Party Like a Nasty Gal

Saying “Nasty Gal” makes us feel dirty, and we like. The boutique’s in-your-face name demands your attention—and the awesome inventory keeps you coming back for more. Founded in 2006 by stylist Sophia Amoruso, Nasty Gal offers a spunky selection of both handpicked vintage wares and on-trend items from some of the hottest street culture designers out there. Given Amoruso’s interests (she enjoys “a good Salade Nicoise, a sturdy pair of platforms, and twirling around the studio every so often while blasting disco”), and musings on her blog, you can tell the girl lives and breathes the NG attitude and looks just like the girl she shops for. And that girl is sexy, fun, and always down for a good party—especially the party, New Year’s Eve. Here are a few dresses we’ll want to be in for the big countdown.

From left: Grey Antics Racer Mesh Dress, $148; Motel Drew Lace Shirt Dress, $68; Motel Nina Cage Dress, $88; Cheap Monday Cape Sleeve Dress, $70; Nasty Gal Striped Knit Maxi Dress, $118.

Beware of Fellow Motel Guests with Pythons

This headline sort of does and doesn’t say it all: “Man in South Carolina motel ‘assaulted with python‘”. Things went horribly awry for one Jeffrey Culp, 47, on a recent motel stay in South Carolina. Culp reportedly asked a neighbor at the motel to turn down his loud music, but the the neighbor struck back in a most unique way.

The loud music player, Tony Smith, 29, shoved his four-foot python in Culp’s face. The snake grabbed on to his upper lip and scared the shit out of him, but Culp escaped with just a few scratches and didn’t need medical attention. According to Culp, “He had the snake’s head squeezed so its mouth was open. He ran it across my face and it tried to crawl in my mouth.”

Earlier in his stay, Culp says he had seen Smith “running up and down the sidewalk” with the python and mentioned that he was deathly afraid of snakes. When Culp complained to Smith about the music, he and his friends were “racing down the hallway in chairs.” A python, running around with said snake, racing in chairs — we could make assumption as to what substances Smith may or may not have been on, but we’ll refrain. Smith has been arrested and charged with assault and battery. His family is caring for the python.