food worlds can be yours for the price of $15-$20, drinks not included. But do get drinks. And do go to the bathroom many times. Many times. Because believe me: they have really great toilets.

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