Zev Norotsky On the Launch of New Electronic Dance Music and DJ Magazine “Elektro”

Electronic music has changed nightlife forever, for better…for worse. It has made DJ’s rock stars, strange and remote places destinations, and has filled clubs and stadiums. It’s inspired Woodstockian festivals. It has defined, along with mash up/mixed format, a renaissance in nightlife. When clubs were going through their doldrums just a few years back, it was argued that there had not been a new genre of music to lead us out of the boredom. Mixed format combined other genres and was considered by some to be a sort of wishy-washy sound for the musically-challenged masses. DJs like AM certainly shattered that misconception. Electronic was lumped in as a progression of house and not much new. This has proven to be an inadequate description of the sound that has swept the world. Many DJs I have spoken to speak of how it has united people worldwide, as superstar DJs play for hundreds of thousands, from Asia to South America.

Zev Norotsky formerly of Mirrorball and Get There PR, has joined Harris Publications as president of its H360 Group. They are launching elektro, a new magazine…
"[It’s] geared toward electronic dance music/DJ fans… elektro’s mission is to take you behind the turntables and into the lives of DJs, sharing their passion for the music, giving fans an all-access backstage pass. From Tiesto’s sold-out gig, to David Guetta’s new album and the Swedish House Mafia’s unreleased track, elektro will show you the tools to make the music and the lifestyle they live. Electronic music is now the fastest-growing genre in music. DJs are the new rock stars and are selling out arenas around the world. elektro brings you face- to-face with the fans that attend these events, along with powerful marketing solutions including print, online, and experiential activations at sold-out shows and festivals across the globe."
Tiesto is on the first issue’s cover. It will come out quarterly. I sent Zev a few questions (electronically of course) and got these answers:
What is elektro?
elektro is a new platform for electronic dance music enthusiasts to learn about DJ culture and their favorite artists and producers. It’s definitely much more than a magazine as we have also built in a comprehensive digital ecosystem and a large special event calendar for 2012 to round out our presence nationwide. This includes our online hub at www.elektrodaily.com, very active social media engagement, and strategic partnerships with Spotify, future.fm, mixcloud etc. We will also be distributed at all the large festivals including Ultra and Electric Daisy in New York and Las Vegas, etc.
You have been a promoter/marketing guy;  is elektro an exit strategy…a way out of nightlife’s day-to-day, er… night-to-night, or a natural progression and a deeper commitment?
I must refer to a quote from Steve Jobs where he said, "You can’t connect the dots looking forward, you can only connect them looking backwards." I got my start in nightlife very early working the doors at Limelight and Kit Kat Klub when I was in college, striking out a few times on my own and eventually landing with Eddie Dean at Pacha NYC.  Nightlife is my absolute passion and I like to say that I got my Masters following Eddie around as we launched the Pacha brand in America. That was, by far, the most valuable experience of my life as I learned not only the importance of branding and guidelines, but also how vital nightlife can be to the world of marketing and how strong the connection is between consumers and brands. I have been jumping up and down on corporate board room tables for the last four or five years, begging brand managers to pay attention to what’s going on in electronic dance music (EDM) and people are finally paying attention. It’s an amazing feeling and now I have elektro to make sense of it all. I never could have imagined this starting out but when I look back it all makes perfect sense.
Everybody in the world is going electronic..or is it elektronic… as online is more and more the way people want it…why print?
We are very in tune with the digital space. I actually moderated a panel a few weeks back during Social Media Week based on a theory that the explosion of EDM in America is intrinsically tied to social media; that’s why we have created an extensive online presence across every single medium there is for us to share content. We are curating playlists with Spotify, streaming from events with future.fm, YouTube, Instagram, etc., you name it. The honest answer is you need everything to succeed and we take a 360 approach here. The sweet spot for me is how everything connects from the live events, the social media, and the print piece. That gives us maximum leverage as both an editorial property and a marketing vehicle for brands.
How did Tiesto become your first cover boy?
This was such a no-brainer for me; he is arguably the most iconic DJ of all time and truly personifies how far dance music has come in America, from the initial burst in late ’90s, to now. I literally made a mock-up of elektro about a year ago with him on the cover to show my partners what I look at every day to remind me how this all started.
It’s a quarterly; will there be events to celebrate each issue at various clubs around the world? Will the cover boy be the DJ? Will the distribution of the magazine at these events be a huge part of the marketing strategy?
Absolutely. We are gearing up for a massive launch during Miami Music Week. In addition to a private launch party with Roger Sanchez that we are hosting for the industry on Thursday, March 22 at The Setai, we are going to be distributed in the VIP section at Ultra, are an official media partner of Winter Music Conference, and will be hosting events all week at the National Hotel, Villa221, Mansion, as well as a big in-store event with Guess Jeans on Saturday 3/24. We’re also working on an official launch party in New York on April 14th at Pacha NYC which will be a sort of homecoming for me I guess, so I’m definitely looking forward to that.

Sons of Essex’s Matt Levine Talks About His New, Yet-To-Open Mysterious Space At 205 Chrystie St.

With The Elsinore poised to open up in just a week or so, things on that very strange block Stanton between Bowery and Chrystie are taking yet another step in a new direction. Because it effectively dead-ends on both sides, traffic is very restricted, which has made it a home for those less fortunate who have gathered near the Bowery Mission for eons. The New Museum and a string of art galleries, boutiques, and little restaurants have given a new look to the area. The streets are still a bit dark and the well-heeled walk fast, past the shoeless, as new development gears to bring even more change. Matt Levine and his posse have taken the 205 Chrystie space which has, like much of the people hanging around it these days, …never amounted to anything. There was a run with rock promo icons like Vegas that offered a handful of fun nights. It was a kind of cool dive bar called 6’s and 8’s. There was even a foray by the usually perfect Serge Becker of Miss Lily’s and

La Esquina fame. At 205, he was a little less than perfect. Matt Levine is hot with his Sons of Essex, a smash success. I asked him to tell me what he could tell me at this very early stage. He couldn’t say much as the process of opening is long and rife with obstacles.
The block dead-ends on both sides, a very unique situation which traditionally made it very…wonkie. Now there are cool boutiques and The Elsinore about to open, The Box is still wonderfully fun around the corner, and the park across Chrystie is beautiful. So you feel it’s a good time to get in?
My partner Michael Shah has a great eye for real estate, and this block, being a passageway from the Lower East Side to Soho, has always intrigued me.
You have been wildly successful at Sons of Essex and you had a great run at The Eldridge. You love the neighborhood. Talk about where it is heading…
We are always randomly bumping into each other on the streets of the LES; the Lower East Side is a true neighborhood in every sense of the word, a community within a community. I see the growth of the LES, beyond "nightlife;" daily foot traffic is increasing during the daytime due to the growth of art galleries, boutiques, cafes, coffee shops, and creative agencies- we all support each others’ entrepenurial spirits.
What else fills your days?
Everyday, a new lesson learned.

Google Just Trying To Ruin Music At This Point

So you know about Google Play Music, right? It’s one of those Google things you never use because why would you; music is everywhere and all around you, but also it’s mostly on iTunes and Spotify. That is why Google wanted to add a streaming aspect, and this week unveiled Google Play Music All Access, a $9.99-per-month music subscription service that’s both annoying and unwieldy at the moment.

At least when you open it in a web browser. As TechCrunch points out, a large part of this service is geared toward Android users being able to stream music directly to their mobile devices—so rather than design something that could really take on Spotify (with its “24 million active users and 6 million paying subscribers”), they’ve come up with an application that might help them move a few thousand smartphones. Good job lowering those expectations!

The interface looks nice but quickly bewilders with its proliferation of pop-up windows, extraneous widgets, and the like. And because it’s Google, they creepily already know your credit card information when you try to log in the first time. But what continues to fascinate here is how big tech still lives in complete denial about one fact: for the most internet-savvy customers, all music is now essentially free. Do I really need to pay ten bucks a month so a website can tell my friends I sampled the new Vampire Weekend record? No, I really do not.

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The Summer’s Best New iPhone Apps

It’s hard to define summer. Sure, we can throw a road trip, a couple of beach days, and a fling or three in there, but overall, the year’s hottest season is also its most carefree. And no matter where you go and what you do this summer, your trusty little iPhone is your greatest companion to it all. With these six apps, skip traffic and speeding tickets, watch live concerts, discover obscure music, look and sing like a pop star, and save a North Atlantic whale. Why not? It’s summer. Anything can happen.

Scout by Telenav [Free]
Going on a road trip and sick of relying on your map-averse friend in the passenger seat? Get a hold of Scout, the first daily personal navigator for your iPhone that syncs up with your computer and even your car. Using award-winning Telenav navigation, Scout text and voice guides you turn-by-turn to wherever you want to go. The best part: you’ll avoid traffic and speeding tickets thanks to the app’s real-time traffic updates, automatic rerouting, and alerts about red light cameras and speed traps. Suddenly, life got easier.

Auto-Tune Star [$1.99]
The best-selling music app in 40 countries, Auto-Tune Star uses real Auto-Tune technology to help your voice sound just as manufactured as your favorite rockstar! Just sing into the mic, apply and adjust Auto-Tune, play back, and become amazed at how much you sound like Ciara. Songs from your iTunes music library and beats are available, and your recordings can be easily shared via e-mail and Facebook, straight from your beach towel. What a celebrity.

Whale Alert [Free]
Navigating a boat on the East Coast? Interested in whale-watching? Want to save endangered North Atlantic right whales? We think so. This app listens for right whale calls and plots their location on an easy-to-ready nautical map, thus reducing the whales’ collisions with ships and helping to save their lives. Free Willy; get Alert.

Fitocracy [Free]
Slay the laziness dragon (quite literally) with this video game-inspired app that will get you so addicted to fitness, you’ll want to be naked all summer. Check-in to specific fitness routines, earn points, unlock achievements, beat quests, and track the speed of your workouts on your screen. If you still need a fire lit under your ass, compare your progress with other users and compete for fitness domination.

The Vinyl District
Whether you’re sick of Pandora or you just want to get the heck out of your sweltering apartment, consult The Vinyl District: the first-ever GPS-based record store locator app in the US. Press the "All Stores" icon for directions to the nearest independent record shop, share via Facebook and Twitter the gems you’ve uncovered, and spend some much-needed "me" time listening to good tunes.

Moshcam [Free]
So you can’t make it to Bonnaroo, Summerfest, or Camp Bisco – big deal! Who needs ’em when you have Moshcam, an app that provides instant on-demand music streaming of hundreds of recorded music concerts. Choose from the largest catalogue of recorded live videos in the world and watch professionally-shot performances of your favorite artists straight from your phone, anytime you want. Entry-fee, high beer prices, and long lines to the bathroom not included.

So Appy Together: This Spring’s Best New Android Apps

Get appy with this season’s five best Android apps! Turn into a cartoon, firm your tush, and take a stroll around New York City’s most peaceful parts. When you’re done, sit on a bench and navigate our listings straight from your phone. 

BlackBook City Guides [Free]:So perhaps we’re “tooting our own horn,” blaring it, perhaps. But when you’re the leading non-user generated City Guide on the whole market, why not shout it to the world! This little app gives you access to the insider-scoop, pictures, and special offers in 65 cities worldwide – written by locals, for locals. Find out where the best seaside seafood spot is in the French Riviera, which hotel has the gasp-inducing view of the Trevi Fountain in Rome, and what New York salon gives you complimentary shots of moonshine.

Peaceful Places: New York City [$9.99]: Serenity in New York – sounds like an oxymoron or charmingly antiquated folk tale. Before this app, it was. But with 100 Peaceful Place: New York City, serenity in this city actually becomes a tangible destination.  In the 345 pages, author Evelyn Kanter guides you to the 129 most restorative, diverse, and hidden oases across Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, and Staten Island. Stroll through the tucked-away parks, promenades, and gardens, and pursue the dainty shops and quaint streets few know about. All the spots are classified according to area, alphanumeric, and category – and most of the sites are free, which is calming in itself. 

Cartoon Camera [Free]: Maybe you’ve always coveted Marge’s frizz-free, beehive bouffant on The Simpsons. Or perhaps you’ve secretly wished your cat looked like Garfield. Yearn, no more! With this app, your entire world becomes a colorful cartoon. The app transforms everything you see through your camera lens into real-time sketches of cartoon, sepia, dark and light strokes, and edges. Capture the image with a click of a button, auto-focus, and zoom in on an especially cartoonish and fuzzy piece of lint under your sofa.

Fitness Buddy [$.99]: "Fitness Buddy?" More like the "Goodbye, My Expensive Personal Trainer" app. For under $1, you gain access to 75 curated workout routines for men and women, each customized to whichever goal you wish to achieve (firming your tush, getting a six-pack, etc.) There are also 1,700 equipment and body part-targeted exercises, and thousands of high-def videos and photos so you can actually understand what the heck you’re trying to do. The best part: you can track and graph your progress based on your body weight and body measurements.

Crackle [Free]: When you’re stuck on a 12-hour family car trip to Yellowstone National Park, or your roommate and his "friend" are snogging and hogging the sofa in front of the TV, Crackle is your escape. Watch full-length Hollywood movies and TV shows using your Wi-Fi and 3G connection. Browse by genre, and gorge on episodes of Seinfeld and Groundhog Day for free, in the comfort of your own personal space. Twenty new movies and TV shows are added monthly, so expect a whole bunch more additions to your very urgent to-do list.

Spasso Launches Aperitivo Menu Full of Small Bites and $5 Cocktails

Five dollar fruit-infused cocktails are hard to find in New York. So are $3 crostinis, prosciutto, and stuffed eggs. So when a homey Italian restaurant in the West Village launches a daily aperitivo menu offering all of these things from 4-6pm, we take note. We listen. And we RUN there. To Spasso. Where limoncello and foccacia await.

Spasso’s Milanese-style menu features up to eight seasonal $2-5 snacks and $10 cocktails. But if you check in on Four Square, the drinks are actually 50 percent off  for the first round.

The cocktails feature such drinks as the limoncello and lime-based Maserati; the prosecco and peach Alfa Romeo; and the bourbon and orange twist Lamborghini. Yes, these deliciously-filled flukes are “driving” you and your night in the right direction. Most likely in the direction of THE SMALL BITES.

These bites are more than bites: when put together, they form an assorted platter of all the pre-dinner nibbles your grandmother served that your mom never let you have seconds of. But you’re an adult now, so go wild on such offerings as sliced mortadella and prosciutto, marinated eggplant, seafood salad, and sweet and spicy nuts.

If you’re still hungry when the clock strikes 6pm, stay for one of Spasso’s full meals that are equally as satisfying and three times the size. Or just sleep outside and come back in the next day at 4pm for some more sweet and spicy nuts. Whatever works. 

A Robust Roster: The Best New Android Apps

Usher in the beginning of spring with seven of the best new android apps on the market. Find a spot under the shade of a tree, grasp that ‘droid in your hand, and just press "install." Soon, you’ll be playing the trombone, managing your TiVo, and creating your own app. Ah, the good life. 

IBONE [$1.99]
Winner of the “Best Musical Instrument App” in the 2009 Best App Ever Awards (there is such a thing), this standard has finally joined the Android club, eliciting more sonorous waves of trombone sounds from passersby and their phones. Users can not only play along with music from their own customized collection, but also choose from the iBone Songbook. With a lot of touching, blowing into the mic, and sliding of the fingers, you too can make beautiful music. Arthur Pryor would be proud. (Google him.)

Launched as part of a $35 million campaign to promote personal relationships via their site, MyLife lets you plug into multiple social networks, like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, all in one place. No more opening each individual app—a daunting task, we know. With all major social media newsfeeds pulled in, and a database of 700 million user profiles to view, this all-purpose hub allows for optimal stalking of ex-friends, estranged family, former flames, and people you cannot tolerate but are strangely fascinated with.

TIVO [Free]
Admit it: there’s no feeling as desperate as when you’re at work and it suddenly dawns on you that you forgot to set your DVR to record the latest episode of Bachelor Pad. Stupid! Not to worry. With this long overdue app, your phone transforms into your cable remote, allowing TiVo and non-TiVo DVR users to browse a 14-day schedule, manage and schedule future recordings, and comment on shows on Facebook or Twitter. The app also lets you search for on-demand shows from Netflix, Blockbuster, or Amazon Instant Video. Control your DVR, control your life.

Promoting an uninterrupted life, PauseApp presses “pause” on all mobile distractions by giving you a breather from calls, texts, and critical emails from your boss. Calls go directly to voicemail, texts and emails are held in purgatory, and auto-replies are sent when prompted. Except for five essential contacts of your choosing, no one else can reach you, so decide carefully. It’s a refreshing dose of 20th century-style privacy in this overloaded I-just-ate-a-tuna-sandwich-so-now-I’ll-tweet-about-it age.

VIMEO [Free]
When you’re dying to watch that home video of your friend’s failed attempt at krumping—or want to upload it for the world to see—this mobile version of the popular video platform allows you to do just that. Personalize your channel viewing preferences, browse and comment on videos, add and edit your own, and upload your raw footage in high-def. Don’t thank us—we’re sure your friend will.

You can finally look up the genus of the helmeted guinea fowl and the mysterious origins of the bicycle chain without ever opening an actual encyclopedia. As if Wikipedia needed an introduction, this crowd-sourced, 20-million-article game–changer comes with more features than the actual website. You can save articles for offline use, view any single entry in a different language (try Esperanto), and share them with your pals to prove that there really is a sport called dwarf tossing. The best part: it’ll be accessible the next time Wikipedia decides to go dark.

Think you can create the next Angry Birds, but don’t have the money, time, or coding chops? There’s an app for that. Andromo, coined “The App Maker for Everyone,” is a platform where you can create and customize your app’s appearance and add features like YouTube videos, Flickr galleries, social media feeds, and more. Whether you’re a business owner, musician, student, or podiatrist, Andromo gives you the space to communicate and promote whatever idea you have and add it to the Android Market for sharing. With over 700,000 Android devices activated every day, your app will be seen, so don’t slack.

Screen Saviors: The Best New iPhone Apps for March

Get appy with this month’s seven best iPhone apps! Create a song, make some potions, date a human, admire your anatomy. Then, set your alarm for when the world ends. With that iPhone in your palm and these apps fully downloaded, anything is truly possible. 

Ditch the gawking tourists at that creepy Bodies exhibition, chuck that seven pound anatomy textbook, and pick up this teensy little app. With Visible Body, you can take a gander at your guts thanks to fully interactive, rotating 3D models of the machinery that keeps you chugging along. Admire the nimbleness of your skeletal system, examine your thorax and the middle lobe of your right lung, and zoom in on your left pectoralis major. With more than 2,500 anatomical structures, including all major organs and systems of the male and female body, this just might be the most exciting breakthrough since you discovered that 1970s physiology picture book in your school library.

TWC TV [Free]
Can’t keep up with the Kardashians? Desperate for some more housewives? It’s Time Warner Cable to the rescue! (Did we just say that?) If you’re a TWC subscriber, you can watch live cable TV straight from your phone, program and manage your DVR from the kitchen, search for shows by title and genre from your bed, and set your favorite channels from the toilet. Why? Because you love television that much. The one catch: it only works within the home. While it would be glorious to watch The Price Is Right while eating a bagel at work, the phone has to be connected to your home’s Wi-Fi network to function. Yeah, it sucks, but remember: it’s TWC. You’ll never be fully satisfied.

Congratulations! You just inherited the hottest apothecary shop from your fairy godmother. You now have access to the cleverest of charms and evilest of elixirs. Go forth and harvest ingredients for potions, improve your street cred by customizing your shop, and act as witch doctor to wizards, voyagers, and whimsical tourists. With a tinge of magic and technology, you can transform your modest corner shop into a mystical Whole Foods. Godspeed.

Just when you thought online dating was all about stalking, lewd messages, and selective profile pictures, here comes Tingle, an app that’s actually looking out for your safety. Thanks to its voice chat option, you can talk via phone with a potential date without ever exchanging numbers. Customizable discovery tools help identify other singles near you to control how often, where, and when you’d like to be contacted. The Karma feature discourages people from setting up phony profiles and harassing other members by rewarding more considerate users with better connection opportunities. Think of it as an enhanced, more chaperoned Facebook, without the schizophrenic interface and your mom trying to friend you.

We resolve to go to the gym, we lose the motivation, we eat our body weight in Ben & Jerry’s, life goes on. But with an enterprising mix of bribery and technology, GymPact wills you to hop on the treadmill by waving a bundle of dollars at you. Decide how often you’re going to work out a week (your pact), commit a certain amount of money to each session, and check into the gym using your phone. If you miss out on a session, the money is drained from your account and into the pockets of those Adonis types who actually put in their time on the elliptical. The more days you commit, the more money you earn. Trim your waist, bulk up your wallet.

A paean to the music-making masses, the mobile version of GarageBand is even simpler and more accessible than its desktop counterpart. Use multi-touch gestures and "smart instruments" to create a variety of stylized sounds. Tap out beats from a vintage drum kit, pluck an upright bass, or dot the keys of a soul organ. When you want to capture the thrill of the live performance, plug in your guitar and microphone, press record, and send your songs straight to GarageBand or your iTunes library. In true pop star fashion, you can finally make music without knowing a single note.

2012 MAYAN ALARM [Free]
When the world ends for the second time on December 21st, 2012 at 11:11:11 a.m., you’ll be the first to know. Thanks to this app, an alarm will chime, signifying the close of the Mayan Calendar and the celebration of the “beginning of a New Age.” The chime comes in a variety of binaural tones, all of which help induce relaxation, meditation, and creativity as the world ends. Of course, that’s if you can hear your phone amid all the chaos, screams, and, you know, burning to death.

Industry Insiders: Cygalle Dias, Zen Master

Ever hear of a water-cannon salute? Fire
trucks lined the runway to spray our plane with water, after landing in the Dominican Republic on JetBlue’s inaugural flight from JFK to La Romana. We headed to Casa de Campo, sugar baron Pepe Fanjul’s beautiful resort. The movie Rambo 2 included scenes on the stunning Chavon River there. Sting, Carlos Santana, and Frank Sinatra are among the many celebrities who have performed at the nearby amphitheater.
 Cygalle Dias, an entrepreneur based in New York, launched a healing spa at the resort. The spa, replete with an outdoor labyrinth and Zen gardens, is one property of a spa company that spans both the fashion and entertainment world.  

 What does your company do?
It brings mobile spas to places such as the Hamptons, and New York and London Fashion Weeks.
Who have enjoyed your spas?
Rosario Dawson in the Hamptons, Zac Posen and Charlotte Ronson in New York, and Stella McCartney in London.
Tell me a little about your connection with the Dominican Republic.

Another facet of my business is spa management. We launched a healing spa at Casa de Campo.
What do you love about Casa de Campo?

They’re pioneers in creating an all-inclusive resort. It’s 7,000 acres. It’s huge.
What’s distinctive about it?
I think the villa lifestyle is really special there. You can have your own private chef and butler.
How do you like the restaurants?
I love Le Cirque there, which is on the beach. The people that own it are really nice. They have Le Cirque in New York, too. My other favorite is La Casita, a Spanish-American style restaurant that is in the Marina. I love the view right on the water.
Tell us a bit about the spa.
My vision of the spa was to integrate health and beauty throughout the entire resort. The spa at Casa de Campo is natural, featuring organic treatments and healing for the holistic lifestyle. It features seven suites. They’re private and quite large.
What is the water ritual in the suites all about? The water plunged from 105◦ F to 59◦ F !
It’s an Oriental therapy designed from ancient times for building up your immune system. Once you get used to it — and you have to do it a lot – you get stronger health-wise because it’s stimulating both your immune system and circulation, too. And when you have another spa treatment, it is enhanced, since you’re already stimulated from the experience. I recommend the water ritual and then the steam treatment, which is a detox, so you can sweat and then exfoliate with a scrub. The spa pharmacy makes scrubs and wraps from plants and fruits on the island. There’s a labyrinth stone that’s an ancient ritual, too. That one’s for balance and to center yourself.
Who are some of the celebrities who visited the spa in Casa de Campo?
Kate Hudson, Kanye West, Johnny Damon, and Michelle Rodriguez.
We went to your Mobile Spa day at the Organic Avenue store on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Will there be another one soon?
Yes. The date hasn’t been set yet.
Tell me about what’s available at the store.
The Cygalle Organic Chamomile Makeup Remover can be purchased there. I’m into a holistic approach, and my products don’t have a lot of chemicals in them.
What are some of your favorite hangouts in New York?
I like Le Cirque. I also like Cipriani on the Upper East Side. And I like Nobu 57. And I love the Four Seasons lounge in the front of the hotel for afternoon tea and for meetings. I like Jean-Georges, too, in the Trump International Hotel & Tower. Au Bon Pain in the middle of the park is really fantastic on a nice day.
What’s next for you?
I’ve been talking to developers in New York and elsewhere. I’d like to open a spa this year. Casa de Campo took me four years to get it to the point where it is. It’s up to the Leading Hotels of the World standards now, which is very exciting.
Photo Courtesy of Richard C. Murray/RCM IMAGES, INC