6 Special Moments from #NYFW Day 2: White Chicks, RiRi, and Karlie Kloss

Photo by Kevin Tachman via @voguemagazine on Instagram

Day two! The catch up continues. From Jason Wu to Zimmermann to Suno, we hit the very hot (and steamy) concrete in spades today. Sweaty dresses, expensive cabs, and a collective 14 (is that all?) caffeinated beverages later, we’re home and onto our second shift–writing about all of it. Here’s today’s recap–

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Emily: Best part of my day, hands down, was seeing artist Dustin Yellin take the runway in a Misha Nonoo dress.

Sara: With, like, a Starbucks cup, right? Haha.

Emily: Yes– it was like something out of White Chicks. He actually pulled off walking in heels pretty well and it was hilarious.

Alyssa: Dustin was definitely doing his best white girl impersonation. I don’t know if girlfriend can really walk in heels… I’m actually pretty sure he can’t even.

Sara: The instagram-induced NYFW envy is real. I was at Adam Selman, but as soon as I left and saw Instagrams with RiRi popping up I was sad-face-emoji. But actually, it was a million degrees inside and I couldn’t stay–I spent half the show contemplating my new (brilliant, IMHO) idea that show programs be printed on those cardstock fans on a stick, ya know? Wouldn’t that be amazing? No matter what I do, I’m sweating in a not-cute way in 10 minutes! Then I see girls decked out and I swear they don’t have sweat glands.

Rihanna and Adam Selman photographed by Kevin Tachman

Alyssa: Is there a cute way to sweat, though? The show notes at Siki Im were printed on a decently thick stock of paper that worked wonderfully. So, thanks Siki!

Emily: Dude I’m with you.  I made the mistake of wearing a silk dress in the subway today and had awkward sweat stains in inconvenient places.

Alyssa: The trick is to not sit down.

Sara: I saw about 1489567345 girls in crop tops today and while I couldn’t–ever– I envied their nearer-to-nudity while I dreamt of taking off my already light dress… Alyssa–can we talk about the fact that you saw KARLIE today? (I am a social media creeper. Cool.)

Alyssa: I don’t know if I’m allowed to geek out this hard but pretty much every time I see Karlie Kloss on the runway my heart skips a beat. She walks like a panther. It’s so GOOD. She brings life to the clothes. I’m all about her.

Sara: I’ve heard people say she has an insane walk and I need to see it to understand it. Fingers crossed. ALSO, re. Karlie–she totes ‘grammed herself doing pilates this morning. Girl #werqs. I saw Lynn Yaeger at Suno, which by the way, might have been my favorite show yet. So that was my fangirl moment of the day.

Alyssa: Speaking of fanning out, I got to see Chris Gelinas at the CG presentation this morning. I pretty much adore him, and I adore his collection, and I really enjoy the thought and process that goes into creating the materials for the pieces. One of my favorite pieces from his presentation was a really gorgeous short sleeve jacket made of a nylon tweed with silk organza overlay, hand frayed, and with a machine embroidered graphic pattern. It’s so complex but it’s not fussy. The collection is actually pretty nonchalant for all its details. And I got three hugs out of him — a really lovely start to the day.

Sara: Fun fact: I was in this tiny, crowded room when he won his MADE for Peroni award last year and it was adorable. Yay CG. New designers are the shit. Also, while there weren’t any moms or babies in my life today, I did get a REALLY cool gold temporary tattoo (haha, that sentence) at the tents today.

Alyssa: Flash tats!

Emily:  I’ve seen those everywhere! Been meaning to get one after seeing it on Beyoncé’s Instagram. Today I snagged two gift bags with various beauty products. By the end of fashion week I’m hoping to have enough shampoo / conditioner to last me a year.

Alyssa: You’re more likely to get dry shampoo in those bags, because who has time to wash her hair, amiright?

Sara: Emily: jeal. Alyssa: I hit up a braid bar today and am now lying down in a tank top and a ridiculously fancy updo. Showers are for squares. I will probably fall asleep with it…soon.

Alyssa: Yeah right, girl! We have trend stories to do 🙂

First Looks: ALDO Rise x Nonoo

The Aldo Rise series joins fast-fashion shoe powerhouse Aldo with cool, edgy, and usually younger designers for high-quality, and very high style collabs. IMO, it’s one of the more consistently reliable joint ventures in a heavily saturated market. (Case in point: my Preen’s for Aldo Rise bought at Selfridges circa 2012 that are still on heavy rotation).

Next up: Nonoo. The designer cites highbrow inspirations for the capsule collection:  “I was inspired by the romantic tension illustrated in Dustin Yellin’s three dimensional psychogeography glass collage series. For this stiletto silhouette, we used multiple fine straps that overlap and wrap around the foot to showcase a controlled chaos. This design speaks to my signature; creating a juxtaposition between my heritage and contemporary art and culture,” explains designer Misha Nonoo.

The designs will first be seen in person at the Nonoo show…and in a few months you can scoop up some royal blue goodness for yourself too

Public School and M. Patmos to Rep U.S. at International Woolmark Prize

Marcia Patmos of M. Patmos with Public School’s Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne

We have winners! Last night’s regional Woolmark Prize awards put Public School, a.a. antonion azzuolo, Ovadia & Sons, Timo Weiland, and Todd Snyder up against each other in the menswear category, with M. Patmos, Jonathan Simkhai, Nonoo, Rosie Assoulin, and WHIT in the running for womenswear. Public School and M. Patmos won in their respective categories, and will go on to create a merino wool capsule collection to present during the International Woolmark Prize competition in 2015.

For their win, Public School and M. Patmos will each receive about $47,000… at the end of International Prize competition dangles a $95,000 prize along with the opportunity to retail at some of the world’s best shopping destinations — Colette, Harvey Nichols, 10 Corso Como, MyTheresa, Saks, Joyce, David Jones, and Isetan Mitsukoshi.

The International WOOLMARK Prize USA Regional Awards 2014
M. Patmos and her winning design

The International WOOLMARK Prize USA Regional Awards 2014
Public School with their winning design

Photos courtesy of BFA

5 Songs We’re Shazaming This Fashion Week

Fashion Week = clothes, yes, but you’re missing out if the only app you’re opening is Instagram. Breaking away from the camera for a few seconds to switch on Shazam yields a whole other creative wealth and will help build the perfect playlist for remaining calm and energized running from one show to the next. So our top five downloads so far this season? (In no particular order):

While waiting for Karolyn Pho to start // Warpaint’s “Love Is To Die”

Closing out Thom Browne’s ecclesiastical show // OMD’s “Sister Marie Says”

At CFDA Incubator designer Nonoo’s fall show // Phantogram’s “Fall In Love”

Marissa Webb gave us two to download: Robi’s “On Ne Meurt Plus D’amour” (which we heard at at least one other show)

and Au Revoir Simone’s “Love You Don’t Know Me”