Athos: The Future of Fitness Is Now

Gabriela (Re:Quest Models) and Mark Sopcik photographed by Fred P. Goris. Styling by Alyssa Shapiro

These compression shorts are made by a start-up called Athos and contain embedded EMG sensors that feed information on muscle effort and activation to an app on the user’s phone, allowing lab-quality monitoring of one’s own workout. The matching compression top launches this spring, alongside special partnerships with some of the country’s most elite trainers, like Stephen Cheuk, whose New York gym S10 is photographed here. Using Athos, Cheuk is able to instruct trainees on how to better activate the right muscles for the right exercise — plus tell if they’re cheating the movement.

Rapid arm movements with the rope create tension throughout the body, providing a concentrated arm workout and also strengthening the core and lower body.

Properly monitoring muscle activation during lunges ensures both legs receive a good workout.

At S10, Stephen Cheuk’s trainees focus on anabolic conditioning work. That means less jogging and more pushing the Prowler.

Few exercises build more muscle quickly than a squat — Athos allows trainers to ensure that the correct sequence of muscles is activated through the movement, essential to both increasing strength and maintaining safety.

Mark wears Athos shorts and his own shoes. Gabriela wear (from left) Athos capris, S10 sports bra, Nike Bonded Woven Bomber Jacket, Nike Flyknit Zoom Fit Agility sneakers; Athos capris, NikeLab x JFS cropped long-sleeved top, Nike Pro Fierce sports bra, Nike Flyknit Roshe Run sneakers

Grooming by Ashley Rebecca

This story appears in the spring 2015 issue of BlackBook Magazine on stands now


Sacai’s Chitose Abe Puts Feminine Spins on Nike Classics

Photo: Courtesy of Nike

Athleisure is not going to disappoint us. The burgeoning category is a win for brands (mega-sales!) and consumers (we can wear sweats in public again? sounds good!). The sportswear giants: Nike, Adidas, Puma etc. are big on collaborations–(see Adidas Originals x Mary Katrantzou).

Now, Sacai’s Chitose Abe is stepping into the ring. At the risk of hyperbole, this might truly be peak atheleisure. Abe took inspiration from classic Nike styles and fabrics before giving them a major Sacai twist.

sacai 1

sacai 2

Photos: Courtesy of Nike

Sure, sportswear’s been elevated in recent years– we’ve got yoga leggings with mesh panels sexy enough to double as clubgear. Still, NikeLab x Sacai’s inventions, further up the ante. Nike and Abe worked to create a mesh lace fabric, which totally changes the vibe of sweats and makes for a super feminine trim on sportswear.

The collection will look pleasingly familiar to anyone already obsessed with Abe’s meticulous feminine aesthetic. The eight piece capsule collection traffics in some of the motifs we already know and love from Sacai–micro-pleated backs, that aforementioned lace, and Airmax sneakers–reinvented sans laces for ultimate effortlessness.

sacai detailing

sacai nike hoodie

sacai look

sacai look 2

sacai look 3

sacai look 4

sacai sneaker 2.5

Photos: Courtesy of Nike

Mark your cal now: the collection will be available on March 19th!

5 High Fashion Athleisure Collabs to Drool Over and Shop This Season

Photo courtesy of Nike

High fashion sportswear is going nowhere. In preparation for her upcoming athleisure line (see below), Rebecca Minkoff discussed the trend with her staff. As WWD reported:

During an informal office survey, most of Minkoff’s female staffers told her that on weekends they wanted to look as if they’d worked out, even if they hadn’t.

It’s a sign of the times. While some feel more staunchly than others that these lines shouldn’t be so blurred, the newest batch of designer sportswear suggests that voice is in the minority. When it comes to sales especially, the mantra must remain: give the people what they want!

These are the best of the fashion inspired athletic lines out there right now. Get shopping and get moving!


This triple whammy of a collaboration, which came out on Monday, features three up-and-coming lines’ take on the trend. While sporty–the basketball aesthetic inspiration is apparent–the line is more mesh dresses, satin bombers, and tailored sweats than wicking spandex.


craig greenChampion Select lookbook image courtesy of Urban Outfitters

The Craig Green oversized mens’ sweatshirt is available here. 

[Ed Note: This men’s sweatshirt can also work as a women’s minidress…]


wood woodChampion Select lookbook image courtesy of Urban Outfitters

The Wood Wood sports bra and shorts are available here. 


timo weilandChampion Select lookbook image courtesy of Urban Outfitters.

Timo Weiland’s mesh v-neck dress is available here. 


rebecca minkoffPhoto courtesy of Rebecca Minkoff

The bag-turned-everything designer’s entrée into the world of casual gym-to-work-to-dinner clothes makes sense. Minkoff’s brand is ever expanding and already straddles a daytime/nighttime look. Keep this one in the back of your mind, since the official launch won’t be until April…but then you can stock up on neoprene (the fitness fashion fabric du jour) pieces, vests with leather trim, and more on the designer’s site and Shopbop.


cr fitness 1

cr fitness 2

cr fitness 3
Photos courtesy of Cynthia Rowley

Cynthia Rowley’s impending athleisure debut is perhaps even more par for the course than Minkoff’s. Rowley, after all, has been designing wet suits for what feels like forever, and is a star athlete/surfer/trampoliner herself. Her new line, which she told Well & Good came about from the realization that “more and more, being active really is the way people dress and live their lives,” launches February.


Sneakers with a fashion spin are downright commonplace and the newest iteration is this futuristic collaboration (for men and women) between French brand Sandro, and Reebok.


js nike1

js nike 2

js nike 3Photos courtesy of Nike

I’m genuinely excited about each and every item on this list. In fact, in a perfect world I would buy all of them. That’s the extent of my commitment to athleisure fashion. But can we take a second to truly geek out over Nike’s latest collab with German designer, Johanna Schneider? Schneider’s collaboration with Nike drops on February 26. The collection is tailor-made to cater to every part of your fitness journey–the to, the from, and everything in between. The drape-y layers are reminiscent of current fashion, but drop a layer and you’ll still be ready for spin class.

Let’s hope the new goods will have a positive correlation with the bettering of our health.

Grab Your Latest Sneaker Obsession Before It Sells Out

You’ve gone through this before… the anticipation, the waiting, the hoping… all for a pair of limited collaboration kicks from Nike and A.P.C.

Previously, it was A.P.C.’s take on the AirMax and Dunks that had us all wound up, but the newest edition pairs a newer member of the Nike fam, the Free, with the French brand.

Men and women both have the choice from black, grey, and beige, all described by the brand as “somber” colors. We’re going with grey, and the only reason we’d feel somber is if we missed out on a pair.

The collection launches tomorrow, November 5th, at A.P.C. and Nike Lab stores and online.

PSAAD-F56031_BAA_01 PSAAD-F56031_LZZ_01

Images courtesy of A.P.C

Be a Bey at the Barre: What You Wear is All That Matters

Beyonce photo courtesy of

Hitting the bar(re) has no obvious meaning around here. We like bars, sure, but we may in fact, spend more time at the barre. Another thing we (and everyone else, ever) likes? Beyonce. Combining the two in any capacity is an easy sell.

At Physique 57’s original 57th street location, we met our adorable instructor, Ashley, who dressed up for the occasion in a sequined top! A disco light helped set the mood and we tucked our bums exclusively to Bey jams. Being fashion editors we were ready to capitalize on the opportunity. Themed classes call for theme outfits.

We turned to Stylestalker for our amazing matching tanks (sure, we may have gotten some weird stares but we thought we were #FLAWLESS), flipping our hair and shaking our hips, all while pulsing and squatting and whatnot. After all, the outfit makes the workout.

bey barre

After the workout with our teacher, Ashley.

dont worry be yonce

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


Alyssa is wearing new Nike leggings which have top-notch waistband technology to stay up (important for booty shaking), and Nike Frees

Sara is wearing Athleta crops and popped on Athleta to-and-from pants for the ride home. Her sneakers are Vince and the easiest ever. 

Queen Bey, we hope you’d be proud.

For more information on fun themed barre classes to amp up your workout motivation, check out Physique57!

Nike Goes Luxe Sport in New Collaboration Modeled by Karlie Kloss

Karlie Kloss in Nike x Pedro Lourenço. Photos courtesy of Nike

I think it’s safe to argue that in the case of gym clothes, a new outfit ups our performance without fail. For that, we are in major favor of Nike Lab’s newest collaboration, a luxury line of athletic gear designer by Brasilian designer Pedro Lourenço.

It’s not just that looking fly gives us more motivation to work out harder, which it does, but in the case of Nike and Nike Women, the company has made sure that the gear actually helps our performance. Innovative, breathable fabrics, non-chafing waistlines, supportive, comfortable materials, and beautiful silhouettes all come together for a collection we’ll want to workout and live in.

Like his ready to wear collections, Pedro Lourenço’s collab for Nike Lab plays with proportion and silhouette, is meant to be layered, and so beautiful and feminine that you’ll want to wear it out on the street. Nike x Pedro Lourenço will be available globally on November 13 at and at Dover Street Market Nike Lab retail locations in New York, Amsterdam, Berlin, London, Milan, Paris, Stockholm, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Rio.







Get Your Thighs Quaking with This New Mega Charged Workout Class

via Jesse DeYoung

There are more boutique fitness studios today than there were Starbucks ten years ago, so standing out among them takes a winning combination. Chelsea studio The Movement’s newest offering is a class called ReXist360, and it ain’t your average class.

All classes at The Movement strive to combine elements–that is to say, yoga becomes yogaCHARGED. Pumped up yet? On top of it all, $1 from each student in every class goes to the National Brain Tumor Society.

Movement_3804_flat copy
The studio is sleek and modern, its space is a bright white, and the ceiling lights are so distinct, they’re practically a character within the setting themselves. Red motivational mantras add color.

I’ve been to almost all the classes offered, but it was Shay Kostabi, well-known Flybarre instructor coming back East from her recent move to California, that made me rush to sign up for ReXist360. During the 45 minute class your legs are strapped into the patented ReXist360 bands, and then you proceed to work (squats, jumping jacks, planks, and more) with the bands securely strapped on. All of this does two things: 1. provide an intense focus on glutes, thighs, and your core (crucial), and 2. leave your legs wobbling like jell-o.

“If you love a good boot camp but also enjoy moving to the rhythm of a sick playlist and want to cut your workout time in half and accelerate your results all in one go… ReXist360 HIIT is for you,” Kostabi says.

Shay’s bright smile and relentless enthusiasm make this class a win, even if, like me, you didn’t quite think a whole 45 minutes of resistance bands was your thing.

As awesome as Shay is, I was psyched to ask her a few fitness Qs:

What’s your current go-to workout outfit?

These are the sneaks I am rocking right now from Nike:
Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 10.22.39 PM

My favorite leggings from Fabletics:

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 11.16.33 PM

And this, from Jo + Jax, is the best sports bra EVER:

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 11.21.09 PM

What are your gym bag essentials?

At all times I have my Frends headphones, a good book (currently Essentialism), a day planner, a Nike toiletry bag, extra socks, Clif bars, and designer whey bars.

Shay will be in NYC next teaching ReXist360 on November 10th, so mark your calendars. 


Are You Part of Riccardo Tisci’s AF1 Tribe?

Nike claims the buyers of their brand are separate from the rest, and it’s true–since its inception, the Nike Air Force 1 has been the “cool kid” symbol for basketball-players, street culture enthusiasts, and everyone in between. The brand has employed more utopian language to describe their newest project, highlighting and celebrateing the different tribes of people who all buy the popular Air Force 1 shoe.

This tribe mentality was reinforced with designer Riccardo Tisci, whose third installment of AF1s comes out on October 16 (and you’ll be able to get them here).

“Everyone in the world needs identity so they are all making themselves into tribes. They are more Goth, more pure or more punk, more rap, more R&B…You can have a million different tribes, but it’s always one thing that unites them,” Tisci said in a statement.

And it’s the Nike AF1, whose popularity leaps across social barriers of all kinds, uniting people of the world by sport and by brand worship. Dramatic langauge aside, the new AF1’s are pretty cool–more chic than Shaq — and we could definitely squeeze some room for them in our wardrobes.

B9_App-Air_Force_1_High_Tisci_Tan_669919_200-Lateral_Right-6507_33191 B9_App-Air_Force_1_Low_Tisci_Tan-Lateral_Right-6497_33194 B9_App-Air_Force_1_Mid_Tisci_Tan_677130_200-Lateral_Right-6500_33189

Federer + Jordan: The Best Endorsement for the New Nike

When Roger Federer steps onto the court tonight for the first match of the U.S. Open, he’ll do so in the new NikeCourt Zoom Vapor AJ3. The sneaker melds the design and lifestyle-aesthetic of a basketball sneaker with Federer’s signature Nike–the Aiz Zoom Vapor 9. By the way–the inspiration comes not just from any basketball lifestyle, but that of Michael Jordan, thereby making this shoe essentially the baby of an athletic power couple. Once Federer’s served (haha) inspiration on the court, you can snag a pair tomorrow.

Check out the athletes engaging in a different kind of play: