Biggie’s Mom Tweet-Cuts Lil Kim’s Verse on Monica Single

This has been quite the eventful year for Lil Kim (in terms of unnecessary beefs) but this time the Queen B might actually be the victim. Just over a week ago, Monica’s new single “Anything (To Find You)” — recorded over a sample of the Notorious B.I.G.’s “Who Shot Ya” — surfaced, with verses from Lil Kim and Rick Ross. But this past week the song’s official premiere was mysteriously absent of Kim’s verse. Turn outs that Big’s mom, Voletta Wallace, still isn’t down with her son’s ex-flame.

Monica was the first to address the whole thing on Twitter, confirming that Ms. Wallace would not allow an official release if Kim’s verse remained intact — ouch!


Beef between the two is nothing new, as Kim once took aim at Wallace for downplaying her relationship with Biggie, and most recently, expressed distaste at the way she was portrayed in the 2009’s Notorious. Things got a little emo after the blow was finalized, when the track’s producer Missy Elliott chiming in on Kim’s behalf. Looks like Ms. Wallace got the final say.


But hey, in case any of you are really worried about Kim, she’s already got some new tricks up her sleeves.


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