Pac-Man to Become a Reality Show

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about a film or TV show inspired by something utterly ridiculous. So to refresh your memory: There’s a Monopoly movie coming, a movie based on the computer game Myst, a reality show in which former celebrity mistresses get plastic surgery, a reality show based on the Chilean miners, a movie based on the how-to book What to Expect When You’re Expecting, a movie based on the Rubik’s Cube, and many others. Well, let’s add a fresh one to the list: Pac-Man, the reality show.

According to the press release, the series will be a “big, crazy Wipeout-type event with a lot of energy.” No idea what that means, but I’m picturing a dude dressed up in a puffy yellow jacket running around a maze eating cherries and being chased by ghosts. I can only assume the show was conceived as a metaphor for post-industrial consumerism.

Hollywood Scrapes the Barrel with ‘Myst’ the Movie

I was never very good at the computer game Myst, mainly because I was never sure what the point of the game was, which I guess was the point of the game. It involved walking your avatar, who has the Camus-like name “The Stranger,” around a foggy island where you basically read a lot of books. Or something. Well, now Myst is being made into a movie. Hold on to your hats!

Movies based on video games have been a thing for a while now, what with Mortal Kombat entering its third incarnation, but it does seem like far too many films are inspired by old movies, TV show, video games, or not-so-old movies. When did writers stop coming up with their own ideas? Probably when Hollywood honchos realized they could capitalize on already familiar and beloved franchises. That said, Myst seems a far cry from Mortal Kombat, which at least had some real action. But maybe Myst, with its vague and mysterious narrative, will leave enough room for some real creativity when it comes to plotting, even if the film is meant to be based on a number of Myst-inspired novels. Now, if only they would make a movie out of NBA jam.