Mountain Goats Announce All-Ages Tour

Hey, did you know that you can legally buy cigarettes in this country if you were born before this date in 1995? And yet there are even younger people out there, angsty, angry teenagers who normally can never get into concerts. Here is a handy list of where those belligerent teenagers will be, and when.

The Mountain Goats will be touring as a duo—John Darnielle and Peter Hughes. It’s the first time they’ve done so since 2007. No age restrictions on any performance, because only someone suicidal and in high school can really understand Darnielle’s pain, you dig? I kid, but seriously—it’s important that the next generation be exposed to the bleakest possible pop songs.

To get you excited about being the oldest person by a decade at one of these shows, here’s the video for “Cry for Judas.” It’s about Satanism. Also: fucked-up kids.

May 1 Boone, NC Appalachian State University
June 3 Washington, DC 9:30 Club*
June 4 York, PA Strand- Capitol Performing Arts*
June 5 Hoboken, NJ Maxwell’s*
June 7 New Haven, CT Center Church on the Green*
June 8 Portland, ME Port City Music Hall*
June 9 South Burlington, VT Higher Ground Ballroom*
June 11 Munhall, PA Carnegie Music Hall of Homestead*
June 12 Detroit, MI Majestic Theatre*
June 14 Cincinnati, OH Taft Ballroom*
June 15 Bloomington, IN Buskirk-Chumley Theatre*
June 16 Evanston, IL Space*
June 17 Chicago, IL Lincoln Hall*
June 19 Kansas City, MO The Record Bar*
June 20 St. Louis, MO Old Rock House*
June 22 Birmingham, AL The Bottletree*
June 23 Gainesville, FL High Dive*
June 24 Ft. Lauderdale, FL Culture Room*
June 26 Charleston, SC The Charleston Pourhouse *
June 27 West Columbia, SC New Brookland Tavern*
June 28 Wilmington, NC The Soapbox *
July 26-28 Newport, RI Newport Folk Festival
September 13-16 Miami, FL Atlantic Ocean Comedy and Music Festival

* = w/ The Baptist Generals

Midweek New Music: Rick Ross Returns, Tim Heidecker Spoofs Dylan and More

Rick Ross feat. Wale and Drake – "Diced Pineapples"

Following the release of the fantastic Rich Forever mixtape is the impending arrival of Ross’ album, the rather to-the-point God Forgives, I Don’t. Drake, who made an appearance on Rich Forever‘s standout track "Stay Schemin’," returns to give some extra lift to Wale’s very complicated chat-up lines and Rick Ross’ cinematic art-of-seduction verses on this steamy track inspired by Ross’ recovery fruit of choice. RUH. 

The Mountain Goats – "Cry For Judas"

Indie-rock’s favorite English lit professor and frequent tweeter John Darnielle is back with a new album, Transcendental Youth, out October 2nd. Lead single "Cry For Judas" is a bit more upbeat musically than some of the Mountain Goats’ other notable cuts, with a kickin’ backbeat and a whole lot of horns. The lyrics, though, packed with religious imagery (hence the title), will go down well with fans: "unfurl the black velvet altar cloth, draw a white chalk Baphomet / mistreat your altar boys long enough and this is what you get."

Tame Impala – "Elephant"

Chunky, bluesy psych-pop, perfect music to hallucinate to in the 90+-degree heat. Tame Impala’s new album, Lonerism, drops in October, but before that, fans will get a collection of "Elephant" remixes, including one from the legendary Todd Rundgren. 

Tim Heidecker – "Titanic" 

Turns out, Jimmy Fallon does not actually have a monopoly on acutely parodying iconic ’60s singer-songwriters. Tim Heidecker, musician, comedian and one-half of zany Adult Swim duo Tim & Eric, released a video for his 15-minute ode to the sinking of the Titanic, done in the style of Dylan’s "Hurricane." The impersonation is so convincing that somewhere on the Internet right now there must be someone making a slideshow of kids on Twitter believing there was an actual unreleased Dylan song. 

Linkage: Uggie To Bark A Memoir, E! Gives Scripted TV A Try

Is there nothing this dog can’t do? Uggie, the adorable and talented dog from The Artist, has been tapped to "bark" a memoir for Gallery Books. Human author Wendy Holden will be on paw to translate. [ArtsBeat]

For their first forays into scripted television, E! Entertainment is working on a Wizard of Oz inspired series (Dorthy), a modern-day re-staging of Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII’s story in modern day (Anne of Hollywood), and of course the required legal thriller (Juror #9) and detective procedural (Amy Devlin Mysteries). As if their real-life stars aren’t drama enough… [Deadline]

Busy busy, Miss Rooney Mara is circling yet another project, this one a story about outlaws featuring Ben Foster and Casey Affleck called Ain’t Them Bodies Saints. [PlayList]

Is your online presence more "completely nuts" Rihanna or "cool" and "poised" Beyoncé? [BitsBlog]

This summer, John Darinielle is reissuing early Mountain Goats’ cassettes Hound Chronicles and Hot Garden Stomp as a digital or a cd compilation. "No one anticipated their coming into the world, and very few noticed or cared," writes Darinelle of the tapes original release. "The obscurity in which these songs were incubated and born and brought into their faint light is a state of being which has passed into history." [Pitchfork]

Vice turns a camera back at the paparazzi to give them a taste of their own medicine. [Vice]

Free Download: Mountain Goats “Damn These Vampires”

You might have realized by now that I’m obsessed with the Mountain Goats, and will alert you any time their leader, John Darnielle, does so much as touch his toes. Lucky for you, then, that’s he’s done something much more interesting that that–he’s given us a free track from the forthcoming MG record, All Eternals.

Here’s my internal dialogue upon listening to All Eternals opener “Damn These Vampires”, which you can stream and download for free here:

Q. If this is a cowboy song, why does it have vampires in the title? A. I think it’s a vampire/cowboy song Q. Sounds like it could be based on a new YA book series or something A. I think the vampires are a metaphor, actually Q. For what? A. Life

Free Download: Mountain Goats ‘Tyler Lambert’s Grave’

There are three camps when it comes to the Mountain Goats. The first camp is comprised of everyone who has never heard of the Mountain Goats, which is most people. The second is those who find singer John Darnielle’s nasal talk-croon annoying. I fall into the third camp – those that bow down with gratitude every time a new Darnielle song hits the airwaves Internet. If you’re in my camp (we play acoustic guitar every night), then you’ll be thrilled to know that Darnielle has just made a new and exclusive Mountain Goats track available for free download.

The reason for this sweet gift: @mountain_goats passed the 5000-follower mark on Twitter. I always knew Twitter would be good for something! The song, “Tyler Lambert’s Grave,” was recorded during sessions for the forthcoming MG album All Eternals Deck, but didn’t make the final cut because it didn’t fit the overall mood of the record.