Your DC Inauguration Weekend Guide

Feels like just yesterday, huh? Well now we’re gonna do it all again. But better. Regardless of your stance on the election, the inauguration of Obama on Monday, January 21st is a good opportunity to head to DC, drink like you just got out of prison, and conquer the city’s top brunch and dinner places like a viking. Yeah, I want you to live it up. Not just because you only live once yadda yadda, but also because you paid good money for that train/bus/flight to be in the nation’s civic hub, so your weekend better be great. And with this Inauguration guide, it certainly will be.

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Washington, D.C. Opening: Minibar by José Andrés

Conceived originally as a concept-within-a-concept, Minibar was a component of star chef Jose Andres’ ephemeral but popular America Eats Tavern inside DC’s National Archives building. Fully intended to be split off as its own entity, it has now found a more fashionable home in the Penn Quarter.

With a supremely stylish and slightly surreal interior by Juli Capella (known for Barcelona’s super hip Hotel Omm), Andres’ avant-garde proclivities are allowed to run wild (olive oil bonbons, cotton candied eel–you get the idea) under a bizarrely magnificent sailboat-hull ceiling installation. Mad, innit?