“Like Playing Deer Hunter, But with Celebrities” — NYFW’s Best Parties

Adult Magazine’s new issue at American Two Shot

Thursday night my buddy Corey Olsen; a photographer, and myself, whatever I am, decided we would hit some fashion week parties so you didn’t have to. After checking out the new issue of Adult magazine at American Two Shot we headed over to the Meatpacking because *we luv 2 party*. We met up with some friends to, you know, “paint the town red” or something and started making our way over to the Essential Homme party at Gilded Lily. Ja Rule was set to perform and I didn’t want to miss that. I also invited along my brother, Tucker, who works in finance and told me how he ended up at the Zana Bayne show earlier which sort of baffled all of us, including him.

We arrived at Essential Homme to a mob at the door and the news that nobody was getting in. By some grace of god, or perhaps just friendship with the PR, I managed to get our posse of nine in. However, once we got inside it became clear why the door was closed. The party was so full that despite getting inside there was no way of getting past the crowds of suave dudes. Our team decided that sadly this wasn’t the play, and turned back to the mean streets of the meatpacking.

Our crew dispersed with most of our friends heading to Chromat and ODD’s parties while Corey and I made our way over to Richard Chai’s after-party at Up & Down. The scene was vastly different — no insanity at door and room to breathe inside. We were quickly directed to the cool boy celebs we needed to take pics of — the Jonas brothers (Joe was DJing!), Darren Criss of Glee, and Richard Chai himself. I fancy myself a teen heartthrob so it was nice to be with my peers.

darren ashley richard Darren Criss, stylist Ashley Weston, and Richard Chai

Nick Jonas and friend

As I looked around for some of my actual peers I was surprised to not really recognize anyone until my girl Hari Nef rolled in looking gorgeous in green.

My babyI wore a logo-print presumably fake Dior cap all night

As more familiar faces rolled in we got to dancing and made our way upstairs (Get it? *UP* & *DOWN*, LOL) for Adult’s second party. The up became the down and the whole thing became sort of non-specific.

party girls dont get hurt“Party girls don’t get hurt” — Chandelier by Sia

david moses
Party girl David Moses

zak krevittParty girl Zak Krevitt

We eventually made our way to Boom Boom Room where all good parties happen. We couldn’t take photos but I’ll give you a couple fun facts and you will have to believe me. Outside I heard a guy scolding the door-girl, “Don’t stamp me, I have to model tomorrow.” RJ Mitte (another heartthrob, the son from Breaking Bad) was talking to Alessandria Ambrosio and they both looked real good. We sort of felt like we were playing Deer Hunter, but with celebrities, and whatever was cool that we could share with you was worth points. There wasn’t open bar so I paid $12 for their cheapest beer. We decided we were done running around looking for the best party/pum-pum/turn-up/jump-off and looked out over the skyline. Hari sighed in relief, “I’m living for the Freedom Tower; I’m living for the moon.”

All photos by Corey Olsen

Admiring Nick Jonas at Yesterday’s Nightclub Disrupt Panel, Lit’s 10th Anniversary Next Wednesday

When I used to spend my time in woodsy places like Yellowstone or Yosemite, I learned that when confronted by a large toothy, clawed animal, the last thing you do is try to run away, as that animal can surely out-run you; the running triggers a hunter/prey response and they instinctively attack. This is my excuse –  the only one I have –  for being very Steve Lewis at the Nightclub Disrupt Panel at the Dominion Theatre yesterday. The other panelists Michael Gogel, Steven Rojas, and Mick Boogie triggered my predator instincts when they started using terms like VIP to describe a bozo with a black card. Mick Boogie, to a lesser degree – he was just being charming. My canines came out and, well, the rest will soon be posted online and I’ll let you see it then. Moderator Vikas Sapra said I was fine but he smiles too much to be trusted with this sort of question.

One of the things I was putting out there is that computers are a two-dimensional view of people, often with only the information offered by those people or spending patterns or financial history. This rarely gets to the heart of things and lacks…heart. To the geek world, people are reduced to a much more two-dimensional profile than the one-on-one relationship a potential patron has with a good door person or with an owner or promoter. Their jobs are all about knowing their clientele. No, people: a doorman is not just looking for a pretty face, although that never hurts. A VIP is often a person willing to spend money, but that is not the criteria for any place worth this ink.

Another point I put out there was a VIP at Lavo is not necessarily a VIP at W.i.P. or Lit and vice versa. I feel the internet is only as good as the people feeding it and the people feeding it don’t necessarily understand the dynamics or requirements of each venue. Anyway, a lot was said – probably too much by me – and I’ll post it when I get it.

The previous panel of this Social Media Week gathering consisted of Nick Jonas and a moderator. I listened to him, completely enamored. He is charismatic, bright, handsome, and articulate. He is currently on Broadway. He eeks of stardom. Outside for air during the break, a handful of geeky fans waited with cameras. He posed with them all… experience telling him that running would only trigger a predator/prey response. He made them feel special and won me over.

Last night at Hotel Chantelle, I DJed the opening for one of my favorites: Kelle Calco. When we switched over, I told him I had played "Parachute Woman" by the Rolling Stones as I remember his set being very Stones heavy and didn’t want to subject the crowd to the same song twice. This wasn’t an issue; Kelle has changed. His set went everywhere from electro to hip-hop to rock. He offered up some very commercial pop and made it all work. I was impressed and surprised. I asked him about it and he said he now embraces all types of music and totally gets into it. He told me about all the places he DJs and hosts. He is a busy dude.

I hear that White Noise has only a few Fridays left, which means Sam Valentine’s rock fest will end. Sam says he wont throw a real rock party again till he finds a place with stripper poles. Rock is retreating. Nur Khan lamented the Hiro Ballroom reinvention a couple of days ago and the need for a new rock spot. His The Electric Room is setting the standard for rock purity. Lit remains a bastion of rock chops. It will celebrate its 10th anniversary Wednesday with a list of DJs including Justine D, Leo Fitzpatrick, and me. We’ll each get about a half-hour to showcase our rock and roll Hootchie Koo. The Kelle thing threw me off. Maybe he is right: he public wants a mixed format and so maybe that’s what they get. For me, I’ll stick to my roots. Those other genres of music just trigger my yawn response.

Nick Jonas Could Be Your New ‘American Idol’ Judge

Well, now I’ve seen everything. Nineteen-year-old boy bander Nick Jonas confirmed yesterday that he’s in the running for a judge position on American Idol. "The rumors are true," Jonas tweeted. "I am being considered to be a judge on American Idol and it would be a dream come true if it happens. #nickonidol."

Nick’s cute and all, but other than several years making teenyboppers scream and a run on Broadway in How To Succeed In Business, what are his qualifications as a cultural tastemaker? After all, he has Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler’s shoes to fill. Jonas would be joining recently hired Mariah Carey, who has also been around the block more than a few times. 

Perhaps Nick Jonas just wants to get in on the TV action: his brother Kevin Jonas is starring on a terrrrrrrible-looking new reality show with his wife Danielle called Married To Jonas and brother Joe (AKA the hot one) is on some D-list singing competition show on the CW called  called The Next: Fame Is At Your Doorstep. (You’d better be getting paid a lot of money, Joe.)

If Nick Jonas does get hired for American Idol, I will really be surprised that Fox was so desperate for the "youth demo."

Watch Mayor Bloomberg Perform a Broadway Number with Nick Jonas

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is known to don a Broadway costume and bring out his singing voice each year during the city’s Inner Circle charity dinner, and last night was no exception. Bloomberg performed alongside How to Succeed in Business Without Even Trying stars Nick Jonas and Beau Bridges in a custom-tailored spoof of the hit Broadway show. Here’s "How to Succeed by Bloomberg."

You were a great sport, Mayor Bloomberg, but I wouldn’t recommend quitting your day job (not that you need the money).

Bernadette Peters, Jonas Brother Confirmed As Guest Stars on ‘Smash’

The ladies will be excited that Nick Jonas will make an appearance on the upcoming NBC musical drama.

OK, who are we kidding? This news is for the gay guys. You guyyyyyyyyys, Bernadette Peters!!! Nick Jonas is cute and all, but BERNIE!!!!!

Smash, if you’re not in the know (or reading the Playbill website a lot), is a new hour-long drama about the creation of a Broadway musical. It’s currently filming in New York (where else?!) and is set to premiere in February 2012. The show already features some big-name stars in leading roles: Debra Messing, Angelica Houston, and American Idol Katharine McPhee.

The youngest Jonas, who is set to make his Broadway debut in January when he replaces Daniel Radcliffe in the leading role of How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, will be playing a former child actor. Quite a stretch! And La Peters, who is currently starring in a brilliant Broadway revival of Stephen Sondheim’s Follies, will be featured as the mother of Megan Hilty’s character, who is pit against McPhee’s character as they battle for the starring role in a musical based on the life of Marilyn Monroe.

The show looks like a cross between Glee and Chicago, but let’s hope it’s better than both of those (which is easy because they are terrible!) and stays on long enough to employ the bulk of New York’s struggling musical theater actors. Check out the trailer below!

Links: Tony Curtis Dead at 85, Snooki Is Writing a Novel

● The classic screen star Tony Curtis, who came to fame in the 1950s and remained in the spotlight for decades, has died of cardiac arrest at the age of 85, his daughter, Jamie Lee Curtis, told Entertainment Tonight. [ET] ● Comedian Greg Giraldo has also passed away after suffering an accidental overdose, just a week after he was hospitalized for a similar incident with prescription pills. He was 44. [TMZ] ● Katie Couric may return to the The Today Show when her CBS Evening News contract is up in the Spring, because politics are boring and dancing dogs are hilarious. [Page Six]

Jersey Shore‘s Snooki is writing a novel, to be released by Simon & Schuster, about “a girl looking for love on the boardwalk (one full of big hair, dark tans, and fights galore).” Novel, indeed. [NYDN] ● Spotted: Michelle Obama and Nick Jonas… together, on video. And at Disney for an exercise PSA. What is this world? [People] ● You probably want to watch the trailer for the Avatar porn, just in case. [Vulture]

Nick Jonas Surprises Audiences in Production of ‘Les Mis,’ Sounds Like a Man

When it was announced that Nick Jonas had been cast as Marius in the current West End production of Les Miserables, reactions were varied. Jonas Brothers fangirls rejoiced; Les Mis fangirls wept; and theater patrons with good taste remarked that at least this particular instance of stunt casting wasn’t contaminating a musical of real quality. It was taken for granted that the pop star would fare terribly, that his dreams of being taken seriously as an artiste would be cut abruptly short by snickering London audiences. Other guessed that the production would lose credibility; veteran theatergoers disagreed with the assumption that any production of Les Miserables could even have credibility to begin with. Jonas’s run officially began on Monday the 21st, and it appears—rather shockingly—that he’s surpassed everyone’s expectations.

Audio bootlegs allegedly from his first performance (including Drink With Me, where he comes in toward the end, Little Fall Of Rain, where he sings the male vocal line, and Empty Chairs at Empty Tables/Everyday, where he sings the entirety of the first song and the male vocals of the second) have already leaked on YouTube, and… well, let’s just say he sounds different. And older. And far more strapping.