Monica Bellucci & Bianca Balti Pose As Italian Kin for Dolce & Gabbana

If you were the mother of both actress Monica Bellucci and model Bianca Balti, you would deserve some kind of award. I mean, to birth two human beings that attractive is at least worthy of early retirement. For Dolce & Gabbana’s spring 2012 campaign, the designers imagine a world where these ladies are sisters in a tight-knit Italian family and do normal Italian things like dance to their brother playing the mandolin amidst a picturesque setting. 

Shot by photographer Giampaolo Sgura in Southern Italy, Bellucci and Balti are featured in D&G’s feminine-focused creations, contrasting the masculinity represented in the Italian fashion house’s previous fall campaign. See fourteen more stellar images here

Trailer for Gaspar Noé’s ‘Enter the Void’: Decadent and Depraved

A Japanese trailer for Gaspar Noé’s Enter the Void has cropped up on the web and, despite a mountain of misgivings, I submitted to watching it this morning. Straightway I’ll assert that it’s NSFW, though anyone familiar with the director’s previous work—Irreversible, I Stand Alone, et al—will take this as a foregone conclusion. A devotee of gruesome violence and thematic banality, Noé is rightly renowned as a miserablist of the first order, and Enter the Void looks like it will do little to alloy that reputation. The story of a dead boy’s ghost hovering over that of his still living sister may sound innocuous enough on the surface, but early reviewers have already dubbed it “unwatchable”, “pure trash” and an “hallucinatory mindfuck.” I still get the megrims thinking about Irreversible, particularly the interminable Monica Bellucci rape scene, so it’s with more than a little trepidation that I even consider seeing the somehow-even-more-egregiously-unpleasant-sounding Enter the Void. Trailer after the jump.

As a rule, I’m disinclined to cast aspersions on the character of a particular filmmaker, despite whatever issue I might have with his or her work, but Noé begs for an exception. As a colleague of mine cannily put it: “dude is fucked up.”

Links: Kitson vs. Lindsay Lohan, ‘New Moon’ vs. ‘The Blind Side’

● Hell hath no fury like Kitson scorned. The painfully hip Los Angeles store is wielding their retail power over Lindsay Lohan after she demanded $15,000 worth of free clothing for being such a “good customer.” The store is deeply “offended” and owners are thinking of dropping Lohan’s leggings line. [FoxNews] ● Katy Perry’s parents don’t have much faith for her relationship with Russell Brand in the long run. Her father has said, “I have met Russell, I’m not thinking he’s the guy who will be her husband, but he’s a nice guy.” [MrPaparazzi] ● Rihanna may or may not want her next boyfriend to be good in bed and have a sizeable “umbrella” of his own, but she certainly didn’t say that during an interview with German magazine Bravo. [GossipCop]

● Although New Moon bitch-slapped the box-office competition this weekend, The Blind Side, which landed in the #2 spot, turned out to be Sandra Bullock’s best opening of her career. [BOM, Reuters] ● Those living in the Houston area, watch out — Dr. Conrad Murray is coming to a clinic near you. Michael Jackson’s former physician will start back at his medical clinic today. [Fox] ● Monica Bellucci will bless the world with another child; the preternaturally beautiful Italian actress is reportedly pregnant with her second child. [MediaFax]