Breaking News: Nerds Are Still Sexist

Between the pervert-dungeons of Reddit and the free-floating bigotry that is any Facebook feed, you’d think we would have quit being surprised by the sexism baked into the internet. It’s still offensive, naturally, but this New York Times op-ed about Wikipedia relegating our country’s notable female authors to an “American Women Novelists” subcategory has such a hopelessly narrow focus it’s almost funny.

Once again, let me reiterate: the Wiki nerds’ move to shorten the unwieldy “American Novelists” list by ghettoizing the writers without a penis is galling and wrong and more than a little stupid, organizationally speaking.

But you know what? My cousin was a Wikipedia editor when he was eleven years old. I don’t expect great things from that bunch.

I mean, take this accidentally hilarious (and humblebraggy) paragraph from the op-ed:

"I belong to an e-mail group of published female writers called WOM (it stands for Word of Mouth). Some of the members are extremely well known. On Tuesday morning, when I made my discovery of this sexism on Wikipedia, I sent them an e-mail about it."

The discovery of sexism on Wikipedia? That’s like saying Christopher Columbus discovered … eh, you know. I hate to say that nerds will be nerds, but I have a sinking feeling they will.

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Celebrating the Release of ‘The Avengers’ by Enraging ‘Avengers’ Fans

Happy Avengers Day! What a great day for nerds, what with a new movie featuring Chris Evans in tights opening (it’s a good day for us normals who are into that sort of thing, too) and it being May 4th. Who run the world? Geeks, apparently! (Sorry, Beyoncé.) But that doesn’t mean we can’t still make fun of them, right? Right!

In the video below from Jest, New York-based Laura Grey goes to the midnight screening of The Avengers to ask the biggest fans some hard-hitting trivia questions. The catch? All of her answers are wrong. Have you ever seen a woman dressed as Robert Downey, Jr. become enraged at the suggestion that she doesn’t know anything about comic books? You’re in for a treat, friends!

How to Deal With ‘Star Wars’ Nerds on May 4th

At some point today, someone will probably say to you, "May the fourth be with you." Get itttttt? It’s a Star Wars pun, you guys, and one that only makes sense on May 4th, the only day of the year when nerds with speech impediments can finally feel confident. For the rest of us, it’s just another day, but one with the added annoyance of having to acknowledge those adults who wish to punish us with their twee sci-fi jokes just because they’ve got the song from that cantina scene stuck in their heads all day. 

How should one response to such inanity? Well, I am not one to suggest physical violence, but a threatening raised fist might be enough to silence any offending dork. In these modern times, of course, you’re most likely to see the offending phrase on some sort of social media platform. Unfollow those tumblrs! Block those tweeters! Hell, unfriend them on Facebook! You don’t want to sully your internet footprint by associating with those who disseminate such an entry-level pun. 

Another option? Replying with, "Go fourth and prosper." Sure, you may run the risk of looking like a Trekkie, but at least your pun in based on a homonym and not a lateral lisp. Plus, it’ll only infuriate the Star Wars fans by suggesting that the Star Trek franchise is on the same level of nerdom.