Art Basel FOMO: When Non-Arty People Attend Art Fairs

Photo: Billy Farrell/

Every once and awhile an event will happen that will engulf your Instagram feed whether you like it or not. Basically the two weeks of Coachella and the days of Art Basel Miami take the cake on the obnoxious photo posts that create a major fear of missing out for those not involved. That little Facebook status saying “Miami” has a much more powerful effect if it’s between the 3rd and 7th of December.

Welcome to America, where every event, regardless of the subject matter, is turned into a fanfare of celebrities and brand powerhouses. Case in point, the fabulous array of people in attendance at the Basel events in Miami. In honor of making you even more green-eyed over Art Basel and its eccentric famous attendees, we’ve collected our favorite party pupils.

1. Michelle Williams at the Louis Vuitton’s Playing With Shapes Dinner Billy-Farrell-2Photo: Billy Farrell/

2. Kate Hudson at the Louis Vuitton’s Playing With Shapes Dinner LOUIS VUITTON Dinner PLAYING WITH SHAPES / Pierre Paulin, 1972Photo: Billy Farrell/

3. Derek Blasberg and Kate Hudson at the Louis Vuitton’s Playing With Shapes Dinner LOUIS VUITTON Dinner PLAYING WITH SHAPES / Pierre Paulin, 1972Photo: Billy Farrell/

4. Bella Hadid at the Louis Vuitton’s Playing With Shapes Dinner LOUIS VUITTON Dinner PLAYING WITH SHAPES / Pierre Paulin, 1972Photo: Billy Farrell/

5. Miranda Kerr at the Louis Vuitton’s Playing With Shapes Dinner LOUIS VUITTON Dinner PLAYING WITH SHAPES / Pierre Paulin, 1972Photo: Billy Farrell/

6. Chelsea Leyland at the W Magazine and Miami Beach Edition Hotel Party THE MIAMI BEACH EDITION HOTEL launches with a celebration for W MAGAZINEPhoto: Joe Schildhorn/

7. Toni Garrn and Douglas Booth at the W Magazine and Miami Beach Edition Hotel PartyJoe-SchildhornPhoto: Joe Schildhorn/

8. Tommy Hilfiger at Celebration of Marc Quinns Collab with Dee Ocleppo Celebration of MARC QUINNS collaboration with DEE OCLEPPO, benefitting AUTISM SPEAKS, at the home of Dee and Tommy HilfigerPhoto: David X Prutting/

9. Karolina Kurkova at Celebration of Marc Quinns Collab with Dee Ocleppo Celebration of MARC QUINNS collaboration with DEE OCLEPPO, benefitting AUTISM SPEAKS, at the home of Dee and Tommy HilfigerPhoto: David X Prutting/

10. Leigh Lezark at Morgans Hotel Group The Teepee Project Opening Party MORGANS HOTEL GROUP presents The Teepee Project Opening Party featuring The MisshapesPhoto: Madison McGaw/

Hot Lips, Sexy Hair, Long Legs, Bikes + Bags On Michelle Williams For Louis Vuitton’s Latest Campaign

We love a good campaign image, like a really good one — the kind that stops you in your tracks and send you into a daydream of the life inside the ad. After the first gorgeous campaign featuring the actress, Louis Vuitton brought Michelle Williams back for another round, this time to highlight three bags: the Lockit, the Capucines (both new), and the classic Alma.

Peter Lindbergh again took his place behind the camera, with Sam McKnight and Stéphane Marais on hair and makeup duty, respectfully. Carine Roitfeld styled the shoot. And can we just say how perfect the pink lip and now-iconic hair are? And the bags. They’re pretty great, too.

DEI 220x285 MW-LMT1 INTL_A DEI 220x285 MW-LG1 INTL_A DEI 440x285 MW-CCOQ2 INTL_a DEI 440x285 MW-CBW2 INTL_a DEI 440x285 MW-CB2 INTL_a DEI 220x285 MW-CB1 INTL_A DEI 440x285 MW-APIM2 INTL_a DEI 220x285 MW-AP1 INTL_A

Images courtesy of Louis Vuitton

Natalie Portman’s Stylist Kate Young Named Hollywood’s Most Powerful Stylist

Remember when Oprah was removed from the daytime talk show category at the Emmy’s because she kept winning? That’s kind of like what has happened to Rachel Zoe and the various awards for celebrity stylists. After all, now that she’s a legitimate fashion designer, she has her eye on new prizes. As Zoe bows out as Hollywood’s top red carpet magic-marker, another must step in—but who? 

According to The Hollywood Reporter, it’s Natalie Portman and Michelle Wiliams’ go-to, Kate Young. Although receiving the #1 spot on THR’s annual 25 Most Powerful Stylists list definitely means that the pressure is on for Young, we doubt she’ll fumble, given the top-notch choices she made for both Williams and Portman throughout awards season. 

As for the runners up on the list, the top four are Leslie Fremar (styles Charlize Theron and Reese Witherspoon), Petra Flannery (she styles Emma Stone and Zoe Saldana), Elizabeth Steward (she styles Jessica Chastain and Jennifer Lawrence), and Kemal Harris and Karla Wench, who styles Hailee Steinfeld.

Beyontroversé, Day Five: Super Bowl Setlist (May Have) Leaked So Can We Forget This Whole Thing?

So a lot of people are still bent out of shape about whether or not Beyoncé lip-synced the National Anthem at President Obama’s inauguration last weekend, and the whole thing is still pretty dumb. Because the fact is, whether or not she lip synced, she is still Beyoncé, and she still hangs out with the rulers of the free world and gets to come home to her loving family and her millions and a mailbox full of letters from adoring fans, so, you know, enjoy eating Spaghetti-O’s and reading updates from Perez’s dog in your empty apartment or whatever it is people who make a big deal out of these things do in their spare time. Anyway. 

The point is, who really cares, because more importantly, this is over and the next phase of Beyoncé’s global conquest is less than two weeks away. And US Weekly apparently have the setlist, which, take it with a grain of salt, but if this for real, it’s pretty flail-worthy. Bey will take the stage first to perform "Crazy In Love" (cross your fingers for cameos from Jay-Z and Blue Ivy), followed by Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams to reprise Destiny’s Child’s hits "Bills, Bills, Bills," "Survivor" and newcomer "Nuclear." Would have liked some "Bug-a-Boo" in there as well, but this song selection is more than satisfactory.

Now, people will inevitably ask, for the sake of being topical, is Beyoncé going to lip-sync? Even if she does, it will still be better than the unwatchable shells of themselves The Who have become, right? Being upset over not including Da Brat in the live performance of "Survivor," however, is entirely reasonable. 

And you know what? It’s Friday. It’s been a long week. You guys deserve a dance break. Without further adieu, here’s a Destiny’s Child video party. 

Destiny’s Child’s New Song ‘Nuclear’ Is So Meh

Destiny’s Child’s compilation album Love Songs is the first the group has done together since their 2006 breakup. So you’d think that the one new piece of material, a song called Nuclear, would be, well, nuclear. You would be a little wrong.

Love Songs doesn’t drop until January 29th and will include 13 already-recorded love songs from the R&B girl group, including Emotion and Cater 2 U, and one new song. Love songs are a curious choice, given how Destiny’s Child is most famous for girl power anthems like Survivor and Independent Women Part One, but I suppose they thought they could cash in before Valentine’s Day.

However, the only new song on the album is so "meh" they may as well have left it off Love Songs. You can listen below; honestly, I clicked away after only listening halfway through.

Beyoncé is performing at the Super Bowl and rumor has it that Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland will join her onstage for a Destiny’s Child reunion. Please, give us some old school Survivor goodness and not this new disappointment? 


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Linkage: Lady Gaga vs. The Osbournes, Robert Pattinson’s Underwear Modeling Days

When I first heard that Lady Gaga and Kelly Osbourne were in the middle of some feud, I thought, “Oh, over which has the worst hair color?” It turns out that it all has something to do with Osbourne’s association with Fashion Police, the Joan Rivers-hosted show on which Osbourne is a panelist. Osbourne revealed to Fabulous Magazine (catchy title, btw) that she was cyber-bullied by Gaga’s Little Monsters on Twitter. This led to Lady Gaga publishing an open letter, which incited Sharon Osbourne to write her own open letter. Here’s an open letter to all three: STFU. [People]

Yesterday we found out that Destiny’s Child would be releasing new music this year. Today it was confirmed that the trio will be performing together at the Super Bowl. Of course, this is Beyoncé’s world—we’re just living in it. (That goes for you, too, Kelly and Michelle.) The non-Beyoncés will join Our Queen onstage for a quick medley of Destiny’s Child tunes, including their new song “Nuclear.” [Us]

Did you know that Robert Pattinson was once an underwear model for a Chinese magazine? Did you also know that Robert Pattison used to look like a femme kd lang? [The Gloss]

Anne Hathaway won a Critics’ Choice Award, one of the many accolades for her Oscar-nominated performance as Fantine in Les Misérables (tough break, Sally Field). And then she pointed out how stupid they were for spelling her name “Ann.” [Jezebel]

Girls comes back on Sunday. How many semen-involved disasters will there be? [Hypervocal]

David Lynchheads better head to this makeshift Pink Lounge for the second annual Miss Twin Peaks Pageant. Who will be the sexiest Log Lady? [Gothamist]

It seems like every trailer could possibly be set to a song by The National, so why not Game of Thrones? [Indiewire]

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With Announcement of New Destiny’s Child Material, We May Be Approaching Peak Beyoncé

Just kidding. There’s no such thing as Peak Beyoncé. 

So far, this week, GQ, surprising no one, featured Beyoncé on the cover of their "Sexiest Woman of the Century" issue, which is fitting because there is just no one else who could possibly. Later this month, she will sing the national anthem at President Obama’s inauguration, and a couple weeks later, perform at a large, televised concert bookended by a decidedly less important football game and premiere a self-directed HBO documentary. How could Beyoncé possibly top this eternally-rolling snowball of domination? By remembering the ’90s, obvs. 

Destiny’s Child is back and releasing their first new track together in years to accompany Love Songs, a compilation of some of the R&B trio’s biggest, well, love songs, that will drop on January 29th. The album features slow-burners like "Emotion" and "Cater 2 U," along with "Nuclear," an all-new Pharrell-produced single. Let the Super Bowl reunion speculation begin, which would actually make up for several years of lackluster Super Bowl halftime shows. 

Should we have a video party? Let’s have a video party.

James Franco Goes Up and Away in ‘Oz the Great and Powerful’ Trailer

Reimagining and rebooting a classic American work of literature and cinema like The Wizard of Oz is inevitably going to involve some playing with fire. With Disney’s upcoming Oz The Great and Powerful, a retelling of the classic from the perspective of the Wizard himself (played by aspiring Renaissance man James Franco), there’s certainly fire. There are explosions and CGI fairy-type creatures (Munchkins? Probably Munchkins.) and a colorful Oz that has that inexplicable Disney feeling.

In the first trailer for Oz, directed by Sam Raimi (Evil Dead, the Spider-Man series), we meet the Wizard in his humble place of origin, peddling his hacky magician act around small-town Kansas, a flyover country lad with big-city dreams (“Kansas is full of good men,” he tells us. “I want to be a great one.”). Then comes the cyclone, and he’s transported to a land full of magical creatures and yellow brick roads and Mila Kunis and Michelle Williams (as good witches Theodora and Glinda, respectively, combating Rachel Weisz’s Wicked Witch Evanora) and is charged with saving them all. And yes, in case you were wondering, the flying monkeys, even when one is voiced by Zach Braff, are present and are still hyped up on high-octane nightmare fuel.  

Beyoncé Wants You to Know That Famous People Wished Her a Happy B-Day

Yesterday was Beyoncé’s 31st birthday, which God’s Most Perfect Child no doubt spent the day yachting, standing at the front of the boat with a cool Mediterranean breeze blowing through her golden curls. What’d you get her for her B-Day? I had a special calendar made for her in which every page is April and every day is the fourth. I know her so well! I also attached a note that read, “To B, you can do no wrong in my eyes, and don’t worry, I have erased the memory of watching Obsessed, although I would pick you over that stupid blonde whore any day, xoxo Ty Ty.” But I don’t know if she got my present because my note is not on her website!

Yes, Bey shared a handful of well wishes from her family and friends and famous family and famous friends on her website. All of the stars came out for this one: Solange, Tina Knowles, Mama Carter. Even Gwyneth Paltrow and her brood of Little Martins sent a long a birthday note, which I’m guessing you can see on GOOP when Paltrow shares the best spots to purchase organic birthday cards made from the shells of quail eggs. Take a look below:

Note that she scratched, “that’s a lot of paper!” on the side there. What does that mean? Some Illuminati code or just a private joke between BFFs?

More importantly, Michelle Williams, presumably the one from Destiny’s Child, also send a note, signed “Michelle Williams,” because you know she feels like she always has to remind Bey who she is.