Watch the Trailer for Michel Gondry’s New Film ‘Mood Indigo’

Dear Michel Gondry: I will forgive you for The Green Hornet and Be Kind Rewind because I still watch Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind once a week and know that all my tears are forever validated. However, I was really looking forward to your next film, Mood Indigo—thinking perhaps it would be less surrealist twee a la Science of Sleep and more painstakingly dream-layered a la Eternal Sunshine. I mean, with a synopsis as "a woman suffers from an unusual illness caused by a flower growing in her lungs," my mind is inundated with Victorian skeletons bursting with flowers crawling and wrapping around a ribcage—which sounds great to me. And with a cast of delicate, beautiful creatures such as Audrey Tautou and Romain Duris, I was so hopeful, you know?

Yes, this trailer is in French and my tongue/ear has proved a bit rusty, so I suppose I cannot really grasp the full extent of the dialogue on this first go around, and although the trailer seems lovely like a Parisian spring afternoon where you’ve had a bit too much wine and your only concern is the way the clouds move as the wind ripples through the hair of the lover sleeping on your chest is lovely, but what in all of the world made you choose that song—"Hey Ho" by The Lumineers. Really now, Michel. I suppose you couldn’t have predicted how that ridiculous tune would work its way into American ears this award season with such force, but still it just doesn’t seem fitting in the slightest. Throw some Francoise Hardy up in there, get Jon Brion to compose a gently delightful little diddy—anything other than this song that, thanks to commercials popping up everywhere, immediately conjures up images of Jennifer Lawrence running in a windbreaker screaming, ‘HEY," cut to Bradley Cooper doing some kind of slow motion ritualistic bird dance at an Eagles game, cut to giant type that reads, "NOMINATED FOR EVERY ACADEMY AWARD EVER!"

So I am sorry Michel, but I am going to need another trailer, please. I know it’s there somewhere. Doesn’t even have to be in English, let’s just put "Hey Ho" on the bench for a little while. Thanks in advance and thank you for every moment of Eternal Sunshine. I will now proceed to watch that trailer twenty times.