Morning Links: Two New Ways to Watch ‘Jersey Shore,’ Lady Gaga Plays Editor In Chief

● MTV is showing no signs of slowing down their Jersey Shore-ification of Italy. Yesterday they announced two new Jersey Shore spinoffs, one documenting JWoww and Snooki’s “life and love when the vacation is over” and the other following Pauly D, who is apparently “one of the country’s most in-demand DJs.” [The Wrap] ● Charlie Sheen is in New York for his “Torpedo of Truth” tour, and bedding at none other than really, actually maybe-presidential-candidate Donald Trump’s International Hotel. Duh, winning. [NYP] ● Sixteen years after its abrupt cancellation, Sundance Channel is set to offer My So-Called Life a second go. They’ll be rebroadcasting the single season beginning April 25, on Mondays at 11pm. Welcome back, Angela, Jordan, and Rayanne! [HR]

● Please forgive us for thinking there might just be some things Lady Gaga can’t do well, like edit a daily newspaper that’s handed out in subway stations in eighteen countries. Gaga is guest editing the Metro this May. You can always bring a book. [NYO] ● Yesterday, Oh No They Didn’t suggested that Britney might have needed a little help dancing in “Till the World Ends,” pointing to screenshots that, well, don’t look so much like Brit. Which is fine! We all need help sometimes. But Britney and team are denying the dance-double allegations without offering any real explanations for the questionable shots. In end-times, honesty makes for a close second to dancing, we would think. [PopEater] ● Are you worried that Prince Harry might miss the Royal Wedding because he’s stranded in the Arctic? The prince, who was visiting the north pole as part of a charity expedition, was scheduled to leave today but has had to delay his return due to a damaged runway. Should you be worried? Probably, yes. [E!]