Exclusive Video of Michael Alig Release + James St. James Reunion Dinner

Michael Alig got out of jail the other day. It didn’t go according to plan…

michael freeThe first image of Michael after being released.

The plan was for him to be greeted by a small group including myself, Esther Haynes, Victor Corona, Ramon Fernandez, a producer and director, and his camera crew, to film the final scene for a documentary called Glory Daze about Michael’s dubious path. There was also to be the crew from World of Wonder updating their “shockumentary”, and a New York Times reporter. My past legal woes precluded me from going. Victor Corona, a sane influence on Michael, expected him to be released from Brooklyn and couldn’t make the trip five hours upstate, where he was instead released. The rest did show, along with surprise guests (and former club kids) Scott “Scotto” Osman and Astro Erle. An old friend of Michael’s, the infamous James St. James, represented World of Wonder (WOW).

Things went bad when the film crews were detained by prison security who, understandably, didn’t want the facility shot. Michael was transported by van to the end of the prison road and dumped there.

Exclusive footage from Michael Alig’s reunion dinner with James St James.

Michael Alig with boyfriend, moments after being freed.

Confused and elated, Michael posed for pictures that were shot instantly into social media. The images of him mugging with club kids who haven’t really grown up much disgusted his detractors, and those on the fence. He was off to a bad start. His prison haircut and ill-fitting clothes made the vain former fashion prince look and feel like a pauper. But he was out, and that’s all he was thinking about.

I spoke to him a couple of times and chided him that he wasn’t seen being humble or remorseful, and he started to understand how sound bites and Instagram images have changed the world he hopes to live in.

I spoke to Scotto and asked him why he went up there, and Scotto said he did it on his own, grabbed Erle and a camera guy. He said he only had Michael’s well being on his mind, and I believe him, but the subsequent media frenzy made him look like an exploiter.

My social media world was filled with I-told-you-so and predictions of Alig’s recidivism. Debates raged, and I felt my own belief in him starting to erode.

Years of effort trying to convince people that Michael was coming out a better man went down the drain.

Michael Alig meeting James St. James and friends outside of the jail.

DJ Scotto Shows Michael Alig how to GRINDR. After seeing the app at dinner, he’s looking forward to checking it out more.  (Photo by Mikey DeJessa for Scotto.TV)

It got worse from there. At dinner a small affair designed to give Michael a taste of life on the street, James St. James took over and baited Michael into looking like the obnoxious asshole so many believe he is. He coached Michael telling him that when he, James said or did something mean or awful Michael was to fight him, resist. James told Michael he had to do it, implying it was his job, that it would look good on camera, make the story better. Imprisoned for 17 years Michael wasn’t exactly savvy to the ways of reality filming. At dinner, Scotto made a joke about not allowing Michael to use a knife with his fork. Then James led Michael into a bathroom implying drug use. I heard that a dinner guest called Perez Hilton and gave him that scoop. Michael, to be tested for drugs the next day of course didn’t do any drugs, but the play acting and social media reporting of it all disgusted plenty, including me.

fashionDJ Scotto gives Michael some new fashion.

Michael Alig and James St. James posing for pictures after their reunion dinner at Almond restaurant.

Michael Musto wrote Michael a letter that he published on Scene magazine’s site. Michael cut out of the hoopla for a minute as the New York Times claimed exclusivity for the big interview, and his story seems a bit bitter in his attack… but only a little. I believe that his open letter is fair and honest. Musto and Michael Alig were close back in the day. Alig often paid Musto to appear or host or celebrate something. Michael Musto broke the murder story that everybody in the scene knew about; that is at the heart of this matter. Musto chronicled the scene better and of course longer than anyone. He deserves a place at the table.

James St. James took a much harsher route while being super friendly on the phone with Michael. He seems to be backstabbing him in his column, creating a swirl of club kid antics. Last I heard they were taking Alig to the Limelight to pose and prance. It’s anything for a snarky smile when seriousness should be the agenda. I have never seen James St. James serious. Maybe the first time I met him when he was living with my assistant Ce Ce Peniston on 4th or 5th Street. He was James Clark then and CeCe and I chided him as he pretended he was straight. He was trying to act serious about it. He had some muscle car, a Camaro or Firebird, and dressed in Midwest fashion. He did the door for us at The World until others who took the job seriously came along. He wrote the book that became the movie that created or expanded Michael Alig’s fan base. They call it Party Monster and it’s a fairytale with an unhappy ending.

James and some others lived happily ever after living a life less ordinary while others were far less fortunate. James likes to take credit for the whole shebang, but never any of the blame. Yet he and others including myself knew the scene was spinning out of control and either ignored it or just rode it. Alig and Freeze did the deed but we all set the stage.

In a letter that James published on the WOW site he flippantly informs Michael of all the things he has to look forward to in the new world. It’s a fun, clever read that doesn’t help the Alig’s image. James teases about sex and drugs. Not cute, that drug thing, for an addict entering a world of plenty. Yet it plays into the intrigue needed to make a good film.

Michael Alig used a cell phone for the first time yesterday. He couldn’t figure out how to turn on a ton of things, had trouble using a key, and last I heard was jumping on a computer. James is playing into Michael’s naiveté. I hope James tries to be his friend and forego the fluff, and helps Michael take baby steps to a better life. It seems, however, that the show must go on.

I’m not a big fan of James St. James. Although tasked to direct the clubs he worked in I never saw him in a meeting, creative or financial. I never felt he had any real impact besides dressing up and seeking boys and drugs. His actions in the last of couple days, camping it up for the cameras for WOW, clearly shows he doesn’t have Alig’s best interests in mind.

Photos and video courtesy of Scotto.TV

Exclusive: Steve Lewis Letter to Michael Alig’s Parole Officer

Editor’s note: BlackBook contributor Steve Lewis asked us to share with our readers his letter to Michael Alig’s parole officer. 

Dear Sir or Madam,

Michael Alig was a good young person who fell into a world of drugs, lust, power and mayhem. He, in an addled state, killed a man and dismembered and discarded his body. He, as you know has spent 17 years of his adult life in prison. He is now on the street surrounded by people who would corrupt him. Please advise him or demand from him a complete break from the so called Club Kid culture. He must be specifically prevented from associating with people like James St. James (James Clark), Astro Erle, Scott Osmon and an ilk of fans that worship or flitter about a candle that must not again turn into a bonfire. Michael is an addict not just a drug addict but an attention addict, a media addict, an adulation addict. It’s what drives him. There is a hole inside him that cannot be filled. His life has been spent trying to fill it with drugs, sex and the love or devotion of thousands. Millions wouldn’t help, nothing has calmed him. Now remorse rather than photo ops, humility rather than snarky tweets and selfies, charity rather than a quest for fame must replace an image that killed a man. There are good people who want him to thrive and there are thousands who want to bask in an ancient light that need not be seen again. Those thousands have always drained him of his good qualities and exploited his creativity. He needs new friends and some sane old ones. There is no leash short enough, there can be no limits to the supervision. He needs help to be what I believe he needs to be, a productive man in a new century. This can go either way. Many believe in him but there are many doubters. He talks the talk help him walk the walk. I know him for 30 years and have seen the good the bad and finally the ugly side of him.  For years i have visited him in prison and seen the good in him emerge and purge his demons.The Party Monster and all it’s trapping and entourage needs to be bannished . Help him help himself. Help him embrace the chance he is being given a chance many don’t feel he deserves.

Prison Visit with Michael Alig

The trip up to the Mid-State Correctional Facility to visit the soon to be released  Michael Alig is a trip back and forward in time. It is impossible for me to drive the five hours there and five hours back without hearing the echo of my own past and seeing the ghosts of clubs and people gone by. It is also a trip into the future as the future is what Michael and my passengers, professor Victor Corona and digital designer Amanda Noa, will discuss in the packed visiting room. Cows, crows, and small herds of deer frame the drive on Interstate 87. The grass does not seem greener as we travel north. The trees haven’t awoken yet and the fields lay bare. As we pass Albany, water bleeding out of shale freezes into ice and snow, and memory of our winter of discomfort plays with our spring optimism. Spring is all about new beginnings and as Michael is about to be sprung, those close to him are in a strange, cautious yet euphoric state.

Michael’s view



The gas station malls are filled with ancient hairdos and don’ts as the fashion forward of my Williamsburg life gives way to fashion backward. My phone says it’s noon but my surroundings say 1981. I wonder out loud if they’re still watching season two of Game of Thrones. Ozzie and Harriet is suggested. As we travel north into this land that time seems to have forgotten, we understand that the inmate we visit has not been forgotten. The public rubbernecks to find out what’s next.

Michael is again at the center of great attention, a role he was born to play. Give him a crowd and he will surely do something amazing. Well he has his crowd… the media attention says it’s so. The offers by so many media outlets beg him to expose more, to be seen and heard. It’s a feeding frenzy of sharks who understand his creative impact and smell the blood in the water. Those close to him were unprepared for the onslaught caused by the release announcement. Carefully laid out plans that took 10 years, 17 years to define are being rethought.

Michael is an energizer bunny as we talk of his release. Who will be there at that moment and what happens as the moment turns into the next as the bright future overpowers the dark past is the topic of the day. That’s the plan I guess. To create, to live, to walk around… To meet the living while the death is relegated to a chapter in the life. It hangs over us always. It is always taken seriously. We all know that no amount of Hail Mary’s, apologies, baring of souls or good deeds will ever brush the brutal death of Angel Melendez away. Angel will sit on Michael’s shoulder till the end, defining his life, reminding him of the horror, the trial and errors, the imprisonment. and the shame.

Michael is aware, completely remorseful, and determined to do all and anything it takes to be seen in a light that defines him as more than the crazed club kid that took a life. It’s been 17 years, and as with all long term convicts he has dreamed of May 5, the day of his release. He will strive to make use of his time. He has a zillion plans, great creative jobs lined up, and a huge support network.

I was surprised at the feeding frenzy that followed my April 15 announcement of his release. My Facebook was deluged with well-wishers and haters. I talked to both. I asked the haters to accept his release and rehabilitation until he fucks up and to be “Christian” and forgive. I never ask anyone to forget.

In the visiting room I was surrounded by rapists and killers and other evil-doers. All were with family and friends. Toddlers played with toys. Girlfriends and wives stole touches and kisses. Most of these men are doing long, hard, time, and most will be freed at one point. Judges, parole boards and correctional system workers will determine the date of their return to society. We are a society that, in most cases, grants second chances.

As I sat with Michael and Victor and Amanda we spoke of what this club kid or club owner was doing now and of things that went bump in the night those eons ago. We laughed as we remembered the time this or that happened. He has no intention, by the way, of throwing an event on the Williamsburg Bridge or a club or warehouse. His path will take him elsewhere. There were inevitable pauses as someone said something like, “but Angel…” or “this one hates you still because of Angel.” Angel is always there and of course, he isn’t. Charities are talked about, apologies and remorse to always be stated and shown. He knows what he did and knows he can never hide from it.

F. Scott Fitzgerald famously said “there are no second acts in American lives.” Michael will be an exception, I feel. Of course there he has a big advantage over Angel Melendez.

With a few others, I’ll meet Michael by the train station or prison gates as he rejoins the living. We will give him some new clothes and walk forward with him. How the stimuli of our world, his new world affect the former Party Monster is the big story.

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A Note from Michael Alig

Merry Christmas & Michael Alig

While the world I live in celebrates the holiday with all its partying and eating and shopping and connecting with family and friends, a good friend of mine is sitting in a jail cell so small that he can’t do push-ups on the side of his bed. He was just told that the Time Allowance Committee at his Elmira Correctional Facility home that he won’t be home for Christmas or anytime soon. The committee that was supposed to define how much longer he is to remain inside will not even see him. It is unclear what this means, unclear as to how long he will remain in jail. Usually people given a 10 to 20 year sentence are released after 14 years.

Michael Alig killed a man a long time ago and has been incarcerated for his crime for over 16 years. I won’t defend his crime, his actions subsequent to that crime, and even most of the things he did leading up to the crime. Michael was a train wreck who wrecked many other lives including the family of his victim Angel Melendez who will miss Angel terribly this coming Christmas. There were many others that Michael influenced in a negative way. Young adults ran away from home, did drugs and got into all sorts of trouble because of Michael’s Club Kid movement. His bad behavior cannot be trivialized—yet, he did do some incredible things.

His Club Kid movement pushed the boundaries of music and fashion forward as pre-reality TV couldn’t get enough of those wild kids and their wild outfits. We were a nation of rubberneckers looking at the car crash that we thought the club kids were. Clubs paid big money to have them involved. There were club kid movements and super stars in Miami, Los Angeles, Chicago, and on and on. The runways of the last 16 years have been influenced by Michael’s following as well as Leigh Bowery’s and other bright lights who have now been turned off. If you go out these days you will see the spectacle again. It is a bit sanitized and it lacks the evil twist that a drug addled Michael brought to the game when his drugs of choice moved from Ex to Heroin.

I have used this analogy a zillion times before, but Michael went from being a Luke Skywalker to a Darth Vader. The drugs and his new bad attitude kept me away from my friend Michael for a long time. Over the years I reconnected while he was inside. He is back to being Luke and I adore him. I’ve never quite forgiven him and he has never forgiven himself. There have been movies and magazine articles and TV shows and documentaries and even a new musical which tell of the sensational club kid murderer and his just rewards. There are blogs where his friends and fans find out the latest news and Michaels latest endeavors.

He is painting and some say his work is worth something. He is writing and one day a book may come of it. He is corresponding and getting in shape. He has a boyfriend and tons of other developed relationships maintained via mail and occasional visits. He is clear-headed and no longer a danger to society. I believe Michael is remorseful and rehabilitated. In the past I have stated I didn’t feel that way, but now he is ready, in my opinion to join the living. Others disagree I guess and I must respect the process, and there is little I can do.  

So, Merry Christmas. I hope I’m not banned because of this article, but I believe I have a right to my opinion. Oh, It’s my opinion and does not reflect the opinion necessarily of Blackbook Magazine. I always wanted to say that.


Why Michael Alig Is Still In Jail

Friday evening was spent going back in time as yet another camera crew sat me comfortably and asked me about the Club Kid era and specifically the murder of Angel Melendez by Michael Alig in 1996. An hour turned into three as the story of that very bad thing that happened back in the good old days continues to be a hot topic. One thing that I tried to get across was that although Michael and his cohorts were indeed a colorful cult that jumped in front of every lens and went out of their way to be seen and heard, there were many other players succeeding in creating wondrous nights at all the Gatien venues outside of Michael’s scope. Disco 2000, the insane Wednesday party that everyone refers to and remembers, was only one night a week at the Limelight.

Michael’s influence on the other nights at Limelight was limited. There were four clubs running simultaneously in that empire: Limelight, Palladium, Tunnel, and USA. And although Michael deserves a great deal of credit for mucking things up at the end, he certainly had a run of brilliance that could have and should have been remembered for creativity and fashion and a good time had by all. His Times Square design executed by Eric Goode at Club USA was iconic. The mixing of his club kids with the ravers, the model crowd, the art crowd, and the hipsters at Tunnel and Palladium looked easy at the time, but is rarely duplicated today.

Michael remains locked up. He continues to fuck up in jail and continues to delay his inevitable return to the street. I think he is afraid to join the living. I haven’t seen him in a while. His constant antics, which have resulted in more and more time behind bars, have pushed me away from his drama. I have decided to visit him soon now that he has been moved closer to home. Friends who have seen him recently say he is in good shape both mentally and physically. He is in solitary again but should be out in December.

Anyway, this afternoon these good folks are looking for club kids, people who were there then to talk on camera. It’s just today so hurry up. Dig out the clown nose and put on the polka-dot makeup. They want to go back… again. Here is their story:

Calling all Club Kids

Date: Monday November 19, 2012
Afternoon: 2:30PM – 4:30PM
Discovery ID is revisiting the Club Kid era that lead up to the Angel Melendez murder of 1996. The show will include an interview with Michael Alig and other fabulous people from the era. Producer Steph Watts is looking for Club Kids to come down to Secret Lounge (525 W. 29th St.) from 2:30pm to 4:30pm on Monday, November 19 to reminisce on the time. Feel free to email Libby Segal for more details and to schedule a time:  libby.segal@liontv.us

To contact Michael Alig:

Elmira Correctional Facility
Michael Alig #97A6595
P.O. Box 500
Elmira, New York 14901-0500

Christmas Gets Kosher & X-Rated This Year

As I am a 4AM Management DJ I will attend the 4AM Holiday Party at Artichoke Pizza17th and 10th Avenue, tonight. I assume  that’s the one and not their place on E. 14th St. They never tell me these things. I’m the runt of the litter at 4AM. The after-party features 4AM pedigrees Dalton and The Chainsmokers and is at Avenue.

On Christmas Day, Jezebel, that wonderful restaurant that happens to be kosher, is teaming up with BaoHaus chef Eddie Huang. Jezebel claims that Jewish folks love to eat Chinese food on Christmas, but they never have the opportunity to have the real-deal, bonafide fare. Chef Huang will take you there. Jezebel is located at 323 W. Broadway. OK, I’m going to handle all my weird Christmas pitches in one paragraph; there’s this dude Shea who calls himself "The Prince Of Christmas" who has this #1-on-Cashbox hit "The Christmas I Met You." Apparently, he is phenomenal. He’s performing at Steven Colucci’s benefit at the National Arts Club this Thursday, and then he heads up to Harlem to do it again at the Hale House. The Steven Colucci party is a tough ticket. From the release:

"Steven Colucci’s ‘Sounds of Color’ exhibition will showcase at the National Arts Club in New York City on December 20th, 2012 for a very special benefit holiday party. In addition, the National Arts club will present a premiere exhibition of 49 drawings by legendary artist Andy Warhol.The rare collection, created from 1955 to 1967, features the artist’s unique, free-form expressions inspired by dance, performance, and esoteric influences."

I really want to go to Westgay tonight at Westway, 75 Clarkson St. There will be an XXXMAS party featuring the incredible Joey Arias and go-go elves and everything. If you don’t know of Joey, then Google him and start getting a life. He has performed with Bowie, Cirque du Soleil and more etceteras than I have time for.

When I was first discovering Manhattan and the queens I didn’t see in Queens, it was Joey and Klaus Nomi who spent a little time answering some big questions for me. I had never met anyone quite like them and, at the time, I didn’t realize that I actually never would again. My world was opened up and I never was the same. Joey, like some wines and leather jackets, gets better with age. We have been friends across generations of club kids and parties and cultural shifts and I am devastated I cannot attend. Alas, I am leaving at 5am to drive four hours to visit Michael Alig up in the clink. Michael is also quite unique. I may not post tomorrow but I am sure Thursday I will have a lot to say.

Outlaw Group Art Show Opening Downtown Tonight

Robert Aloia has invited me to his Outlaw Group Art Show, presented by 2feet12inches and opening tonight. I even contributed a piece to the show. No, silly; I’m not painting, but I do possess an original painting by my real outlaw pal Michael Alig. Michael’s still up in the big house doing hard time for murder and other not-so-nice things. It’s been 14 years so far. He spends his hard time painting and writing and planning a future. I have shown the piece around smart art types and the general consensus is "Wow." He seems to have talent. Speaking of talent, I will be DJing this shindig from 8pm till 9pm before I have to rush off to Hotel Chantelle for my regular Thursday night gig which is so much fun. I have a special guest, and they’re adding some talent to the promotional side so I’m psyched.

The Outlaw Art Show will be at the White Box Gallery (329 Broome Street, between Bowery and Chrystie) It will be hosted by Dominic Chianese, John “Bloodclot” Joseph, and Bill Spector. Contributing artists include Alex Arcadia, Alfredo Martinez, Charles Hardwick, Chino, Christophe Roberts, Curtis Kulig, Donald Gajadhar, Doug Landau, Dr. Dax, Ghost, Giannina Gutierrez, Hugh Gran, Ilene Byers, Jayson Atienza, Jesper Haynes, Joey Glover, John Perry, Josh Wallman, Juna Skenderi, Justin Carty, Kinjal Mitra, Leyman Duky, Mare, Michael Alig, Michael Jarvis, Michelle Reyes, Minka Sicklinger, Mint & Serf, Nemo Librizzi, Pablo Power, Paul D. Edwards, Pork, Richard Alvarez, Savior Elmundo, Senz, Shauna Figueroa, Spam, Strider, Tony Chan, Xaviera Simmons, and 13thWitness.
After I run off to work, real deal DJs including Jazzy Nice, Jonny Santos, DJ Shakey (Julie Covello), Sal Principato, Shorty, Small Change, Herbert Holler will take it to another level. There will be films and performers and such as well. The show is curated by Robert Aloia, Brent Bartley, Frankie Cedeno, and Laksmi Hedemark. The bar is hosted by Citysip.com and features Brooklyn Gin, Domaine de Canton, Ilegal Mezcal, and Skalli Wines. My set includes Born to Wild, I Fought the Law, State Trooper, Working on a Chain Gang, and all sorts of Outlaw stuff. It’s going to be so much fun.

Michael Alig: 16 Years Later

After a week of bad news about my pal Michael Alig, a bit of good has finally happened. He seems to be leaving the un-comfy confines of Southport Correctional Facility and is on his way to greener pastures. They probably won’t be too green, but when you refer to Southport, the grass is always greener on the other side. For those who care, Southport and Michael are a bad fit. He recently received yet another ticket. This latest setback was a positive test for THC. Friends and family were scrambling to raise money to challenge this ticket as he swears he is innocent…or at least not guilty of this latest infraction. A homophobic guard with a history of bad blood and other factors were cited, and a letter campaign to prison officials ensued. The result was a transfer to a not-yet-disclosed new facility. The logical choices are Attica, Marcy Hospital, and Five Point. Southport is a nine-hour drive to us respect-the-speed-limit types. Then, you have to stay over in a motel and have all your papers in order and hope that no other friend of his gets in before you and the trip is in vain. Hopefully the new ticket will be squashed with the transfer and hopefully Michael will be freed sometime soon.

It’s been over 14 years since he walked among us. He has never used a computer or cell phone. Last night, we rushed home from "Tranny" BINGO at the Bowery Poetry Club, where my pals and I won an insane five games, including two in the "naked round.”  I came home with a puppy dog doormat! We had recorded RuPaul’s Drag Race and were dying to see who had won. I bet on Sharon Needles and was spot on.  Back in the day when Michael Alig and I were partners, we opened up a joint in Union Square called the Palace de Beaute’. It was supposed to be called Yeah, Yeah, Yeah – but our other partner Larry Tee hated the name and went to Michael Musto unilaterally and gave him the Palace. It was in print and that was that. Larry brought in a few of his pals from Atlanta to host and DJ and do assorted club work. Larry’s band of merry "women" included LaHoma Van Zandt, Lady Bunny, and RuPaul. RuPaul stopped the music nightly and took to the mic on Tuesday Nights for Larry Tee’s Love Machine and asked the audience to say “love” with that multi-million viewer smile. She was a star in the making and everyone knew it, except in those days, drag queens didn’t become stars. Gay didn’t often break out to the world at large, and to all involved it seemed nightlife stardom was all any of that crew could hope for.

Michael Alig didn’t buy into this. He believed that those who surrounded us were ready to break out into mainstream America. He saw them as the future fashion designers, photographers, artists, stylists, etc. Appearances on Geraldo and a half a dozen shows and in hip magazines announced the Club Kid Movement as a force. Michael, with help from thousands of friends, led the way. RuPaul is huge, and somewhere in that success Michael must be credited. Ru worked in the clubs that Michael had hustled the owners of to support his vision. The Sharon Needles look and shtick was born in the clubs and the movement that Michael created was cultivated. RuPaul has taken things to heights that I never thought possible in the late ’90’s, but Michael knew it was.

I’m never going to sit here and feel sorry for Michael’s fate. I don’t sugarcoat it when I am with him either. He killed Angel and chopped him up and discarded him in a river, and he won’t get sympathy here for that devilish act… that cowardly act. It’s been a decade and a half in hellish places and Michael is a man now, not a Club Kid. He is remorseful and aware of his terrible actions. I can’t see him dressing up like…Sharon Needles or his old self when he hits the streets again. He is a middle-aged man. He has no delusions and no hopes to get a second chance from many quarters. I remain his friend and will be there when it counts. I loved Sharon Needles’ look, and rooted for her and screamed when she won, but to quote the great Yankee Hall of Fame catcher Yogi Berra, "It’s déjà vu … all over again".

Larry Tee On His Favorite Project Yet: New Single ‘Charlie’

You can’t talk about the "good ol’ days" of nightlife without homage to Larry Tee. However, Larry, like myself, likes to be remembered for what he has done and acknowledged for what he is doing in the "now.” Larry and I have worked together many times. Sometimes the relationship has been testy, but it is always respectful. He has constantly redefined nightlife and our culture. I was around when he coined the term “Electroclash” for a genre of music that few knew about then. He helped push artists like RuPaul, Peaches, Fischerspooner, and Scissor Sisters into our vocabulary. He talked about Williamsburg while we were still paying Manhattan rents and listening to boring disc jockeys.

His Love Machine party with his Atlanta clan RuPaul, Lahomma Van Zandt, and Lady Bunny was the precursor to so much of our fabulously forward nightlife. He was pushing Amanda Lepore when she was still sporting a push-up bra. I remember hearing him talk about Princess Superstar when she was Princess "I wanna be a” Star. Larry has always been in front of the action. He has always gone where no man has gone before. So when he says that something’s going to be the next thing… we better listen. He and I were partners in crime at Le Palace de Beaute with Michael Alig before the famous crime(s). He has made a rock star out of Perez Hilton and created W.I.T. This can go on and on but as I said up top, Larry is still making it happen in a huge way and we chatted with him about it.

We met many years ago and worked together often. I have always looked at you as an innovator. Electronic music, RuPaul… talk to me about the things and people you helped push into the public view.
I have always been lucky to befriend people who have big talents, from my friends in Georgia like Michael Stipe and RuPaul, to the Scissor Sisters and Afrojack more recently. I have always loved other peoples’ big ideas and have tried to push them into the spotlight too since it’s exciting to watch. My whole Electroclash period of festivals and touring groups like Peaches, Chicks on Speed, Fischerpooner, etc., was all based around my love of outrageous and often political shows. And lately my work has been hi-jacked by more mainstream stars like Santigold, Shontelle, Steve Aoki, and Princess Superstar with my song "Licky" and Afrojack, MDPC and Roxy Cottontail with my "Let’s Make Nasty" track. As ‘crazy’ gets more mainstream with Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga, my brand has been dragged into the mainstream too, thankfully.

Your single comes out today! Tell me about it and how it started.
The song is called “Charlie” and features 15 dogs in wigs dressed as contemporary artists like Chihuahua Del Rey and Stinky Minaj, designed by Lady Gaga’s hair couture genius, Charlie Le Mindu.

How do you get 100 million views on YouTube? That was the question when I decided to make a video with Charlie Le Mindu. Google-image him for sure. After some research, we realized that if you didn’t have Justin Bieber, Rihanna, or Eminem in your video, you better have children or animals. The song “Charlie” is a collage of sound effects, mad pianos, electro-synth riffs, a 60-year-old subway singer, and hyper-percussion bongo breaks, and so we needed something equally madcap to make the video pop.

So we got Charlie to make wigs for 15 dogs. When we were finished shooting, people kept saying that this dog looked like Lana Del Rey or this one looked like Amy Winehouse so we took the idea further and gave the dogs fake celebrity names like “Chihuahua Del Rey” and “Madogga.” It was one of the most satisfying projects in my life, I tell you.

Do you still DJ? What else do you do with your time now spent in London? Why did you abandon us?
Since I have had so many breakouts on the dance floor and in movies these last couple years, it’s led to a DJ residency at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas which is amazing. I was arm wrestling with Pete Wendt from Fall Out Boy at the pool party I did there last week. In London, Super Techno Party Machine at East Bloc is my residency every Friday/ I have guests like Rolf from the 2 Bears, Severino from Horse Meat Disco, Rueben Wu from Ladytron, Chicks on Speed, supermodel Luke Worrall, Richard Mortimer from Ponystep Magzine, and Carmen Xtravaganza from the house of Xtravagnza. What do these guys have in common? Nothing except if I wanted to put on an amazing party, I would want to have lots of diverse guests and sounds! And some fabulousness! And I still consider New York to be my spiritual home, but it was becoming like Groundhog Day where every day seemed like the one before…London has inspired me to make new things and experiment with new sounds, so I’m super happy.

While we are on the subject…what’s great in London club-wise, for people with…er… different perspectives?
London always has new hot spots popping up that are worth a try. Destroy Cluture raves are amazing featuring the Boy London DJ Team, Alis Pelleschi, the post-rave fashion goddess, and Sean Bass, the graphics genius behind the DISNEY bastardizations. Hot Boy Dancing Spot is just what you would expect: BUTT magazine come to life.


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