9 Craziest Death Threats Natalia Kills Has Received Since X-Factor

Since the X-Factor implosion surrounding Natalia Kills and Willy Moon’s publicity stunt, the singer has received countless bullying words pointed right back at her — the rape and death threats Natalia Kills has received are insane and utterly terrifying. Some people even got ISIS involved.. Here are the nine worst:

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Exclusive: Inside Source from Natalia Kills X-Factor Bullying Drama Talks to BlackBook

Photo: Natalia Kills photographed by Angela Pham/BFAnyc.com

In the small chance you’ve been ears-shut to social media and the world of entertainment this past week, you might have missed the Natalia Kills X-Factor drama unfolding, as the singer and her husband Willy Moon berated a contestant on television from their judging seats on New Zealand’s X-Factor.

As Taylor Ghrist wrote when the news first broke:

In what felt like a surging storm of social-media reactions, up-and-coming pop star (or blacklisted?) Natalia Kills and unknown-husband Willy Moon were just exiled and banned from being judges on New Zealand’s X-Factor after an incident of bullying a candidate. When I first watched the video, part of me laughed. Then the other part of me croaked. Then, I asked myself, “Was that really necessary?” But, naturally, I wanted to just shake these two young people and talk some sense into them. (If they’re capable of listening…) Multiple New Yorkers affiliated with her took to Facebook asking why she’d do such a thing. “I’ve met her before on a fashion shoot we worked on and she was so sweet. But, what is this?”

Really, what is this?

What it is: a publicity stunt. According to an inside source at the production company in New Zealand (who chose to be anonymous for obvious reasons), the bullying debacle was all for show — but not thought up by Natalia Kills as many imagined. No, this one was the production company’s idea. According to our source,

“It was the TV producer’s plan, drama for ratings, and it totally backfired! So many crew people’s jobs at risk!”

Turns out the contestant was in on it, too. Here’s an image comparing his look before and after the producers got to him:


“The poor guy (Joe) was actually excited like I’m just like Willy Moon, I’m gonna be Willy Moon tonight…”

Of course it backfired when the show’s sponsors pulled out.

Natalia and Willy’s “drama for ratings” thought up by the production company backfired on the show, and it backfired on the singers, too. We have a major bullying problem; Natalia and Willy have received countless death and rape threats for her comments:

NataliaKills_XFactor_bully_1 NataliaKills_XFactor_bully_2 NataliaKills_XFactor_bully_3 NataliaKills_XFactor_bully_4 NataliaKills_XFactor_bully_5 NataliaKills_XFactor_bully_6 NataliaKills_XFactor_bully_7 NataliaKills_XFactor_bully_8

You’d think those who have a problem with bullying would know better than to retaliate with the same methods.


Strong Opinions, Indecent Ego, or Publicity Stunt: What Happened Natalia Kills?

Photo Credit: Angela Pham/BFAnyc.com

“Ladies and gentleman, I’m just going to state the obvious: We have a doppelgänger in our midst. As an artist who respects creative integrity and intellectual property, I am disgusted at how much you have copied my husband. From the hair to the suit, do you not have any value or respect for originality? I personally found it absolutely artistically atrocious I am embarrassed to be sitting here in your presence having to even dignify you with an answer of my opinion.”

Then, husband Willy Moon: “It just feels a bit cheap and absurd. I mean, it’s like Norman Bates dressing up in his mother’s clothing. It’s just a little bit creepy and I feel like you’re going to stitch someone’s skin to your face and then kill everyone in the audience.” 

As if that wasn’t enough, Natalia continues: “It’s disgusting. You make me sick. It’s absolutely disgusting. You have no identity. I can’t stand it. I’m ashamed to be here.”

In what felt like a surging storm of social-media reactions, up-and-coming pop star (or blacklisted?) Natalia Kills and unknown-husband Willy Moon were just exiled and banned from being judges on New Zealand’s X-Factor after an incident of bullying a candidate. When I first watched the video, part of me laughed. Then the other part of me croaked. Then, I asked myself, “Was that really necessary?” But, naturally, I wanted to just shake these two young people and talk some sense into them. (If they’re capable of listening…) Multiple New Yorkers affiliated with her took to Facebook asking why she’d do such a thing. “I’ve met her before on a fashion shoot we worked on and she was so sweet. But, what is this?”

Really, what is this?

Was it a publicity stunt? She [Natalia Kills] did just have her single “Problem” featured on the premiere of E! Network’s The Royals, the network’s highly-anticipated first scripted show (coinciding with the same night of the X-Factor episode). Also, just this last week Madonna’s latest album “Rebel Heart” premiered, to which she’s credited for writing the track “Holy Water”. (She tweeted the link to her “Problem” video following this X-Factor incident. That’s certainly self-promotion I’d say.) Publicity stunt definitely sounds reasonable and so her generation.

Could it be that people didn’t know she was a “problem”? Maybe that part of her image hadn’t been pushed hard enough. Or maybe, just maybe, people didn’t even know who she was? (I mean, come on, multiple lists have been made titled “10 Things You Didn’t Know About Natalia Kills” following the incident that feature many things her fans did indeed know about her.)

Frankie Sharp, a New York nightlife pioneer whose revamped the nightlife scene within recent years, took to Facebook: “I know her personally and I feel like her music and career isn’t where she thought it would’ve been by now. And she’s trying everything. I’ve seen her actually try everything. From putting out great singles, couple of decent videos, co writing with Madonna on Madonnas new album, filming a reality show etc and her career is still not anywhere it ‘should be’. Therefore I think she sat down with NZ X-Factor producers and they needed ratings and she needed some clicks and the paycheck was probably pretty enough for her to lose some fans but gain any kind of notoriety she could at this point. Cody is right. This isn’t real. These shows are scripted and formulaic.”

Then you have the problem of….

When you look at the success Natalia Cappuccini (Natalia Kills) has garnered amongst all her fans it’s easy to say that a vast majority of them are very young teenagers and, in this day of age where cyber-bullying and publicity antics aren’t diffident, one can easily presume a huge majority of fans will turn their backs on her. Why disrupt the peace in such an ugly, vicious and yet uncalled for way? Better yet, encourage hasty decision-making for the thrill of attention seeking amongst our already fame-obsessed youth. It’s so digressive, boring, and, frankly, embarrassing.

Let Lorde weigh in on this. Oh, and Ellie Goulding. Oh yeah, Ed Sheeran. All who were nominated for Grammys.






So, now, what I’m left with is this idea of “opinions”.  If, indeed, Natalia has these opinions….We do indeed have a problem. That problem is beyond delusional. And how many galas have you attended Natalia? Were all those men dressed like your boo boo?

I can’t even.


EXCLUSIVE: Natalia Kills Announces Marriage to Willy Moon + Exclusive Photos

Natalia and Willy have been running around downtown New York making us jealous of their couple-y cuteness for a while now–and so it’s with utter joy that we get to make the official marriage announcement. Kills-Moon tie the knot!!!!! BlackBook-contributor and Natalia-bestie Alex Catarinella put it best: “The dark damsel in distress finally found a boyfriend she doesn’t have to kill.”

The wedding party is set for May 23rd at a super secret New York location. But our sources tell us it will be a blow out, and a few lucky fans might even get invited. So stay tuned!!!!!!

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See more exclusive Natalia Kills photos here.

Photos by Carlos Santolalla

Natalia Kills It

Natalia Kills at China Chalet

After we met on set of some stupid fashion shoot last year, I was lucky enough to be swept into Natalia Kills’ adventures in fashion and nightlife. Partying with her is grand–every time she walks into a room people break their necks as she strolls by. Her fashion sense is perfection; she’s a photographable dream come true. Here’s a documentation of some of my favorite shots of this rising and incredibly talented diva that I feel incredibly blessed to have captured:

Natalia and her boyfriend Willy Moon at the Jane

Outside of a shoot 

Performing at an IMG party

At the Versus Versace party

Performing at The Box

Standard East Village

With the ATL Twins at the Opening Ceremony party

Stepping out at the Standard Hotel

At Boom Boom Room for the Purple after party

Performing at the Perez Hilton VMA party

At a Sydney Reising event

Outside of the Ace Hotel

Backstage after her Perez Hilton performance

Check out this pop goddess’ criminally underrated video for her latest single, ‘Trouble’.

A Play, a Songwriter, and A Lot of Furniture

Tonight is your last chance to catch 1952, a play written and directed by Yekaterina Minskova, debuting at W.i.P (34 Vandam St.). It starts at 8pm. It’s live theatre and film, and a portion of the proceeds going to The National Alliance on Mental Illness of New York City, Inc. From the PR team:

"Everything isn’t always what it seems in 1952… The author boldly addresses many hard topics and the far too common misdiagnoses that went along with the times.  The subject matter is inspired by actual patient accounts and addresses many hard topics manifested in the dark corners of the 1950s American Mental Health System."

Among the notable cast is the ever-dapper Errickson Wilcox. He is known by denizens of the deep dark night as a gentleman doorman at all the spots in town. He was Wass Stevens’ right-hand man at Marquee years back. Now, he is popping up as an actor and will soon wear the glamorous label of "As Seen On TV’ in a major production that I’m not going to talk about yet.

After that, I am totally psyched for “Westgay at Westway.” Frankie Sharp’s weekly party at Westway has taken the town by storm. Tonight there will be a performance from Natalia Kills. The English singer/songwriter’s set will surely feature her track “KILL MY BOYFRIEND” off her PERFECTIONIST album. They advertise  $6 frozen flirtinis, $10 FUCKTINIS!!!! ALL NIGHT, and 2-4-1 Vodka Sodas till midnight. Yeah, it’s like that.

According to Wiki – my number one source for everything from the population of the US of A to spaghetti sauce recipes – she "called Kate Bush and Alanis Morissette her most important musical influences, highlighting them as emotional artists who write honestly about their own experiences. She has also gone on to cite Gwen Stefani as her hero. She also claims that Depeche Mode, Prince, Vanity 6, and Freddie Mercury inspire her live performances." Yeah, it’s like that.

Lastly, I had too much fun at BINGO last night, and now I’m late for the final day of the International Contemporary Furniture Fair at the Javits. All of nightlife’s serious players are stopping by to check out furniture, lights, and other design stuff that will be part of their future expansions or renovations, so I’m just about out the door.

After BINGO, it was our traditional dinner at Joe’s Shanghai and then a walk-it-off to the Tribeca Grand Hotel to catch up with honcho Matt Green. I chatted up Kid Cudi, who reminded me that he had played my birthday a few years back for a whopping fee of a cheeseburger. He’s a great guy and deserves of all his continuing success.

Then, we joined Bantam partner Seamus Regan and his lovely Tatjana Gellert at The Double Seven who was celebrating her actual birthday (the events of the last week were shams). We opened up a bottle of Beau Joie and toasted to many reasons to be cheerful. The Double Seven’s rock-based Mondays will see a lot of me. A couple bands, a rock DJ, and a seriously fun crowd took my breath away.

Reflections on 9/11 and How It Changed NYC Nightlife

The attack on the World Trade Center still seems fresh to me. So many horrible moments from that day haunt me. Among the horrendous losses was a loss of innocence. We have never felt secure in our homes or maybe even our skins since. It’s been a dozen years, a bunch of wars and even the killing of Osama Bin Laden has not brought closure.

The club world was changed forever as well. The way people went out, how they interacted with each other (and others unlike themselves) changed and can be linked directly to the post 9/11 psyche. I have referred to this as "SIN" (safety in numbers).

Prior to 9/11, I was involved with the programming and operations of nightclubs. A successful club was defined by diverse crowds and progressive music. Post-9/11 club crowds became more specialized, more segregated as white people tended to party with white people, blacks with blacks, rich with rich. Like-minded crowds embraced mixed format music laced heavily with familiar sounds, pop music and radio tracks or electronic dance music (EDM)—an escapist trance-like stream of unconsciousness.

For the most part, clubs got smaller to handle crowds with specialized tastes, a clientele that wanted to hang with familiar faces. Bottle service—which had begun in earnest in the late 1990s—became a way of life as groups of people paid for real estate that was theirs until the credit ran out or the closing bell rang.

The top clubs prior to 9/11 were places where fashion trends broke and new ideas were exchanged. Creative people were VIPs. These types were banished to clubs where they would mostly hang with folks like themselves. Super trendy parties had few yuppie types or straight-laced patrons visiting. These parties filled with only the fabulous lost the revenue streams these voyeurs provided.

The fabulous folks gathered on Sundays or Tuesdays or on other off nights in off clubs. Saturday nights at the important clubs no longer featured drag queens prancing on bars or dance platforms. It wasn’t cool anymore. It was too different…foreign for the new mindset. The bottle service era which dominated New York City nightlife for the decade after the attack became a worldwide phenomenon.

Bottle service isn’t about the high-end vodka or Champagne. You can get the same swill anywhere for a lot cheaper than it costs in hot spots. Bottle service is about a booth which few ever sit in. It’s a territory where the credit card holder is king. It insulates that king and his minions from anything unfamiliar. Now we are in a golden age of clubs. The rise of Williamsburg, Greenpoint and Bushwick, ghettos of love and trendiness that took the creative types across the moat of the East River. The forward thinkers are now there.

A time traveler from the 1980s would look at Manhattan nightlife and scowl. Sure there are small pockets of wonderful but there are mostly lines of bridge-and-tunnel types and far less "pick-and-choose" from snooty doorpersons. The Box, with all its faults, stands firm in fabulousness. The Standard rises above the standard.

Susanne Bartsch is still doing it and doing it well across the decades. Tonight, she will celebrate Fashion Week at the forward-thinking McKittrick Hotel. Natalia Kills will perform. Everyone who is amazing will attend, everyone who attends will be amazing. There are no great clubs—at least as I define them-post-9/11. But there are great parties and events every night somewhere nearby.

Tonight, I’m staying home to reflect. For me it’s still too soon.


image: USAF photo by Denise Gould

Getting Illicit with Natalia Kills

There’s something deliciously illicit about Natalia Kills. Even if the English singer’s name didn’t evoke a villainess from some outtake of The Avengers, one gets the impression the lass would be just as comfortable running a con or plotting a heist, as she is pulling a Machiavelli on the pop world. Then there’s that whole murderous girl thing she’s got goin’ on; an explicit lethality which can be found in both the sound of her single “My Boyfriend,” and the visions of her Love Kills xx video series, in addition to the very name itself. On the terrace of South Beach’s Catalina Hotel on Thursday night, just hours before Kills took her stand at Mansion, it was all I could do to not ask her if she’d like to go knock off a bank.

But Kills is far too single-mindedly determined to be sidetracked by something that could keep her outta circulation for even a couple moments, let alone a few years. See, that might foil her plans for world domination. And make no mistake, this unequivocal young lady is definitely going global—or else.

While where Kills is going may be clear, it’s a lot harder to pinpoint where she’s come from. Born to a Jamaican father and a Uruguayan mother, and raised primarily in the Gunshine State (Miami and Jacksonville), she’s spent the last couple of years lighting fires around LA. Her “wish,” though, is to move to the Big Bad Apple, and soon. “There isn’t anything wrong with Los Angeles,” she says. “It’s just time for New York.” Perhaps she simply needs a bigger city to core?

When prompted, Kills calls herself “English.” Noting her heritage, however, she may just as well claim citizenry of the wild world she seems so keen to conquer. Like many a bright mind, Kills is the kinda Benetton kid Tibor Kalman undoubtedly had in his head when he created the incomparable Colors. A cross-pollination of creed and culture as compelling as it is adroit. Otherwise known as: our future.

In other words, Kills has got it goin’ on, even if her Wiki page has it all wrong. She does NOT share a name with her mother, nor has she been in a succession of British soap operas. Kills isn’t from Persia either, though she “has great respect” for the people and the place.

The last time Kills hit South Beach, she opened for Robyn at The Fillmore. This time, as mentoined, she soloed at Mansion, one of the most renowned dance emporiums on The Strip. Prior to that, there was a mad two nights in New York, where she pulled off appearances at both the Standard and Bowery hotels, as well as an exclusive on the 48th floor of the Atlas. By the time you read this, Kills will be in arenas opening for Katy Perry before she crosses back over the pond to retake the continent.

Face to face, Kills is forthright, forthcoming and utterly assured. Yes, “My Boyfriend” is about a real someone. No, she didn’t kill him. She is “grateful” though that their six-year relationship turned out so badly. Otherwise, her album “would be all rainbows, and who the hell wants to hear that?” Kills is also extremely grateful to French director Guillaume Doubet, the Love Kills accomplice who taught her the tricks of the the cinematic trade and gave her the opportunity to be on both sides of the camera. “I learned so much shooting that series,” she says. “Mostly, I learned that I could direct too. I just had to do it.”

Forget for a minute Nike’s now-overexposed slogan, because before there was such a thing as kicks campaigns, there were people for whom “just do it” was simply who and what they were. Count Natalia Kills among that worthy roster. Or else.

Photo by Jeffrey Delannoy.

Video: Dance-Pop Pistol Natalia Kills Gets Her Motor Running

Under the roaring traffic of the Manhattan Bridge, Natalia Kills, dressed in bikini bottoms and a fur bomber jacket, straddles a matte-black Harley Davidson SuperLow. The sun is moments from setting and Dumbo is freezing, but the petite 24-year-old musician looks right at home commandeering a whole lot of horsepower. “I’ve been fascinated by motorbikes for a long time,” she says in her hybridized British-American accent.

Kills, who has been compared to Lady Gaga, makes electro-dance anthems laced with cool English lyricism. But despite her mainstream appeal, she says her music comes from a personal place. “When I write, I don’t think about how a song will sound on the radio,” she says. “I just love making songs—I’ve made hundreds of them.” A sampling of these tracks will be heard when Kills (who also co-directs her music videos, styles her backup dancers, and shoots her own dramatic web series, Love, Kills xx) releases her debut album, Perfectionist, in March.

En route to Terminal 5, where she will soon slay the crowd before headliner Robyn takes the stage, Kills’ thoughts shift back to fast vehicles. “Consider the culture here,” she says, pointing to a passing Range Rover. “Look at that thing! You guys are obsessed with four-by-four, people-carrying cars! I love New York.

Photo by Brooke Nipar. Styling by Shibon Kennedy.