About The End Of ‘This Is The End’

I’ll admit it: I enjoyed myself at This Is the End. As my wife said, it would have been insufferable if it hadn’t been so funny. Indeed, I’d give it something like a B or B+, which is pretty good for a fairly lazy comedy starring All Those Dudes. And while Danny McBride can’t not steal a movie, I think I’ve begun to appreciate Jonah Hill? But enough faint praise, let’s get down to spoilers below.

First off, is that really the best-looking heaven they could come up with? Like, a big al fresco disco dance floor with a rollercoaster in the background? And did we really come all this way not to even attempt to resolve the story at hand? Amazing, how this ending makes the rest of the film look brilliantly conceived by comparison, rather than a string of end-times sketches. And are we supposed to feel bad about the people who died without any shot at redemption? It’s understandable if Michael Cera is too much a coke-fueled sexist to be saved, but what did Aziz Ansari ever do?

Now that those questions are out of the way, I have to say something else. At the end of your funny movie, it’s not funny to just have some stuff that’s not funny. You know? It’s incredibly aggravating that the mere presence of good weed in heaven is construed as a joke. Of course there’s good weed in heaven. It’s HEAVEN. Likewise, however righteous the Backstreet Boys were to get the whole band raptured, it’s not comedy to have everyone dance to a Backstreet Boys song. It’s just not! If you want funny dancing, I refer you to the immortal clip below:

Watch a Trailer for Sebastián Silva’s ‘Crystal Fairy’

We’ve already seen some footage from Chilean filmmaker Sebastián Silva’s first collaboration with Michael Cera, Magic Magic, which hit the festival circuit and will be released on DVD later this summer. This week, we have a new trailer for the second collab, a film called Crystal Fairy, which won Silva the Sundance Directing Award for World Cinema (Dramatic). You can probably guess by its name, does indeed involve drugs and a certain kind of whimsical female stock character.

Taking a spiritual journey abroad the way many truth-seeking, young-people do, narcissistic, boorish Jamie (Cera) finds himself in Chile, but doesn’t seem to know a whole lot about the language, or anything else except for that he wants to party. He meets another American, a free-spirited sprite named Crystal Fairy (Gaby Hoffmann!), and together, they head out with some friends to experiment with drugs and find themselves along the coast. At one point, Michael Cera steals a cactus from a woman’s front lawn. The film will be released on July 12th, but in the meantime, watch the Manu Chao-packed trailer below.

Watch Michael Cera and Juno Temple in the New Trailer for ‘Magic Magic’

Can we all agree that Michael Cera has always been creepy and that his face his matured into the perfect mold for a psychologically disturbing character? Okay, great. Because with the new trailer for Sebastian Silva’s Magic Magic, the actor seems to have taken on perhaps his most interesting role yet.

After playing at the Director’s Fortnight at Cannes this year,the psychological thriller starring Juno Temple, Emily Browning, and Catalina Sandino Moreno will be heading straight to DVD. Focusing on an American girl (Temple) visiting Chile with her cousin, she’s soon left alone with her cousin’s less than normal friends who lead her down a path of total mental unhinging. Check out the first chill-enducing trailer below.

New ‘Arrested Development’ Trailer Reunites Viewers With Old Friends, Introduces An Ostrich

Arrested Development is almost here, and for those who are fans of the show but perhaps unwilling to travel to London and overpay to eat at a real frozen banana stand, the final trailer for the new season is generating some excitement. And here’s what you have to look forward to in the new season, according to the clip. 

Michael! George! Oscar! Lucille! Gob! Tobias! Buster! Lindsay! George Michael! Maeby! Streaming! The stair car! Michael moves to Phoenix! An ostrich! "The Final Countdown!" George Michael goes to college! George Michael also has a poster up in his dorm room that literally just says "Music," which is kind of amazing! And he still has feelings for Maeby! Of course he does! Tobias’ failed acting ambitions! Buster still dealing with Oedipus complex! Judy Greer returns as Kitty Sanchez! Lupus! Illusions! Buster stammer-screaming for Lucille! Juice boxes! Buster still has a hook! 

Popular Comedy People Launch New Internet Thing at SXSW

According to Wikipedia, "Jash" is a Kurdish word referring to enemy collaborators who fight against the interests of country, used in a similar (and pejorative) manner as "quisling" or "Benedict Arnold." According to the Internet, Jash is also the name of a new comedy channel launched over the weekend at South By Southwest, put on by YouTube and starring Tim Heidecker, Eric Wareheim, Sarah Silverman, Michael Cera, and Reggie Watts. The goal of the project is to create "a comedy platform with complete creative autonomy," although the description of the SXSW launch event sounds way more, well, SXSW-y, complete with buzzy phrases like "collaborative innovation in the digital space" and "the thriving world of digital media in entertainment." Woof.

And, because this is SXSW and people have to tweet about literally everything that happens there, portmanteaus, puns and taglines people have come up with on Twitter about this thing already include "Jashhead, Flash your Jash, Jashtag, Jashed Potatoes, splishsplash I was taking a Jash, Jashercized." We’ll see where it all goes from here. In the meantime, watch the first ever Jash video below. In it, there are scenes of popular YouTube videos being destroyed, which may be wishful thinking for everyone who has grown weary of Harlem Shakes and screaming goats. 


Catch Up With ‘Burning Love’ Season Two

For fans of The State, Party Down, Reno 911!, and just about every live-action show on Adult Swim, Yahoo!’s unexpected foray into deadpan parody, Burning Love, was a nonstop joy. Ken Marino, in particular, as an idiot firefighter trying to find a soul mate via reality TV series, was pitch-perfect. This time around, the tables are turned, and former contestant Julie Gristlewhite (played as unhinged by the hilarious June Diane Raphael) is in the position of bachelorette and grand prize.

Competing for her damaged affections is a murder’s row of funny dudes: Nick Kroll, Rob Huebel, Joe Lo Truglio, Michael Cera, Adam Scott—hell, even Jerry O’Connell and Colin Hanks are in the mix. Though we bet that nothing can top Jennifer Aniston’s turn in the original. Check out the extended trailer for season two below, then go hit up the first two episodes of it, which have already "aired." I promise that the weirdness of going to yahoo.com wears off eventually (no it doesn’t).

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Your Dream of Joining the Bluth Family Can Finally Be Fulfilled

Arrested Development is returning this spring, and either you’re already counting down the days, posting calendar reminders and quoting every line from “For British Eyes Only,” or you’ve already grown weary of your friends going on about it. And you’re about to hear even more about it! The cast and crew are offering super-fans the chance to live their dreams and join the show in a walk-on role — perhaps as a Motherboy participant or a member of the Blue Man Group? Fans must submit their most creative case for joining the show, so you best be practicing those chicken dances and magic tri—er, illusions. Entries so far include a frozen banana stand cake, a tattoo and a whole lot of full body paint.

Watch showrunner Mitchell Hurwitz and Michael Cera, now ever so much older and yet ever so much the same, introduce the contest. Special bonus points for a cameo from the Bluth Company stair-car. No words on whether or not the walk-on will get to drive it.

Netflix Brings Back ‘Arrested Development’ for All New Episodes

Everyone under the age of 30 in America has no doubt seen at leasrt one episode of the wildly loved TV show Arrested Development. It was the kind of show – not unlike Chappelle’s Show in the mid aughts – where it seemed everyone had a used copy of the first or second season laying around, or at the very least knew someone who did. Thanks to those very DVDs, the show became a massive cult hit after it was cancelled in 2006.  

Now, according to Reuters, streaming-video kingpin Netflix is bringing back the show for all new episodes which will air in 2013, in an unprecedented move for the service. Terms of the deal were not disclosed and Twentieth Century Fox will be handling the production. Dare we say we’re excited?  

New Supergroup Mister Heavenly Features Michael Cera, Modest Mouse, Islands

I can’t think of a single supergroup other than the Wu-Tang Clan (and their supergroup status is debatable) that I listen to on a regular basis. There was the Traveling Wilbury’s, who suffered from a surfeit of male alphas. More recently there was Monsters of Folk, who suffered from the opposite problem of being entirely comprised of populist milquetoasts with no discernible leader. And there was that supergroup featuring the kid from Hanson and Smashing Pumpkins’ James Iha, who simply suffered from being a bad band. That said, I’m kind of psyched for this new supergroup Mister Heavenly, which features Islands’ brainchild Nick Thorburn, Modest Mouse’s Joe Plummer (not to be confused with Joe the Plumber), Man Man’s Honus Honus, and Arrested Development actor Michael Cera on bass. After the jump, stream and download two free tracks and feel the magic.