You Stay Classy, ‘New York Post’

Yes, The Daily is dunzo, but thank goodness all of that money is going back to where it belongs: terrifying, offensive New York Post covers. Who cares if the story behind the image—one that involves a man pushed onto the train tracks by a pan-handler—is pretty tragic. Why not use that to some sort of business advantage by buying the picture from the camera-toting passerby who claimed that he hoped "the driver [of the train] would see my flash." Nah, probably better to capitalize on one of those base fears that probably every New Yorker—or anyone who rides public transportation in a major city—has deeply rooted in their brains. Guess what: we’re all doomed.

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RIP The Daily, 2011-2012

Farewell, News Corp. media property The Daily, and flights of angel investors sing thee to thy rest. Your iPad-only content was too thrilling for this world. I mean, probably. I don’t have an iPad (or any comparable tablet), so how the hell would I know? I’m just assuming that anything Rupert Murdoch pours $30 million into at the outset is really going to pop.

The future of magazines will be officially shuttered on December 15, ending a nearly two-year run of stellar pop culture aggregation that you definitely couldn’t find for free almost everywhere else on the web, so enjoy these final two weeks before darkness descends and you can no longer enjoy playful listicles of suggested names for Kate Middleton’s baby. Except on Tumblr, Facebook, Reddit, Twitter and the sides of graffiti-prone buildings.

Some of the assets and 120 employees—though how it took that many people to produce something that apparently no one read is a mystery; I’ve often accomplished the same all by myself—will be shifted to other News Corp. companies, The New York Observer reported. In particular, editor-in-chief Jesse Angelo “will serve as the new publisher of the New York Post.” Might that fabled paper be next on the chopping block? Well, they’d have to lose a lot of money each year. Like, even more than they already do.  

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