Classixx Recruits Passion Pit for ‘Safe Inside’ (Listen)

Lifted off their forthcoming album Faraway Reach, DJ duo Classixx shares today a new song, “Safe Inside,” featuring Passion Pit frontman Michael Angelakos. The track follows collaborations with How to Dress Well and T-Pain, giving further insight into the bright, bouncy sound of their LP, due June 3 via Innovative Leisure.

“Shortly after finishing the instrumental, it occurred to us that Michael would make a great collaborator,” said Classixx’s Michael David about the Passion Pit frontman.  “We connected, flew to NY, and tracked vocals in Michael’s living room over a three day period. We had a ton of fun listening to music and realized that we shared almost identical high school influences.”

Listen, below:

Passion Pit Plays ‘Saturday Night Live’

If you missed Passion Pit on Saturday Night Live last night, then you missed Michael Angelakos, the most adorable man in the universe, being adorable.

The band performed Take A Walk and Carried Away, two songs off this year’s Gossamer album. I’m happy to see Angelakos has returned and is seemingly feeling better after canceling several tour dates this summer to take care of his mental health. He confessed to Rolling Stone this summer that he has been coping with bipolar disorder since age 17 and had a bout of depression this summer that he took time off to treat.

In addition to being frickin’ adorable and talented, I also highly respect him for being public about his mental illness. When the flipping-out-in-the-tabloids celebrities like Sinead O’Connor (who has publicly confirmed she has bipolar disorder) and Britney Spears (who has never publicly confirmed it, but we all kind of know, don’t we?) are the primary famous examples we see of dealing with mental illness, it looks grim. But Michael Angelakos has been candid about treating his illness, and how its something he has to treat his entire life.

Cheers to him and the rest of Passion Pit for a great performance last night, which you can watch below:  



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A Bouncing Ball Goes a Long Way in Passion Pit’s ‘Take a Walk’ Video

Next month, electro-emoters Passion Pit will release their sophomore album, Gossamers. They’ve already dropped a couple of songs from the album, but today, they released the video for "Take a Walk," a bouncy, circus-like jaunt that, quite appropriately, is shot from the perspective of a bouncing ball thrown by singer Michael Angelakos through the streets of Philadelphia. Impossible physics aside, it’s charming and very Big Fish-era Tim Burton, so check it out after the click.

Director David Wilson’s website is filled with other cool stuff, if you’d like to check it out. Gossamers is out on July 24.