STYLE SCOOP: Is Prada Under Investigation for Tax Evasion?

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Prada may be under surveillance for tax evasion from undeclared income, but Miuccia and the gang aren’t admitting to it, and claim to be unaware of any investigation.

Function and fashion together at last? Talking to Opening Ceremony’s Carol Lim about partnering up with Intel.

Will Milan final open up to the young designers? Milan Fashion Week is notoriously set in its ways, with fledgling designers hardly getting a chance to show their collections at home. This men’s season, things might be changing. Think MSGM and Massimo Piombo. 

The Active, Strong Women of Prada

Considering the feminist slant in Miuccia Prada’s show in Milan, it makes sense that to decorate her runway set she would enlist six contemporary artists to paint portraits on the walls, instructing them to create “an active, strong woman,” according to WWD.  The line-up of artists included El Mac, Mesa, Gabriel Specter, Stinkfish, Jeanne Detallante, and Pierre Mornet – a list that includes men. Men can be feminists, too, you know!

All six artists only painted women’s faces, leaving bodies out entirely, to Miuccia’s surprise. But given the way women’s bodies have been cut up visually in advertising and other arenas, reducing them to no more than a set of legs or cleavage, it sort of makes sense to leave them out. A little eyes up here, please, and I have a brain, you know.

Bras worn on top of clothing and shoes that could not have been farther from sexy continued to communicate the aggressively feminist aesthetic of the show. And for what it’s worth, feminism’s not a dirty word when it doesn’t have to be, but aggression in all forms is asking for confrontation. And I will never be convinced that those shoes are appropriate, or that wearing bras on top of a shirt is chic or functional – something most women I know generally require. 

New Fashion Trend: No Eyebrows?

Milan Fashion Week is in full swing and along with dark colors and patterns, asymmetrical hemlines, billowing skirts and excessive amounts of fur, there seems to be a strange make-up trend happening: lightened eyebrows.  Fashion It Boy Derek Blasberg even Tweeted “I’m getting into this eyebrow-less trend at Prada, Bottega Veneta and Versace,” adding to the makeup artist “(You’re just the right amount of twisted, @PatMcGrathREAL…)”  So let’s take a look.

Make-up trends are often taken from the runway to real life, so this could be the new thing.  Let’s hope not.



Bottega Veneta:


Bottega Veneta




Diane von Furstenberg Speaks on 2012 Milan Fashion Week Overlap

The fashion world was jolted last weekend when Milan officially announced that their fashion week would overlap with the New York shows next fall. The news comes after New York insisted on showing the second Thursday of September rather than the first Thursday after Labor Day, resulting in a one-week pushback for MFW. While the city is set to duke it out with their fashion capital counterparts (“Let the best one win,” was Italian Chamber of Fashion Mario Boselli’s now-infamous response), a slew of fashion heavy-hitters are doing whatever it takes to change Milan’s mind. The latest effort comes from CFDA president Diane von Furstenberg.

DVF’s open letter to the fashion community explains that the confusion might lie in Milan’s understanding of the calendar system:

“Clearly, year after year, the calendar changes. There are 7 days in the week and every new year the calendar advances 1 day. Some years it will be better for some cities, some years not. That is what is happening in September 2012. I believe our friends in Milan did not understand that. We did not change from the decision when we agreed to start Fashion Season in New York on the same day every year, which is on the second Thursday of February and September. It is the nature of the calendar.”

The designer goes on to stress that the situation is clearly a mistake and that she is “convinced it will be resolved and that the agreement that was made three years ago at great cost and effort is valid and will be kept.” Read the complete letter here.

Obviously, this will be a nightmare for editors and buyers if the overlap remains – and, unfortunately, Milan doesn’t look like they’re budging on their decision. We understand that it’s not going to be an ideal situation for whoever does decide to switch the dates, but we’re hoping someone takes the high road soon.