‘MythBusters’ Takes on the Eternal ‘Titanic’ Question

This headline is probably a bit misleading, as the eternal Titanic question (which has been answered by SCIENCE!) is probably how an “unsinkable” ship was able to sink on its maiden voyage. But the question to which we are referring, of course, is the one of the 1997 film Titanic, and whether or not Jack and Rose could have both fit on that plank and survived. In a rather fitting twist, considering Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman’s ‘staches would likely have been fairly at home in the pre-WWI era, the duo from MythBusters devoted a segment with some hard-hitting experimentation to the question that has plagued fans of the movies for the past 15 years. Children of the ‘90s, your answer awaits.

What they found was that, indeed, Leo DiCaprio did not have to become a human Freezy-Pop, but their rescue would have required a working knowledge of flotation devices. There was certainly room for both of them on the board, but they could only survive if they had been able to tie Rose’s life jacket to the bottom of the board to boost its buoyancy, otherwise their weight would lead to sinking and them both dying of hypothermia. The experiment involved several intense hypothermia tests involving a “Jack” dummy and a Special Guest Appearance from James Cameron.

So, there you go. There’s your answer. So now, to the apparently many fans who are still sending James Cameron hate mail about the outcome, at least now you have a point of contention proved by the powers of SCIENCE! 

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