Be Creative, Win $500, Eat 16 Handles Frozen Yogurt

Yes, it’s the sweetest deal to speak of. 16 Handles, New York’s first self-serve frozen yogurt franchise, has introduced a new machine at their East Village and new Greenwich Village shops that blends your perfect cup of yogurt. Still in trials, this machine mixes your favorite flavors and toppings into a 16 oz. cup and serves it to you all swirled and blended – just like a McFlurry – except it’s a blend of all the things you chose and love. And the machine is called:

(Gasp!) There is no name! He has no name!
That’s where you come in.

From now until this Thursday, February 2nd, come up with this new machine’s moniker, post it to 16 Handles’ Facebook page, and you can win a $500 Visa gift card and the lifetime achievement of naming a blender. Voting begins February 3rd and will end February 7th. Act fast! Two runner-ups will each receive a $10 Gift Card to the store, which equates to two quarts of blackcherry tart. Or a heaping portion of thin mint cookies, cake batter, mochi, and gummy bears. Or some snickerdoodle topped with pistachio topped with Oreo crumbles, kiwi, and coconut. Ah, mix whatever you want! And name this whatever you want. In perfect 16 Handles fashion, it’s your choice and whatever choice it is, it will be delicious. Power is fun, isn’t it?

Holly and the Brokeoffs Play New York Thrice

By David Callicott

imageTerror has a new face, right.

We were sadly disappointed when Holly Golightly cancelled her Rocks Off Concert Cruise last month, but it wasn��������t her fault. She was one of many �������foreigners������� kept out of the U.S. due to an immigration imbroglio, and we all feel safer when our vigilant government keeps such dangerous suspects at bay. Somehow, the lovely Golightly eventually crossed the border, caught up with her tour schedule, and ended up playing a hat trick of shows this weekend in the area (catch her tonight at Union Hall in Brooklyn).

Luckily, we found our way to the front of the crowd at the Mercury Lounge Saturday night for Golightly��������s late set. Instead of starting at 11, she walked onto the stage at midnight with her band the Brokeoffs, which is comprised of one Brokeoff��������a scruffy yank who goes by the shady name of Lawyer Dave.

Golightly and her attorney��������s set was a warm ramble through most of the material from her latest, You Can��������t Buy A Gun When You��������re Crying (which is a real law!). Guitars drenched in distortion and a voice dripping with honey held the ears of a packed house as the pair worked their way through country-blues numbers about domestic violence, the Devil, his nemesis Jesus, and J����germeister. In the spirit of the macabre holiday, there was plenty of death and dying to go around.

Stay tuned for their next tour, when Golightly promises, �������Lawyer Dave will have learned to play the stand-up bass with his dick.������� Says Dave, �������That��������s an awful painful callous.������� We��������ll take his word for it.

Photo courtesy Alison Wonderland.

Cate Blanchett Takes on Pirandello

image Vezzoli, above, with his take on Suddenly, Last Summer.

Performance artist Francesco Vezzoli is best known for his fake videos, high concept lampoons that make YouTube send-ups look like, well, this. His re-imagining of Caligula at last year’s Whitney Biennial, Trailer for a Remake of Gore Vidal’s “Caligula,” featured Gore Vidal, Helen Mirren, and Courtney Love, among others (including himself as emperor, in a costume designed by Donatella Versace).

He’s found friendly pocketbooks from the likes of Gucci’s (and Salma Hayek‘s) Fran����ois-Henri Pinault and Miuccia Prada. During this year’s Performa 07, at the Guggenheim, Vezzoli was commissioned to stage Luigi Pirandello‘s existential head-scratcher Right You Are (If You Think You Are), starring Cate Blanchett, David Strathairn, and Natalie Portman. So, what’s next for the impish Italian? We’re thinking Six Characters in Search of an Author starring the cast of “Friends.” ��������N.H.

Photo courtesy Patrick McMullan Company.