How and Why You Should Make Aromatherapy a Part of Your Life Now

Photo: Silar via Wikimedia Commons

Now that the sun is shining, our noses are liberated from behind layers of scarves, and winter cold free, we can actually make real use of them again. Though the eyes may be the windows the soul, our nostrils are (I’m saying) the windows to what we feel, depending simply on what scents we choose to inhale.

A single smell can send us deep into our memories. Certain aromas can also induce calm, energy and even sleep. But before you make associations that go no farther than a weirdo with a sage stick and patchouli oil, allow us to introduce you to some of the more glamorous uses of aromatherapy. You might just find that bedtime (or waking up, or staying calm in between the two) is a bit more pleasant. aromatherapy-101Clockwise from left: Decleor Aromanight; Joanna Vargas Rejuvenating SerumEarth Therapeutics Dream Silk Comfort Cream; Essio Aromatherapy Shower Kit; Earth Therapeutics Anti-Stress Mind Repair

Decleor’s rich balm is more like a salve for the face than any moisturizer you’ve ever tried. Though its texture definitely lends itself to overnight use, this little jar’s spa-like properties are so distinct, they could make a crowded subway feel zen. Celebrity facialist Joanna Vargas’s Rejuvenating Serum is a luxe blend of argan, neroli, olive, rosehip, and jojoba oils. Dream Silk is meant to coax you into sleep vis-à-vis its relaxing smells; while Essio makes your basic, little shower worthy of a 5-star resort with rotating scent pods ranging from sinus clearing to passion inducing. Finally, Earth Therapeutic’s Anti-Stress mind repair is a handy, portable little potion for the temples, neck, or forehead providing stress and tension relief thanks to wild peppermint oil and wintergreen. darphin-TWOFrom left: Darphin Rose Aromatic Care; Darphin Jasmine Aromatic CareDarphin Chamomile Aromatic Care

Just three of Darphin’s Aromatic Care collection, you can pick and choose from these luxe Parisian oils based on your skin’s needs. Rose oil smoothes, softens, and guards against free radical damage. Jasmine is revitalizing and toning–this is the best pick if you’d like your aromatherapy with a dose of anti-aging magic as this oil is known for its wrinkle smoothing properties. Finally, chamomile will soothe and protect. This oil helps to restore natural radiance and is a good, calming pick for sensitive, redness-prone skin.   tata-harper-aromaticsFrom left: Tata Harper Aromatic Bedtime TreatmentTata Harper Aromatic Irritability TreatmentTata Harper Aromatic Stress Treatment

You may know Tata Harper for cult faves like her Resurfacing Mask or Hydrating Floral Essence, but if you’re just delving into the world of aromatherapy, Tata’s easy rollerball blends are a perfect point of entry. Her bedtime potion mixes mandarin for its mildly sedative properties, the deeply relaxing clary sage, known to facilitate dreams, and lavender, which has been used for centuries to promote restful sleep. If it’s day-to-day stress that’s got you down, the stress treatment implements rose otto and linden blossom to gently alleviate anxiety as well as strengthen the inner spirit. Fresh floral neroli uplifts and soothes the nerves and can even help alleviate panic attacks + frankincense deepens the breathing. Finally, Harper’s Aromatic Irritability Treatment relies on roman chamomile to soothe + bergamot’s fresh floral and lemon scent to lift the spirits and patchouli to stabilize and ground the mind. The roller ball application makes getting the most out of aromatherapy easy. Dot the oils on the inside of each wrist, behind your ears, on the side of your neck or your temples stimulate psychological and physiological effects. kora-aroma-spraysFrom left: Kora Organics Calming Lavender MistKora Organics Balancing Rose MistKora Organics Energizing Citrus Mist

Not much feels more luxurious than a spritz of a top-notch facial mist. Before makeup or after. Before bed or upon waking up. Miranda Kerr’s line, Kora Organics has three, so usage can be tailored to the needs of both your skin and your mood. Calming Lavender mist will soothe and refresh, and reduce tension (all while improving the appearance of your skin so it’s an all-around win). This is the spritz to go with before bedtime. Balancing rose mist provides antioxidant protection and supports the skin’s own collagen production–plus who doesn’t love a good rose-scented product. And with your morning cup of Joe, spray some of Kora’s Energizing Citrus Mist which contains bergamot, orange, ,andarin, and aloe vera, and will leave you feeling fresh.

Art Basel FOMO: When Non-Arty People Attend Art Fairs

Photo: Billy Farrell/

Every once and awhile an event will happen that will engulf your Instagram feed whether you like it or not. Basically the two weeks of Coachella and the days of Art Basel Miami take the cake on the obnoxious photo posts that create a major fear of missing out for those not involved. That little Facebook status saying “Miami” has a much more powerful effect if it’s between the 3rd and 7th of December.

Welcome to America, where every event, regardless of the subject matter, is turned into a fanfare of celebrities and brand powerhouses. Case in point, the fabulous array of people in attendance at the Basel events in Miami. In honor of making you even more green-eyed over Art Basel and its eccentric famous attendees, we’ve collected our favorite party pupils.

1. Michelle Williams at the Louis Vuitton’s Playing With Shapes Dinner Billy-Farrell-2Photo: Billy Farrell/

2. Kate Hudson at the Louis Vuitton’s Playing With Shapes Dinner LOUIS VUITTON Dinner PLAYING WITH SHAPES / Pierre Paulin, 1972Photo: Billy Farrell/

3. Derek Blasberg and Kate Hudson at the Louis Vuitton’s Playing With Shapes Dinner LOUIS VUITTON Dinner PLAYING WITH SHAPES / Pierre Paulin, 1972Photo: Billy Farrell/

4. Bella Hadid at the Louis Vuitton’s Playing With Shapes Dinner LOUIS VUITTON Dinner PLAYING WITH SHAPES / Pierre Paulin, 1972Photo: Billy Farrell/

5. Miranda Kerr at the Louis Vuitton’s Playing With Shapes Dinner LOUIS VUITTON Dinner PLAYING WITH SHAPES / Pierre Paulin, 1972Photo: Billy Farrell/

6. Chelsea Leyland at the W Magazine and Miami Beach Edition Hotel Party THE MIAMI BEACH EDITION HOTEL launches with a celebration for W MAGAZINEPhoto: Joe Schildhorn/

7. Toni Garrn and Douglas Booth at the W Magazine and Miami Beach Edition Hotel PartyJoe-SchildhornPhoto: Joe Schildhorn/

8. Tommy Hilfiger at Celebration of Marc Quinns Collab with Dee Ocleppo Celebration of MARC QUINNS collaboration with DEE OCLEPPO, benefitting AUTISM SPEAKS, at the home of Dee and Tommy HilfigerPhoto: David X Prutting/

9. Karolina Kurkova at Celebration of Marc Quinns Collab with Dee Ocleppo Celebration of MARC QUINNS collaboration with DEE OCLEPPO, benefitting AUTISM SPEAKS, at the home of Dee and Tommy HilfigerPhoto: David X Prutting/

10. Leigh Lezark at Morgans Hotel Group The Teepee Project Opening Party MORGANS HOTEL GROUP presents The Teepee Project Opening Party featuring The MisshapesPhoto: Madison McGaw/

Everything’s Coming Up Roses: Shop the Best of the Bouquet For Your Beauty Regimen

Photo: Emily Ovaert

Rose is the most elegant, simple, and refined single-note scent I can think of. And I’m a single-note scent kinda gal. Tell me about bouquets mixed into a perfume and I can feel a headache coming on, but rose is light and fresh, timeless and romantic. And I’m not alone in my admiration for the flower and it’s many byproducts.

Adding to the luxuriousness of the bevy of rose products presented here is the utter preciousness of the delicate flower. Mostly grown in Turkey and Bulgaria, it takes almost 300 pounds of rose petals to create just one fluid ounce of pure rose essential oil, which is known to be not only uplifting, but also an aphrodisiac… 😉

To get your weekend shopping off to a rosy start, we’ve rounded up some of the best rose infused products to shop now.


Ren Moroccan Rose Otto Bath Oil


This bath oil is the result of 10,000 rose petals–pure luxury! Plus, its scent is known to have stress-relieving properties.

Kora Organics by Miranda Kerr, Luxurious Rosehip Body Oil 

kora oil

Rose hip seed oil might be an even more popular beautifying ingredient than rose. Rose hip refers to the berry-like fruit born of the classic flower. But its biggest selling point just may be that beauty, Miranda Kerr, supermodel and creator of Kora Organics, swears by it. Kora explains: “Rosehip Oil is rich in Vitamin C, abundant in Essential Fatty Acids and is incredibly moisturizing. It can also assist in reducing the appearance of sun damage and scarring and is a wonderful, nurturing product if you have sensitive skin.” So, forget Body by Victoria–I’ll take Body by Miranda.


Indie Lee Rosehip Cleanser

indie lee rosehip

A gentle natural cleanser with a light feel, Indie Lee’s rosehip creation removes makeup, soothes sensitive skin and redness thanks to it’s ample quantities of Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E. It’s got anti-aging properties too. 

Jurlique Rose Moisture Plus Revitalising Gel-Lotion

jurlique rose gel

There’s nothing like a gel moisturizer, if you ask me. Instant spa sensation, this moisturizer is fun to apply due to it’s simultaneously fluffy and lightweight texture. This stuff truly smells like roses too, which is a major plus in my book.

Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream 

dr. hauschka

A rich, thick moisturizer that calms redness and, in contrast to the Jurlique gel above, is more of a balm.

Glossier Soothing Face Mist

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 10.11.05 PM

Rosewater and aloe makes for a cooling, calming toning spray, or just a mid-day treat.

Jurlique Rose Mask

jurlique mask

An ultra-hydrating mask that also works as a lovely facial-while-you-sleep.


Aerin Rose Balm Lipstick

aerin lip

The collection harnesses the benefits of rose in ten perfect lipsticks.

By Terry Cellularose Blush Glace (in Rose Melba)

by terry blush

A perfect sorbet pink, which, while a splurge, will literally last forever, as less than a fingerprint per cheek gives a bright, light glow in cool gel form.


EO Organics Rose & Chamomile Protective Shampoo and  Conditioner

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 9.53.42 PMScreen Shot 2014-10-23 at 9.53.56 PM

Particularly for color-treated hair, made with precious essential oil.

Oribe Rough Luxury Molding Wax


Ditch the feminine pink of many rose products for Oribe’s sleek, black look, but keep the perks: the rose hip fruit extract in this wax conditions and adds shine with enriching Vitamin C. Perfect for that choppy, slept-in hair we all crave.

Celebrity Couples That We Wish Would Rekindle the Flame

Photo: Billy Farrell/ 

It isn’t you, its me. Surely the couples in this category got their agents to whip up something a little more endearing to say. The truth is, breakups happen, but it so happens that these particular ones shouldn’t have.

1. Heidi Klum and Seal Mark-WoodworthPhoto: Mark Woodworth/ 

These two were together and married ages ago (The ’90s) and we wish we could #ThrowbackThursday their relationship solely for that fact that she has the body of an angel and he has the voice of an one. It also wouldn’t hurt if they could make some more beautiful babies.

2. Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron Screen-Shot-2014-10-15-at-10.32.18-PMPhotos: Billy Farrell/ & Matteo Prandoni/

Zac and Vanessa’s on-screen romance played out before our eyes in the wildly popular Disney movie series “High School Musical.” Hoping for these two to get back together is like hoping for Hilary Duff and Aaron Carter to get back together and that (thankfully) is not going to happen. But Zanessa will forever hold a place in our nostalgic hearts of couples that failed.

3. Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom The Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute Benefit celebrating ALEXANDER MCQUEEN: Savage Beauty Exhibition - InsidePhoto: Billy Farrell/

Miranda Kerr is a supermodel and Orlando Bloom is a movie star, these two were destined to find their way together at some point, and when they did the goddesses above were cheering. Unfortunately, these two are no longer. Yes, a hard pill to swallow. Orlando, stop throwing punches at Justin Bieber and start sending love letters to your ex!

4. Jennifer Lopez and P. Diddy Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 10.32.52 PMPhotos: David X Prutting/ & Billy Farrell/ 

Jenny from the block has been around the block a couple times. Jennifer Lopez has had more men than she can count on her freshly manicured hand. One man that stood out (and stood taller than Marc Anthony) was none other than hip hop royal P. Diddy. Puffy is more of man than any Casper Smart could be, and will protect his girl ’til the end. It’s time for J. Lo to change “I luh ya papi” to “I luh ya Puffy.”

5. Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 10.34.25 PMPhotos: Joe Schildhorn/ & Matteo Prandoni/ 

We selfishly want to see these two get back together solely for that fact that we want to rewrite the ending of “Cruel Intentions” in real life. It would go a little something along the lines of Reese and Ryan marrying, having kids, and residing in a fabulous apartment on the Upper East Side.

Natalia Vodianova Poses with Her One-Month Old Son, Nude and Breastfeeding

And we say, YES. This isn’t a gratuitous photo, it’s motherhood, and it’s been taken by photographer Paolo Roversi as a gift for Vodianova’s boyfriend and son Maxim’s father, Antoine Arnault. It’s family, it’s love, it’s natural, it’s beautiful.

Below her photo she wrote,

Happy birthday baby from Paolo, Maxim and I. Love you @antoinearnault

She’s not the first public woman to publish photos of herself breastfeeding her child. Women from Jerry Hall to super Gisele to singer Pink have all done the same, and we say, more power to ’em. Click through to see a few below.

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Miranda Kerr, Stefano Tonchi Show Support at Just Cavalli’s New SoHo Flagship

Walking into Roberto Cavalli’s new Just Cavalli Store in SoHo is like taking a little break from reality and entering the world of gold encrusted animal prints. Being lured with bubbly and a signature martini featuring Mr. Cavalli’s namesake vodka is certainly an element that helped with that.

The Italian designer pulled out all the stops for the opening of his ultra glam shop at 434 West Broadway, just steps away from Cipriani Downtown. A quick fashion show engulfed the crowd as models strutted looks from Just Cavalli’s collection through the entire store, ending outside in the freezing cold as they posed for photos with Roberto. A match made in heaven! A shopping spree at Just Cavalli and a bellini spree at Cipriani’s. I’ve probably already made your Saturday plans!

Inside the shop, Miranda Kerr barely posed for photos, as she was too busy lounging in V.I.P. of course. The scene was getting pretty nostalgic… Heather Graham was making small talk with former “Runs House” star Angela Simmons… I wonder what that conversation consisted of. Making a commotion when he walked in, Jonathan Cheban showed up sans Kim Kardashian- what a let down. And all W‘s Stefano Tonchi had to do was christen the space with his glorious presence.

Walking up and down glass staircases covered with translucent snake print is something everyone should do at least one time in their lives. The flagship store carries ready-to-wear, runway pieces, jewelry, handbags, and shoes. Stop by to get your print-fix.

Bryan Boy ( in Just Cavalli@Just Cavalli Boutique Opening NYC, 12-12-2013  Bryan Boy

JUST CAVALLI Opening Cocktail + Fashion ShowAngela Simmons

Heather Graham in Just Cavalli@Just Cavalli Boutique Opening NYC, 12-12-2013Heather Graham

Eva Chen in Just Cavalli@Just Cavalli Boutique Opening NYC, 12-12-2013Eva Chen

Roberto Cavalli with models in Just Cavalli@Just Cavalli Boutique Opening NYC, 12-12-2013


Oh Snap! Model Miranda Kerr’s Baby Flynn Is In It to Win it

You guys, it’s getting really difficult to keep up with all these designer-clad celebrity babies popping in as of late. Just when we thought that Beyonce and Jay-Z’s Blue Ivy, sealed the deal on the just-born best-dressed by donning a stylish Alice Temperley sack, here comes Miranda Kerr and actor Orlando Bloom’s adorable son Flynn to steal her thunder.

Today, the tot with eyelashes to envy was spotted in New York wearing a sheath that felt very Pucci. Oh, and her supermodel Aussie mom was there, too. So, what’s the verdict? Are you team Flynn Bloom, Blue Ivy Carter, Harper Seven, or the good old standby, Suri Cruise? don’t even get us started on Brangelina’s brood.

Links: Darren Aronofsky & Rachel Weisz Break Up, Dakota Fanning Is Homecoming Queen

● Darren Aronofsky, director of the upcoming Black Swan, and his actress partner Rachel Weisz are splitting after nine years of dating without ever getting married. At least they’re saved when it comes to paperwork! [TMZ] ● Vivid Entertainment is considering a porn based on Kanye West and Taylor Swift. Key line: “Imma let you finish…” [Hollywood Life] ● Ke$ha’s new tour is called “Get $leazy.” Real letters just won’t do. [Vulture]

● Sixteen-year-old famous person Dakota Fanning was voted Homecoming Queen for the second year in a row at her normal people high school, proving that money does, in fact, lead to happiness. [X17] ● Bristol Palin is probably dating her Dancing With the Stars partner Mark Ballas, because the two are always touching anyway. [Page Six] ● Miranda Kerr is both pregnant and naked (and skinny!) because that’s what all the women are doing nowadays. [E! Online]

Links: Wyclef’s Presidential Hopes in Jeopardy, Courtney Love’s Twitter Breakdown

● Although Reuters, a news organization, is claiming Wyclef Jean is not eligible to run for president of Haiti, Jean, a singer, says “it’s looking good.” You know what would look good? If Wyclef is never president of anything. [CNN] ● Doctors claim Lindsay Lohan is not, in fact, an addict. Just a brat. [TMZ] ● Soon Lady Gaga will have the most Twitter followers of any celebrity, surpassing Britney Spears, who will then furiously Twitpic naked photos. [Celebuzz]

● This isn’t funny: Courtney Love tweets to her estranged daughter Francis Bean on her 18th birthday. Including, [sic] “just come home,. it took a year but i got the sickest townhouse in the village, theres 4 floors, i pray to go, snap out ofit.” There are over 30 more. [Buzzfeed] ● Does Megan Fox use botox? Does the Pope shit in the woods? [Wonderwall] ● Miranda Kerr, the Victoria Secret model who recently married Orlando Bloom, is pregnant. [NYP]