French Duo The Two Invade London, Set Sights on New York

When Momo opened in the late ’90s, London was still shedding its reputation as a culinary wasteland, hurtling towards its new status as one of the stopovers on the 21st Century Foodie Grand Tour. Proprietor Mourad Mazouz followed with the absurdly trendy Sketch, which immediately became one of the pre-crash international yardsticks for measuring one’s ability to effectively see and be seen.

Still, with the incessant competition for the attention of fashionable Londoners (and those visitors seeking to bask in the glow of proximity to said fashionable Londoners), employing the occasional cultural trick now seems a perfectly reasonable strategy. And so Momo will present the exceedingly hip French act The Two this Thursday and Friday, the 15th and 16th.

The sexy Parisian duo of painter Ara Starck, daughter of–you guessed it–Philippe Starck, and nomadic magician David Jarre, son of actress Charlotte Rampling and legendary composer and music producer Jean-Michel Jarre, bring their sultry, languidly sexy neo-folk stylings to the appropriately lavish, Moroccan-influenced space. Starck’s sweet but visceral vocal performances draw from such fierce influences as Lou Reed and Marianne Faithfull, and the songs are awash in atmospherics of raw, haunting beauty. All famous associations aside, they are a musical force to be reckoned with.

Should you be unable to spontaneously hop a flight to Blighty’s capital this week, The Two will also be performing at New York’s Cooper Square Hotel on October 17, and are scheduled for an additional NYC show on October 19th as part of this year’s CMJ Music Marathon.