Hear Oneohtrix Point Never’s ‘I Only Have Eyes For You’

Artist Doug Aitken’s latest project, Song 1, involves 11 high-definition projectors covering all 360 degrees of the shell of Washington, D.C.’s Hirschhorn Museum with moving images for the better part of a month. It’s pretty bad ass.

But tomorrow night, something that’s even more impressive will take place. Aitken is hosting one of his “Happening” events, featuring live music—all based around the old standby “I Only Have Eyes For You”—from the likes of No Age, High Places, members of Animal Collective and more. The event will be live in D.C. and will stream live for the rest of the world here

To get you ready, Daniel Lopatin, of Ford & Lopatin and Oneohtrix Point Never, has posted to SoundCloud Oneohtrix’s weird, spacey version of the song—which Pitchfork already named Best New Track.

For a song that Aitken told Wired is “almost embedded in our DNA,” Lopatin’s rendition is almost unrecognizable, but that’s definitely not a bad thing. It’s artsy and offbeat and exactly what what watching Aitken’s dreamy, strange art stream across the curved face of a national museum should sound like. Check it out below.

Video: No Age “Fever Dreaming”

No Age has always struck me as a misnomer. If any band has an “age”, it’s these guys. And their age is “teenage,” but maybe that’s the point. Either way, they rock in a way that makes me want to grow my hair out just so I can thrash it around. Unfortunately, male pattern baldness makes such things impossible. But, I can still pump this jam and and break things.

This video is set in a warehouse that’s been set to look like a high school kid’s basement. While the band rocks out, the building disintegrates around them. The whole video is done in one long take that involves some nifty zooms and some equally nifty exploding furniture and accessories. Somehow, the visuals flawlessly represent the music.

No Age’s Randy Randall Samples Classic Movie Cocktails

Liquid lunches have overtaken the power variety as the go-to for Hollywood types on the go. As such, Randy Randall, one-half of the Los Angeles-based DIY buzz band No Age, quenches his thirst with cocktails from unforgettable silver-screen classics. Roll credits, please.

THE LUAU MAI TAI, Blue Hawaii, 1961. “I’m used to my brother’s DIY Mai Tai… the DIY Tai? It’s a very sweet drink. His is probably three-quarters rum and a splash of something else, but with this one, you can’t even taste the alcohol. Is it weird to drink something that Elvis might have drunk? I think it’s hard not to drink something Elvis might have drunk. Maybe we should sprinkle some barbiturates on this, and serve it with a banana sandwich.”

BLACK JACK, Basic Instinct, 1992. “It kind of looks like the water that might slip out of your boot. I’d drink more of this, but I’m worried my mouth might go numb and I might start spreading my legs.”

VESPER, Casino Royale, 1967. “Martinis come in funny glasses — I’m more of a beer cozy man than a shaken or stirred guy. It tastes like gasoline mixed with rubbing alcohol.”

GIBSON, North by Northwest, 1959. “Gibson makes a good guitar, but it’s not my idea of a great drink.”

HOT TODDY, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, 1958. “Hot Tin Roof was Truman Capote, right? No, sorry, Tennessee Williams — both gay, both from the South. A great going-to-sleep drink!”

WHITE RUSSIAN (WITH COCONUT MILK), The Big Lebowski, 1998. “I love the idea of a lazy Sunday afternoon, sipping a White Russian in a bathrobe, but I’m vegan so dairy isn’t an option. But with the coconut milk… well, if the Dude came to a luau, he’d probably put on an incredible Hawaiian shirt and drink these. The Big Lebowski definitely made the White Russian less of a mom drink and more of a Dude drink. The Dude abides.”

RED EYE, Cocktail, 1988. “Mixing beer with anything sounds horrible. When I was with this band Staring Problem, we used to do all sorts of fucked-up shit, and once, I drank beer and Jim Beam from this trough-type thing, after which I vomited from the fourth story of a building. Not a good idea.”

SEVEN & SEVEN, Saturday Night Fever, 1977. “This, I would drink. When I was in high school, we had to remake a scene from a famous movie, so I chose the beginning of Saturday Night Fever where John Travolta walks down the street — except I walked down the hallway of school to the snack bar.”

TOM COLLINS, The Seven-Year Itch, 1955. “This tastes like lemonade, or something you’d get at Disneyland. I might drink this at a company picnic while walking around in my gabardine or seersucker suit.”

MANHATTAN, Some Like it Hot, 1959. “[Coughs.] This is a heavy drink! I like the bourbon. And I could see Dean [Allen Spunt, bandmate] and I remaking that movie. Or maybe it would be a better video concept? Would the Pitchfork kids get it?”

ABSINTHE, Moulin Rouge, 2001. “This does me right. Hey, let me keep these photos. I’ll take them with me to my first AA meeting.”

Photo by Steven Perilloux