Mint&Serf to Unveil Installation with Club Kid Pals

Street artists Mint&Serf, also known as The Mirf, are set to unveil yet another art installation at Garment District house club District 36. The duo will be joined by BrooklynStreetArt to celebrate The Mirf Room’s unveiling at the 14,000-square-foot dance club. Mind you, Mirf has already taken over the walls, the entryways, and the stairwells here, and now their original work will adorn The Mirf Lounge, a separate room dedicated to the Moscow- and Brooklyn-born talents. It’s been said that The Mirf is so dedicated to District 36 because it hearkens back to their old-school party days spent in the city’s quivering mega-clubs of the 80’s. It’s no wonder they’ve tapped a slew of club kids—new and veteran—to help them celebrate on February 4th.

image The Mirf Room

Return to the roots of electronic music and join Mint&Serf and BrooklynStreetArt as we celebrate the unveiling of the Mirf Room at District 36.

Music By: Larry Tee: A New York City-based DJ, club promoter, and music producer who coined the term Electroclash, helped to launch the careers of such artists as RuPaul, Scissor Sisters, Fischerspooner, Peaches, W.I.T., and Avenue D, and who’s collaborated with club kids Amanda Lepore and Princess Superstar. Casey Spooner of Fischerspooner: Artist, musician, and cofounder of the Electroclash band Fischerspooner back in 1998. Dances With White Girls: Notorious bi-coastal party animals that make incredible dance music.

When: Friday, February 4th Details: Open bar 10—12AM. Invite only.


Mint & Serf Art Installation Will Wow at District 36

While we’re on the topic of District 36‘s imminent opening, I’d like to call attention to one of the finer details of the space: the Mint & Serf Art Installation. Sure, District 36 seeks to highlight their sound system-over-bar design and couch details, but their art installation is noteworthy. The house haven has commissioned world-renowned graffiti artists Mint & Serf to create works that celebrate nightlife, incorporating images of DJs, nightclubs, party invites and fliers, and club kids. The installation begins as clubbers descend the staircase into the first section of the venue, and continues to wow until the partiers make their way to the main room. The collaboration seems to be the perfect detail for a sparse space like District 36, and the winding installation set within the technology-based venue references the culmination of years of progress and change in NYC culture.

The installation has been done in collaboration with Red Bull, and it’s one that The Mirf (as the duo are sometimes known) are exceedingly excited about. “Having been inspired by NYC Nightlife of the ’80s and ’90s, we reached out to Lucien Samaha, Nightlife DJ/Photographer at the Limelight and Tunnel,” they say. “We wanted to create a site-specific piece, paying homage to legendary clubs such as Limelight, Twilo and the Tunnel, as well as the wild and cut loose revelers who made the scene thrive”.

Born in Moscow and Brooklyn respectively, Mint & Serf are Mikhail Sokovikov and Jason Aaron Wall. They took to the streets of NYC, which acted as a canvas for their creative vision, producing a vast range of artwork including large-scale murals, paintings, photographs, sculpture and graffiti. After launching The Canal Chapter in 2005 followed by The Stanton Chapter in 2008, Mint & Serf (otherwise known as The Mirf) have extraordinarily crossed relationships between street art and civic spaces. Most recently Mint & Serf curated rooms and created original art for ten rooms at the Ace Hotel, and in doing so, have set the bar high for originality and imagination. Mint & Serf have exhibited throughout the United States and abroad and have created commissioned work for Marc Jacobs, Nike, Red Bull, Ogilvy & Mather, Adidas,Yahoo, Boost Mobile, PowerHouse Books and many others.

Fun Fact: Within the art, located on the wall in the stairwell, there is a Steve Lewis shout out.