Birthday Boy Sam Valentine on Friday’s Sleaze Rock Festival & His Top 10 Rock Songs

Happy Sam Valentine’s Day and Week! I’m talking about Sam Valentine; the cool, cool rock and roll promoter that I work with every Thursday at Hotel Chantelle whose birthday is tomorrow. He lives rock 24/7, 365 days. He has the hair to prove it. This week, he is all over town celebrating, culminating in his sleaze rock festival called “Big City Rebels 5,” this Friday at Webster Hall. He has the band CRASHDIET playing, and much, much more. He says that he hasn’t been this excited in years. I caught up with Sam and asked him to tell me all about it.

It’s your birthday week and you have been celebrating this blessed event. What’s happened so far and what’s ahead?
So far I’ve been taking it easy and concentrating on promoting the big event coming up on Friday: my once-a-year sleaze rock festival called "BIG CITY REBELS 5.” This year I got the leading band in this new rock ‘n’ roll movement called CRASHDIET; they are basically the Motley Crue of our generation along with the bands THE LAST VEGAS, WILDSTREET, WICKED, and NASTY HABIT… lots of new blood with lots of passion, talent, and attitude. On top of this we have the rock n roll designer TOXIC VISION doing her party “GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS” with us; we get 30 girls and dress them in her trademark sexy bodysuits and they just go wild all night. As if that isn’t enough, for the after-party we are filming for a future episode of the popular TLC show NY Ink; Megan Massacre and Jes Leppard from the show will be guest DJing along with Joe Letz, the drummer of the industrial band COMBICHRIST. This is considered to be the rock ‘n’ roll event of the decade here in NY and it will live up to that.

Before the Festival on Friday, I have my weekly Wednesday the rock party RIOT AVENUE at Webster Hall. It’s known for its high level of debauchery, and this week we have a heavy metal magician and a strip contest.

On Thursday night, my actual birthday, I’ll be celebrating with my intimate friends at Hotel Chantelle’s GENERATION WILD party; that’s where the hangover will be started, and I expect the night to be crazy. I’ve got some very special guests coming as well.

You are a true rock and roll disciple. Tell me why rock is the true religion.
Growing up I had nothing to keep me company but rock ‘n’ roll. The moment I saw bands like Guns N’ Roses, Skid Row, and Motley Crue on TV, I was hooked. I connected with this larger-than-life sound, look, and attitude. I like all kinds of rock ‘n’ roll, though I have a passion for the sound of loud guitars and pounding drum beats. It’s a style of music that rebels against the norm, and it expresses every feeling – from the love songs to the angry or just the party songs – it has it all. I don’t know where I would be or what I’d be doing with my life if rock ‘n’ roll hadn’t been there to guide me. I had no role models growing up but the rock stars on TV, which probably explains why I get in so much fun trouble all the time. 

Sam ValentineI DJ with you on Thursdays at Chantelle. You incorporate local bands into your set. Tell me why this is so important.
This is the most important thing to me. The hits that people know are needed, but these bands already had their success and got their money. The local bands are struggling to push and keep rock ‘n’ roll alive, and if we ignore them by not playing their music or rocking out to it, how is rock ‘n’ roll going to survive? Everyone likes to get a new car or a new apartment… new things are great, so why not want new music made by our generation? By playing these songs, we teach people there’s still great talent out there and rock ‘n’ roll is getting stronger than ever. It’s been growing in the underground for quite a bit now and it’s almost ready to explode again. It’s our local talent that is making this possible; their songs are as good as any classic, so why not play it in our sets? Someone has to put a stop to the same Bowie and Blondie songs being played over and over at every "rock" party. 

You swear by sleaze rock. Who are the sleaze rock players and what defines that sound?
Sleaze rock is the freshest most dangerous and fun sound in rock ‘n’ roll right now. It takes from bands like Guns N’ Roses and Motley Crue – that party, badass, rebellious sound – but it’s being made by young people from this generation, so it took a life of its own, updating that sound to what we now call sleaze. It was made popular by bands like Hardcore Superstar, Crashdiet, Backyard Babies, and such. All these bands are from Sweden. Over there it’s the style of rock ‘n’ roll that dominates, and now it has spread to America with bands like Wildstreet, The Last Vegas, Dirty Penny, Sex Slaves, and such solidifying the following over here. It’s music to party to. It brings the fun back to rock. It has the larger-than-life rockstar look. It has danger, is dirty-sounding, and speaks to us, the generation that’s fed up with all this emo and generic sound that rock has had for the past decade. Plus, it’s giving strippers all around the world new songs to get naked to!

Hey, Hey, My My” rock and roll will never die, but most clubs don’t play much of it. Will rock be played in clubs in five years? Is it a viable genre for anyplace except dive bars and hipster hangouts?
I believe so. If you look back five years ago, there’s no place that would have ever let me play a sleaze rock track, but now they call ’cause every club wants that edgy look that this scene is bringing. I believe that in five years the sound will be just like the ‘80s again. It will be everywhere. It will be a great time, and everyone is going to want a piece of it. The pop world has drowned itself. Kids are bored. They need this new edge that sleaze rock and sleaze metal is bringing to music again… plus, it’s feel-good music and no one can be against that. In five years, I think my word will be proven right; it will be rock ‘n’ roll land once again. It’s long overdue.

OK, you’re going on a long rocket ship trip and can take 10 songs…what are they?

  1. Crashdiet – “Rebel
  2. Guns N’ Roses – “Night Train”
  3. Skid Row – “Youth Gone Wild”
  4. AC/DC – “Whole Lot of Rosie”
  5. Crashdiet – “It’s a Miracle”
  6. Wildstreet – “Easy Does It”
  7. Hardcore Superstar – “Run to Your Mamma”
  8. Motley Crue – “Kickstart My Heart”
  9. Backyard Babies – “Drool”
  10. Airborne – “Raise the Flag”

Tonight the house community will gather to support Gwen McCrae who gave us the hit "Funky Sensation" and so much more. Ajna, 25 Little West 12th Street, will be packed to the rafters with DJs, performers, and hosts. Gwen suffered a major heart attack in London and this event is being held to raise cash to get her home to her family.

Industry Insiders: Megan Massacre, Making the Brand

In the gritty, male-dominated tattoo industry, it’s not easy for a petite Pennsylvania girl to find success. But 25-year-old Megan Massacre has managed to do just that as an artist on TLC’s newest tattoo reality series, NY Ink, which takes place at Manhattan’s Wooster Street Social Club. Growing up, Massacre was a Jill-of-all-trades when it came to art – dabbling in acrylic painting, calligraphy, and woodcarving. She forayed into tattooing after high school and hasn’t looked back since. Despite being one of the industry’s few female artists, Massacre has managed to hold her own; enough so that the show’s producers and Ami James (star of the franchise’s original series, Miami Ink), approached her to appear on the Manhattan reboot. We asked Massacre a few questions about her background, interests, and the weirdest tattoo she’s ever done.

BlackBook: Where are you from? Megan Massacre: Originally I am from southeastern Pennsylvania, born and raised in the small town of Douglassville. I moved around the surrounding area, eventually finding myself in Philadelphia about four years ago. I moved from there up to NYC, where I’m currently living.

Why Massacre? My real birth given last name is Woznicki, very far from Massacre. Massacre was the result of growing up in the era of Myspace and hardcore scene names. My friends and I mocked this by making up ultra tough names to use for our bowling league team. Its just kind of stuck since. I’m rather fond of it.

What were your interests when you were younger? Art has always been prevalent throughout my life, even as a small child. My mom has kept drawings of mine from as early as age 2, and even has photos of me drawing marker tattoos on her body throughout my younger years. During grade school and middle school I spent most of my free time at a local art studio honing my skills.

How did you first get into tattooing? I got into tattooing kind of by accident. I was going to community college and working a dead-end job selling furniture when I first graduated high school. A friend from work asked me to give her a ride to a local tattoo shop, and she told the guys who worked there about how well I could draw. They asked me to sketch a few things for them to check out, then asked if I would be interested in doing a tattoo. Although I was terrified, knowing this was a once-in-a-lifetime chance, I worked up the courage and said yes. The guys set me up and I did my first tattoo. They were impressed enough to then offer me an apprenticeship.

How’d you get into modeling? A few years ago, a friend of mine asked if I would like to come along with her to a photo shoot based around tattoos. I went along for fun and ended up really enjoying it. I was inspired to continue pursuing it, working with other models and photographers, making friends and continually meeting other talented people in the industry that kept driving me further. It kept expanding until it started actually infringing upon my tattoo career, at which point it became more of a sub-career for me instead of just a hobby. While tattooing is my first and foremost, modeling is also a great passion of mine.

Do you usually do your own makeup and styling when you’re modeling? Always. I have a really big thing about that whenever I have photo shoots or anything whenever they try to bring in another makeup artist or stylist I’m not into it. I’m just not happy with it.

When did you get your first tattoo? I got my first tattoo when I was 18, about 6 months after I started tattooing. I looked very young for my age, and my boss at the time claimed that customers were scared to get tattooed by me because they thought I was 14 years old and had no tattoos. One day he made me get my first one. Having no idea what to get and being on the spot, I started flipping through tattoo magazines and found a drawing that I liked of an amine girl dressed as a cheetah. At the time I was really into this style of artwork. That night he traced it up and tattooed the outline on the whole outside of my right calf, I went home that evening and my mom totally flipped out. I actually ended up coloring in the rest of the tattoo myself as practice. I’ve gotten many tattoos over the past years. I would say I have around 20.

What are you looking forward to while filming the rest of the show? I’m think I’m most excited to see the show in its finished product and all of our hard work coming together. I feel there is so much good stuff being filmed I have no idea how they’re going to cram it all in there!

Do you feel like there’s any big differences being a woman in the industry? Absolutely. Tattooing is a man’s world. In order to be a woman in this world you need to acquire a thick skin. I believe there are both drawbacks and benefits to being a woman in this industry, the drawbacks being that it is harder to get other artists to take you seriously. I know plenty of artists who know who I am, but have never bothered to glance at my tattooing portfolio, assuming I’m just another tattooed chick model. I’ve even had artists tell me to give up modeling in order to be taken seriously as an artist, which I think is total crap, but sadly they do have a point, because most people don’t look past my exterior. At the same time there are benefits. Being a woman in this industry makes you more unique because there are so few of us, therefore it helps me stand out in what has become a sea of amazing artists out there these days.

Any secrets to your success? What would you say to an aspiring female tattoo artist? I believe the secret to my success is not a secret at all. It’s years of hard work and dedication. I guess my biggest piece of advice to give would be, Ladies, do not feel as though you need to give up an ounce of your femininity just to be taken seriously. Be big, bold, sexy and beautiful without regret!

What’s your favorite tattoo you’ve ever done? I would say one of my most favorite is of a huge phoenix/peacock style bird, very vibrant and colorful, that encompasses a woman’s whole left side of her back from upper shoulder to the bottom of her left butt cheek, then wrapping around her ribs to her belly button. Not only did the tattoo come out gorgeous on her, it’s awesome because she works in a law firm and wears a dress suit to work everyday. I find that to be bad ass.

What’s an average day like for you? Its starts with me attempting to wake up by 8am every day, but always hitting my snooze button five too many times, rushing to get all dolled up and then running into work. I then prepare for a 12 hour, ever-changing day filled with tattoos, crazy antics that make me laugh till my sides split, and consuming about ten cups of coffee. I then saunter home where I sit down on my couch and usually pass out before I even make it to my bed. I love every minute of it.

When you’re not working you’re … I’m kind of all over the place. Some days off I enjoy just bumming it at home in my pjs, not drawing on my eyebrows that day while eating ice cream and watching movies. Others, I like dressing in full costume and going out on the town, dancing on tables and drinking whiskey till the wee hours of the morning. I like to mix it up.

What do you enjoy most about tattooing, and what are some of the challenges? I would say my favorite thing about tattooing is the intimacy of the whole process. The idea of creating one unique piece of artwork to fit that one in particular person, that they choose to wear on their skin forever as opposed to on a t-shirt or hanging it on their wall is extremely fulfilling. The biggest challenge is the compromising of artwork. Everything I do is custom, and when someone presents me an idea, I get an instant mental image of how I would like to design the piece. Sometimes it ends up being not want the client wants, and they want to change the design. While this seldom happens, it’s hard to compromise artistically when you feel something else looks better.

Do you think with the show that there will be any instant comparisons to Kat Von D, since she was the last female artist on the show? And if there are, do you care? I don’t really care. It’s one of those things where I’ve already kind of experienced it. I just feel like we’re both in the same genre. There’s a couple tattoo TV shows now, but there aren’t any other prominent girl artists. It’s the same series. It’s like she did Miami Ink, she did LA Ink and now NY Ink is the next one in the series and that’s the show that I’m doing. She’s the girl, I’m the girl. We’re both girls, we’re both tattoo artists on the same series. Outside of that I don’t think there’s really any comparisons.

What’s the weirdest tattoo request you’ve gotten in your career? A lot of guys have asked me to do like weird shit, basically because I’m a girl. There aren’t many girl tattoo artists. And guys don’t really want other guys touching their parts. Guys will always ask me to do private tattoos. But sometimes they just want a tattoo, and sometimes they’re a creep. I have a story but it’s kind of gross. I don’t know if you want to hear it.

No, it’s fine. Go ahead. I was at a shop and this guy says he’s wants a tattoo on his ass. And I’m like, that’s weird. What made it so weird is that the guy had no visible tattoos. He was probably in his late forties or early fifties, a regular run-of-the-mill, blue collar guy. What weirded me out about it was that he couldn’t really look me in the eye, and he stuttered really bad. Like he was having a hard time talking to me about getting the tattoo. It was really awkward. At that point, I didn’t want to do the tattoo at all. And my boss was like, No you have to do it. And I was like, No, this guy’s weird. And he’s like, We’ll be in the room with you, it’ll be fine. And I’m like, That’s still weird. So my boss goes up to him and says, She’ll only do it if you pay double. And the guy was like, Done. So he says, I want the tattoo on my ass. And I was like, What do you want? He’s like, I don’t care. You don’t even have an idea? You’ve got to be kidding me. So I went to the books and found the smallest piece of tribal I could find. How about we do this? He’s like, Awesome. And I’m like, So do you have other tattoos there, because I have to see where we can put it? And he’s like, Oh yeah, I have a bunch. And then he drops his pants in the lobby, in front of everybody. And his whole ass is covered in tattoos, like underwear. He has the most random tattoos, Looney Tunes characters and flowers. What made it even more shocking was that he was wearing a woman’s white lace thong.

Wow. Yeah, and he’s like literally falling out of it. And I’m just laughing so hard I couldn’t even talk to the guy. I’m like, This has got to be a joke. But obviously he had gone to other tattoo artists. And people had just covered random splotches of color all over him. Other people had messed with him and didn’t take him seriously. Anyway, I asked, Where do you want to put it? And he’s like, I don’t know, pick a spot. So I kind of pointed to a spot kind of more near his hip level and I was like alright we’ll put it right here. And I did the tattoo as fast as I could. It’s one thing if people really want it, and they’re a really weird person, but they’re cool about it. But when the guy can’t look you in the face and is making you really nervous, it’s awkward. And that was this guy. I’ll never forget that experience, and to this day I will never again tattoo a guy’s ass.

That’s pretty crazy. Yeah, and that’s not even that crazy for this industry. Lots of people ask for stuff like that. And I understand I’m a girl, and if guys want tattoos in more private spots that they don’t want another guy touching them. They’d rather a girl tattoo them. Being a girl in the tattoo world you experience that a lot.

[Photo: Jake Smith for TLC]