Mischa Barton Is Touring With ‘Steel Magnolias’ In Ireland

If either a) the recent Lifetime remake of Steel Magnolias failed to sate your need for melodrama and Southern accents, or b) you are a casual theater-goer living in Ireland, you might want to pay attention. Beginning in mid-September (following some previews and publicity in July), Ireland’s Solar Theatre company launched a tour of the stage production of Steel Magnolias, featuring a cast of mostly seasoned veterans of stage and screen, including Anne Charleston (Madge from Neighbours) as Ouiser Boudreaux, Gillian Hanna as Miss Clairee and… Mischa Barton from The O.C. as Shelby. Mischa Barton is Shelby in a stage production of Steel Magnolias in Ireland. If you’ve grown weary of watching The O.C. on Netflix Instant but still want alumni of the show in your regular viewing (and Tate Donovan in Argo will not do it for you) then, well, here you go.

After a successful run in Dublin at The Gaiety Theatre and touring all over the country throughout October, the show’s last two nights are tonight and tomorrow at the Royal Theatre in Castlebar. Watch the promo and a couple of fan-shot clips below, including the pivotal scene in which Shelby announces her pregnancy to M’Lynn (who does not take it well) and, in the trailer, some close-ups of Mischa Barton emoting pretty intensely about her new hairdo. And, if you’re in Ireland, you might wanna get to Castlebar tomorrow. 

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5 Ways to Fix Mischa Barton’s Housing Woes

In these times of economic hardship, paying your rent can be a difficult task. Especially if you’re Mischa Barton and have owe three months of back-rent on your $7,000 a month TriBeCa one-bedroom. Sure it looked gorgeous: A shiny bit of housing you purchased prematurely, not realizing that your crappy soap about the perils of being beautiful could only hold a very limited appeal. But whether it’s $70 a month plus indentured servitude in Flushing, $700 a month in the Bronx, or $7,000 a month in TriBeCa, the inability to pay rent on-time is a universal tragedy. So instead of judging Barton for failing to follow through on a contract she signed willingly, here are some tips and tricks she can consult in trying to overcome the hurdles of Manhattan housing.

(‘DiggThis’)1. Sigh. If only this suggestion were optional. But alas, short of skipping over to that island from Lost, Barton has no way to avoid the lawsuit and get out of paying her back-rent apart from handing over a check. 2. She could get roommates. I know of a certain other starlet who is always in between apartments. Then again, she’s not the best for money, so expecting $3,500 plus utilities from Lindsay Lohan wouldn’t be the wisest decision in the world. I’m sure there are NYU or New School “interns” who Barton could hire. Her compensation for their willingness to run her errands? School credit plus the privilege of living with the one and only Mischa Barton. 3. Move to one of the outer boroughs. Many celebrities now live in Brooklyn. Although for Barton’s price range, it may make more sense for her to shop for a studio in Ozone Park or Jamaica, commuting by towncar to work, than in Park Slope, where many A-listers have made their home. 4. Hold down a steady job. Alas, this is quite the obstacle for Barton. So perhaps Barton has a bigger problem than being unable to pay rent. A 12-step program may help to that end. 5. Any combination of 1-4 would also yield effective results for Barton.

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Mischa Barton: Klutzy & Celibate?

And finally, your moment of celebrity obviety today comes courtesy of beleaguered everywoman Mischa Barton. High off the success of The Beautiful Life, Barton has confided to tabloids, “I’m ridiculously clumsy, you’d never want to date me. I’m an embarrassment. I wouldn’t even know where to start with telling you things that I’ve walked into.” Er, okay! Misch, I know that all sarcasm aside, TBS was kind of like a cold sore to your CV, a glaring mark of shame. But really that’s no reason to put yourself down! Good gravy, woman.

But her unsteady footing, Barton says, is what makes her prime paparazzi bait. “I think that’s why the paps love me, they know I will end up on my ass looking silly. I’m constantly bruising myself and grazing knees. A total klutz.” This then makes us wonder if Barton is celibate, as she also has yet to be dumped by a boyfriend.

Although ultimately, the sum of these obviously contradicting gossip chunklets makes more unfair her appeal as a sex symbol, what with these gorgeous shots of Barton doing things with sunglasses, looking over a banister, and getting out of a car.

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