New Modeling Industry Survey Shows Anxiety, Sexual Harassment, & Drugs

The well worn modeling stereotype brings images of glamour, gorgeous clothing, evenings full of champagne, and Linda Evangelista explaining she doesn’t get out of bed for less than $10,000.  The Model Alliance, a group formed to improve conditions for models, is dissolving that glossy veneer.  Sure we’ve all heard horror stories of rampant anorexia, but the group’s new survey found a slew of other problems.

Only 85 models took part so the sample is small, but gives some deep insight. From the study published on Fashionista:

-Roughly 1/3 of models have had eating disorders.

-Anxiety and depression is the number one health concern and roughly 68% of those surveyed said they’d suffered from both.

-77% say they have been exposed to drugs or alcohol while at work.  Some 50% have been exposed to cocaine on the job.

-Nearly 30% have been touched inappropriately on shoots and 28% say they’ve been pressured to have sex with someone at work. 

It’s 100% awful, especially in a field where most girls are super young.