Watch These Funny People Reenact Every Rom-Com Press Junket Ever

Summer movie season is very much upon us, and with it we shall suffer the slings and arrows of the mediocre rom-com, likely one in which a wound-up Manhattan career gal meets a free-spirited manchild and learns how to loosen up a little/a nebbishy businessman meets a stock Manic Pixie Dream Girl and finally lets someone into his heart. Luckily for us, Upright Citizens’ Brigade’s Nate Smith has recreated every rom-com press junket situation ever so you don’t have to bother with the cinema this summer, with the help of Freddi Scheib and some Photoshopping. The duo’s tackling of clich├ęs, ridiculous premises (Jennifer Aniston and Jason Sudeikis in: Dog Pork, in which a dog owner and a potbellied pig owner fall helplessly in love or something) and faux-modesty about these roles are great, but it’s all about Smith’s impersonations. Come for Jason Sudeikis’ weird, guttural noises and his dead-on Seth Rogen; stay for Mark Ruffalo’s brutal honesty. 

Our only question is why does each of these films star Jennifer Aniston? Surely, there are some rom-com roles left for Katherine Heigl.