Sleigh Bells & A Brief Compendium of Memorable Musical Guests on ‘No Reservations’

Over the past seven years, the guest list on Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations has read like your fantasy dinner party. The author and chef has had a number of cultural icons show him around on his culinary and travel adventures, including authors Gary Shteyngart, Chuck Palahniuk and the late Harvey Pekar; culinary headliners like Thomas Keller, Marco Pierre White and Ferran and Albert Adria of elBulli; and a host of musicians, including Marky Ramone, Queens of the Stone Age, David Johansen of the New York Dolls and Buster Poindexter and Morcheeba’s Paul Godfrey.

The ninth and final season of Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations begins on September 3rd in Austin, and the first episode has an appearance from blistering indie duo Sleigh Bells, revealed in a teaser clip that was released this week. Here are some other musical artists of note who joined Bourdain for food, shenanigans, sharp voiceovers and the occasional shotgun demo.

Alice Cooper (American Southwest, Season 4)

At the end of the day, you get an accomplished writer and television host and the venerable king of shock-rock together, and you get two dudes talking about baseball. There’s something poetic in this, maybe.

Ted Nugent (American Southwest, Season 4)

The active hunting enthusiast and proud National Rifle Association member has mostly been in the news for his rather outspoken (and outrageous) political statemnts, most recently about how President Obama should be sent to Cuba. But the Nuge’s appearance on No Reservations depicts a more multifaceted side of the Motor City Madman, one that shows a deep reverence for the animals he kills and the ecosystem they inhabit and refers to hunting as a “spiritual erection.” During their post-hunt barbecue, you can almost smell the wild boar bacon. Mmmmmm.

Das Racist (Holiday Special, Season 6)

This is exactly the sort of appearance you’d expect from Das Racist on a sendup of a tacky holiday special. Their entrance, with heads as eggs in Bourdain’s fridge, is one of the most unsettling things that’s been on television in recent years. The actual performance is wonderfully weird.

The Black Keys (Kansas City, Season 8)

On an episode celebrating the finer points of the KC experience — blues, booze and above all, barbecue —Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney “kidnap” Bourdain while on tour, and they stop at a ‘cue joint to trade stories of life on the road and life in the kitchen. Unsurprisingly, the stories are similar, and sometimes involve handguns and cocaine. 

Sleigh Bells (Austin, Season 9)

Turns out Sleigh Bells have really, really nice friends. Friends that will make you fancy cocktails and cook you lobster boils and pig roasts and give you spontaneous tattoos if you ask nicely or are Anthony Bourdain. If this season begins with Bourdain getting a sun tattoo, hopefully the rest will be ride-or-die and feature more musicians with really awesome friends.  

Anthony Bourdain is Bill Murray’s Latest Random Move

Billy Murray is, as the olds say, full of surprises, so, naturally, he just happens to be appearing on Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations on Monday. They’re strangely attractive older dudes, they both like to booze, they both eat–why not? The two share a steak lunch and ponder the meaning of life at X20 in Yonkers in an episode focusing on the Hudson Valley. It all seems pretty random (Movieline is still trying to make sense of it all), but really, we should expect no less from Murray. Over the decades, his life choices have been consistently random and surprising, sometimes for good, sometimes for bad. A few of our favorites from the past decade alone:

2000 – He supports Nader. ● 2003 – He plays himself in Coffee and Cigarettes, and it is good. ● 2004, 2006 – He did the Garfield movies. (You famously disappear from films for years at a time, miss out on some great roles, but somehow manage to lend your voice to the Garfield franchise?) ● 2007 – He’s stopped by Swedish police for driving a golf cart under the influence in Stockholm. ● 2008 – He randomly shows up at Williamsburg loft parties. ● 2009 – He shows up at the very end of The Limits of Control, only to get killed. (Oh yeah, sorry spoiler alert, but really, not enough happens in that slow-burn of a film to make it matter)