Up in Richard Wheeler’s HOUS: Fashion Tips + VIBE & HOUS Limited Editions at #VIBEVMix!

VIBE has joined forces with NYC’s legendary LAVO NYC doorman/fashion designer, Richard Wheeler, to create a limited edition HOUS shirt that will be sold exclusively at our first-ever V-Mix concert starring A-Trak and A$AP Mob, this Thursday Nov 29. (TICKETS HERE). Wheeler sat down to give us the skinny of secrets to passing his coveted red rope, the 411 on the VIBE collabo and more.

Why is the Vibe V-Mix concert important?
The answer is simple: VIBE nailed it, a leader in hip-hop youth culture that has created an event that solidifies what is happening today. Electronic Dance Music, becoming the most exciting genre of music today, literally exploding on the dance floors across the globe, top ten charts, TV and advertising. The truth is, within this explosion of EDM it was greatly helped by hip-hop and it’s collaboration with EDM. Today they dominate together. This event is a reflection of this. Let’s celebrate!

Name some of the most stylish celebs that have passed the red rope at LAVO:
Mariah Carey, Michael Jordan, John Legend, Black Eyed Peas, Leo DiCaprio, Steve Aoki, Ciara, Jay Sean, Lennox Lewis, to name a few. We have seen nearly Every Victoria’s Secret Model on many occasions – a preference, naturally. Justin Beiber has some style (surprisingly!). My Zenith was reached when I lifted the rope for Stevie Wonder.

Read the full story at VIBE.com!

Nike Founder Clinches Very Well-Earned Spot in Basketball Hall Of Fame

Good news for purveyors of sweatshop-made sportswear: you too can be inducted into a hall of fame meant to celebrate athletic excellence! Take it from Phil Knight, the chairman and co-founder of Nike, who will join the ranks of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Wilt Chamberlain in the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. None other than Michael Jordan will present him, as a small thank-you for all those endorsement deals.

About zero people are thrilled by this. Yahoo! Sports reports:

It was a controversial selection despite Knight’s induction as a "contributor," i.e. non-coaches and non-players who nevertheless have a huge effect on the sport. By any metric, Knight and Nike have altered the course of basketball at every level.
However, this honor, the top award an individual can earn in basketball, would seem to be at least somewhat related to Nike’s status as the premier corporate sponsor of virtually every important organized body in basketball.

Got that? Just change the sport forever somehow—like, commodify its equipment to a psychotic degree, such that you unleash the horrors of class resentment and exploitative labor practices—and they will put your name on a plaque for all to admire. All who pass through Springfield, Massachusetts, at least. 

Morning Links: Beyoncé Might Have Had a Baby Girl, Michael Jordan Got Engaged

● The internet’s choir wants us to believe that Beyoncé has given birth to a little girl named Tina-May Carter, but we won’t say for sure until Uncle Kanye twitpics it. [Huff Post]

● Meanwhile, Solange and Grandma Knowles were spotted out shopping in New York. Buying for the baby, perhaps? [MTO]

● A poll conducted by MTV suggests that The Hunger Games, out March 23, is more anticipated than The Dark Knight Rises, The Avengers, and The Amazing Spider-Man combined. [THR]

● Rounding out a week of holiday engagements, Michael Jordan popped the question to his girlfriend of three years, Yvette Prieto. She of course said yes. [Us]

● Kanye let slip a snippet of a new Rihanna song from that G.O.O.D Music compilation while DJing a holiday party in London last week. It’s also worth noting that Kanye is still available for a New Year’s Eve billing, it just might cost you. [RapRadar]

● Khloe Kardashian wants to dye her hair blonde, but her mom won’t let her. [Radar]

● Katy Perry and Russell Brand have now both been spotted out without their wedding rings. Does the end draw near? [People]

New Chromeo Video For ‘Don’t Turn the Lights On’ Is Pretty Great

Chromeo has a new video out for their song “Don’t Turn The Lights On.” The song itself is one of the grooviest electro-jams I’ve heard in a while, and the video, well, it’s even groovier. Lady Gaga might have the sets, the costumes, and the backup dancers, but with this simple yet effective clip, Chromeo proves that all you need is some cheap-yet-ingenious visual trickery to create a dazzling music video.

The best part about it? While Chromeo’s Dave 1 croons, “Don’t turn the lights on,” the lights keep turning on! I’m hooked.

William Shatner Likes the Word ‘Shit’

In a twist that no one could have predicted, William Shatner thinks that swearing is no big deal. The Shats is currently set to star in CBS’s adaptation of the twitter feed Shit My Dad Says, but the show has been plagued by network hand-wringing about what exactly its title should be. Stuff My Dad Says? $#*! My Dad Says? Bleep My Dad Says? Americans have values, after all! After much spirited debate, the network has settled on a title, and Shatner is none too pleased.

The show will be called Bleep My Dad Says, and Shatner’s already commented on the new title. “You know what I wish? I wish they’d call it ‘Shit,'” he said. “The word shit is all around us. It isn’t a terrible term. Why are we pussy-footing?” Indeed, why are we pussy-footing? We are all surrounded by the word shit all the time, everywhere we go! Wake up CBS executives, the word shit is probably already in your meeting about the word shit!

Guillermo Del Toro Teams With James Cameron For ‘At The Mountains Of Madness’

What do you do when you’re a beloved cult fantasy filmmaker who pulls out of directing Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit after the project encounters numerable frustrating delays? How do you come back from abandoning one of the holy grails of fantasy cinema? If you’re Guillermo del Toro, you team up with James mother-frickin’ Cameron to direct a 3D adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s At The Mountains Of Madness. Wow. The original Lovecraft story dealt with a scientific expedition to the South Pole in the 1930s. Horrible discoveries are made, life forms are awakened, discoveries challenge what we know about ourselves, and lots of terrifying et cetera happens. This might actually be so good that it’s a good thing del Toro dropped out of The Hobbit?

As unexpectedly awesome as this seems, the project isn’t so left-field as you might think. Del Toro wrote a script for Mountains back in 2004 when the project was at Dreamworks. In 2006, del Toro had difficulty getting Warner Brothers to finance the film due to its unhappy ending. However, it was acquired as part of the package deal that Universal negotiated in 2007.

It’s clearly going to be an incredibly ambitious film, but with Cameron producing, a generous six year gestation period, and the financial backing of Universal, who wouldn’t be confident that del Toro, one of his generation’s most visceral and visually poetic — yet fun — filmmakers will put together an incredible movie?

Old Spice Guy Cast In Jennifer Aniston Film

Breaking news! Isaiah Mustafa — the “Old Spice Guy” (ladies!) — has been cast in a Jennifer Aniston film titled Horrible Bosses. This thrilling tidbit was revealed in an extensive, super exclusive interview in which The Hollywood Reporter sat down with the “Old Spice Guy” (~10% of fellas!) to find out what makes him tick, what he thinks of the cast of The Jersey Shore, and how he — and he alone — can cure Jennifer Aniston’s arid, babyless ladybits. My favorite part of the interview after the break.

Despite all the tales of how the sudsy, moist, sexy “Old Spice Guy” (asexual women who still like to be cuddled by sexy men sometimes!) is going to put so many babies into Jennifer Aniston — by playing a “smaller role” in a “funny, irreverent” comedy — my real favorite part of the interview was this:

THR: In the commercials (check out one below), you appear to be quite the ladies man, but you have been dating dancer Brandi Oglesby. So, does art not imitate life?

Mustafa: No, I’m not one of those guys. If a woman is into me, it usually takes me awhile to figure that out. She has to hit me over the head with it.

Haha! Sorry Isaiah Mustafa, I may have been born last night, but last night was when all the babies who are really good at discerning a PR agent’s skilled work were born (do I have that saying right?). “I’m sorry, I’m just an impeccably muscled, suave former NFL wide receiver who just starred in a series of beloved, widely viewed commercials in which I play an unstoppable wave of machismo — I have no idea when women are attracted to me.” He should have added, “because they are always attracted to me. It’s like how fish doesn’t know they’re in the water, you know? Because they’re around it all the time?”

Anyway, Isaiah Mustafa + Jennifer Aniston, ladies and gentlemen. Isn’t the earth already overpopulated?

Rihanna To Star In A Movie Called ‘Battleship’

One day, when our space children are playing in the space garden and our space dogs are fetching us our space newspapers and dropping them at our space feet, when space Hollywood produces nothing but movies about trinkets and geriatric reality TV stars and bottle caps that the producers found in their belly buttons that morning, our space children will ask us, “Space mommy and space daddy, were you really surprised and disgusted all those many time units ago when grand vizier Rihanna decided to star in a movie about a board game, because that seems normal to us?” I will have to sigh and tell them, “yes, Unit 1793B59HUD, one day, long ago, before Bjork became Chancellor of the Space Treasury, Hollywood made movies about actual things and cast actual movie stars in these movies about actual things.” “But space daddy,” they will ask me, “what is actual?”

Thus is the nightmare future that will come about if we keep making movies based upon board games. When George Lucas pioneered the idea of selling merchandise based on his movies, he was a visionary genius. Now that we have entered the age of selling movies based on merchandise (starring people who are not actors), can we officially erase the check mark under visionary genius and pencil it in under “evil dystopian future that is now”? Thank you Rihanna. Thank you Hasbro. Thank you William Morris Endeavor. Thank you Universal Studios. I never before thought I’d get to the chance to see a black hole of cross promotion during my life time. I guess we all get lucky once.

The ‘Sucker Punch’ Trailer Just Melted My Mind

On the one hand, I’m predisposed towards disliking this movie, as I had to log this review multiple times due to my short circuiting computer. On the other hand, my brain hasn’t been so thoroughly melted in a long long time. As I understand it, the plot has something to do with a mentally ill young girl who conjures up a fevered dream world of epic fantasy as an escape from the darkness of her waking life. Lines between the dream world and reality begin to blur and insane action happens. Cool. Sounds like a fascinating, fresh, incredibly bad-ass idea for a film.

Also exciting: might this be a film about complex female characters kicking ass and taking names? There aren’t enough of those. All too often, female characters are relegated to the “supporting hot bad-ass chick” role. Or the equally insulting “hot love interest largely not in the film” role. Or, the actually more insulting “hot stripper/reporter/prostitute/congresswoman/waitress/nurse/doctor/librarian/hedge fund manager/college chick/taxidermist” role.

Might we have the first female-driven action movie since Kill Bill that passes the Bechdel Test and is good and actually might find an audience? One can hope.