Art to See Right Now in Miami

The Perez Art Museum Miami debuts The Leisure Pit, a site-based installation featuring a new series of work by Nicolas Lobo produced through the immersion by the artist into subjects like the Go-Go dance scene, pirate radio, and illegal drug fabrication, with materials including grape-flavored cough syrup and Napalm. April 16 through December 13, 2015. 1103 Biscane Boulevard, Miami, FL 33132.

Nicolas Lobo, A rebours/Against Nature, 2014. Photo courtesy of the artist and Gallery Diet.

Gallery Diet hosts Mateo Tannatt’s “HORSE,” open from March 13 through May 2, 2015. This is the first solo show of L.A.-based Tannatt’s formal queries of space in video, painting, and sculpture format. 174 NW 23rd Street, Miami, FL 33127.
Studio Agony (Revisited), 2014, Mateo Tannatt. Courtesy of Gallery Diet.

Ridley Howard’s exhibition of recent works, “Nude at Home,” is on view at Fredric Snitzer gallery from March 29 through May 2, 2015. 1540 NE Miami Court, Miami, FL 33132.
Spring Shoes, 2015, Ridley Howard, courtesy of Fredric Snitzer. 

The Pérez Art Museum hosts Iman Issa: Heritage Studies, including works exploring the relationship of objects, language, history, and memory. Isa’s previously existing videos, photos, and objects are reinterpreted with new accompanying texts to explore how historical objects resonate in the present. April 2 through September 27, 2015. 1103 Biscane Boulevard, Miami, FL 33132.
Triptych #4 (detail), 2009, Iman Issa, courtesy the artist and Rodeo, London and Istanbul.

A Jerome Sans-curated exhibition of Peter Marino’s architecture and personal art collection is on view at the Bass Museum through May 17, 2015. The exhibition features commissioned works by artists such as Gregor Hildebrandt, Guy Limone, Farhad Moshiri, Jean-Michel Othoniel, and Erwin Wurm. 2100 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33139.
Installation view. Photo by Luc Castel.

Five Illuminating Art Exhibitions to See in Miami This Weekend

With February almost upon us and galleries gearing up for what’s next, now’s the time to scope out these five incredible shows.


Peter Marino’s One Way at the Bass Museum of Art, 2100 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach


Peter Marino installation images courtesy of the Bass Museum of Art

Art has long influenced iconic architect Peter Marino’s work–and also encouraged him to create across many disciplines. This exhibition goes in depth on Marino’s influences, invoking his own personal collection of contemporary art, cast among his own creations. This group showcase also features newly commissioned work, all for the sake of getting inside Marino’s eccentric environment at the crux of design, fashion, and art.


25 Years of Art Discourse from Buenos Aires to Miami at Diana Lowenstein Gallery, 2043 North Miami Avenue, Miami

Courtesy of Diana Lowenstein Gallery

This group gala showcase of 50 artists, spanning 4409.72 miles and 9125 days of work, marks the 25th anniversary of the Diana Lowenstein Gallery. These contemporary art pieces span sculpture, painting, and photography created across the far reaches of the world. Curator Ombretta Agró Andruff has arranged all the pieces in eight groups: Color; History; Human Body/Portraits; Materia y Forma; Patterns; Symbolism; Text; and Vacío–altogether delivering a powerful presentation of art that’s passed through the Diana Lowenstein Gallery walls.


Nick Farhi’s Don’t Need Roads at Bill Brady Gallery, 7230 NW Miami Court, Miami

Courtesy of Bill Brady Gallery

As far as debut solo exhibitions go, this collection of art marks a new talent taking inspiration from the skies. Featuring 12 paintings and installation work, the exhibition encourages a balance between release, relaxation, and adventure. There’s definitely a sense of briefly capturing fleeting moments here, but the atmosphere is definitely something viewers will want to hold on to.


Ashley Oubré at Robert Fontaine Gallery, 2349 Northwest 2nd Avenue, Miami

Courtesy of Robert Fontaine Gallery 

Striking, photo-realistic paintings from graphite, carbon pencil, and india ink on canvas, these large scale works deftly capture “socially damaged” subjects. With a remarkable attention to detail and an eerie understanding of her figurative models, Oubré’s paintings carry as much power as they do depth. Light, shadows and texture yield humanity.


Leon Berkowitz: Cascades of Light, Paintings from 1965-1986 at ArtSpace Virginia Miller Galleries169 Madeira Avenue, Coral Gables

Courtesy of ArtSpace Virginia Miller Galleries

While it may be difficult to capture the essence of an artist’s life work in one show, a trip to Coral Gables delivers impactful insight into the world of color-defining Leon Berkowitz. The selections range from his earlier striped canvas works to his more mature abstractions. It’s fascinating to chart an artist’s develop over time–all in one room–but that aside, the mesmeric paintings are reason enough to check this out.


These Fendi Beachfront Dream Homes Could Be Yours

Along with Château Group, Fendi has set up camp along prime Miami waterfront, just two blocks south of the luxury shops at Bal Harbour. When it’s finished in summer 2016, the 12-story condo building’ll host 58 residences — and the residents will be setting down slightly more cash than they would on a Fendi bag, considering the condos clock in anywhere between $5 and $22 million. Perhaps some of your clothing budget can be reallocated? That spend’ll get you Fendi Casa fixtures and fittings, access to a private restaurant, a ballroom, beachfront pools, reflective pools, and an aromatherapy relaxation terrace.

FENDI Chateau Residences 3 FENDI Chateau Residences 4 FENDI Chateau Residences 5 FENDI Chateau Residences 8 FENDI Chateau Residences 9 FENDI Chateau Residences10

FENDI Chateau Residences 1


Barezzito – Party Sushi


2000 Collins Ave
Miami Beach FL 33139

The next time you’re down for a bite and a boogie with a group of like-minded friends, hit up sushi spot Barezzito in South Beach, your one-stop shop for quintessential Miami group outings. Stepping inside, you’ll note the great vibe right off. Plush, brightly colored stools and couches bid a loud bienvenidos as a jazzy soundtrack makes you want to dance in your seat. The mix is hip and sexy, with club inspirations like high tables and low lounge seats that are perfect for dignified nighttime shenanigans. The high-energy crowd—a seamless mix of locals decked out in their finest and a few stylish tourists—will have you doing a double take every few minutes, convinced you just saw a celebrity (you did). Indulge in a selection of Latin-Asian bites, which are as beautiful as they are delicious. Your friends will rave about the cilantro-mojito sauce that accompanies the hamachi triaditozz, which pairs perfectly with the spicy caipiroska cocktail, a blend of Ketel One Citron, lemon, and muddled jalapeños. Gorgeous presentations and spicy libations notwithstanding, Barezzito’s always a hit with friends because it combines the welcoming ambiance of an upscale restaurant with the cool vibes of one of Miami’s hottest lounges. Sip a cocktail, eat some sushi, hit the dance floor, and then repeat the whole process until it’s time to go home, promising you’ll meet here again soon. – See more at:

(305) 397-8882

– See more at Love This City

Seasalt and Pepper – Shipping Inspirations


422 NW North River Dr
Miami FL 33128
(305) 440-4200

Boating enthusiasts with families rejoice, as newcomer Seasalt and Pepper on the Miami River knows exactly how to treat a hungry crew. The little ones will be thrilled by the novelty of a restaurant that can be reached by water, and you’ll be delighted with the ocean-fresh seafood at this chic American seafood brasserie. Show up with your family on weekends and take advantage of kid-friendly distractions that go way beyond crossword puzzles on the back of a cartoon menu. You and your partner will appreciate the chaperoned Junior Lounge, where your offspring are amused by kid-friendly entertainers, movies, and games. Once you know they’re taken care of, take a moment to appreciate the restaurant’s exquisite design. Subtle marine touches harmonize with the bells and whistles of a thoughtfully stylish post-industrial restaurant. The bar is inspired by an old ship, with a maze of wicker baskets hovering over it. Keep your eyes up. A permanent art installation suspended from the high ceiling pays homage to old objects recovered from the river. Retractable garage doors open up to the water, revealing spectacular views of downtown Miami. Whet your appetite with a few succulent morsels from the raw bar, which glistens with the freshest shellfish and crustaceans. Signature casserole entrées are delicious hybrids of culinary cultures, served piping hot in clay crock pots. Finish off your meal with a chilled glass of rosé and watch the sun set as the DJ spins lounge music you last heard at Café del Mar in Ibiza.

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Cipriani Downtown Miami – Dolce Vita


465 Brickell Ave
Miami FL 33131
(786) 329 4090

Italians do romance better, so when it comes to date night in Miami, look no further than Cipriani Downtown. Step out in your finest gear and you’ll find this sizzling restaurant as romantic as a gondola ride through founder Giuseppe Cipriani’s Venice birthplace. Enter through the front doors and take in the stunning waterfront setting. If it’s daytime, sunlight floods a high-ceilinged room. At night, the enormous Murano glass chandeliers will have you basking in their sparkling glow as they make your date’s eyes twinkle even more beautifully. Sink into a cushy white leather banquette together and survey a room full of beautiful jet-setters chatting about the biggest hits at Art Basel. The vintage ocean liner motif may have your mind wandering to first class travel, but a single clink of the signature Lenox Bellina crystal champagne flutes will refocus your attention on the tuna tartar, tagliolini, and luscious Dover sole with curry in front of you. Ask for an extra fork when the rich vanilla merengue cake arrives, or better yet, ask for an extra slice of vanilla meringue cake. Special occasions like this deserve better than calorie-counting. When the meal comes to an end, say arrivederci and take a stroll along the promenade together as the moon reflects off the blue waters of Biscayne Bay.

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Roberto Cavalli Opens a Restaurant: A Conversation With the Fashion Icon

New Yorkers are caught up in last minute frenzy of shopping and holiday plans. Christmas will bring a great silence to the streets, clubs, and restaurants as people spend time with their family and friends. Then, it’s a race to New Years Eve. It happens every year, and it will happen again this year and next as well. Flights are booked to warm exotic places as most choose to watch the ball drop on TV. Miami is one of the best places to say goodbye to last and hello to next.

One of the places that seems most intriguing is the New Year’s Eve is the opening of Roberto Cavalli’s restaurant Cavalli Miami Restaurant & Lounge (150 Ocean Drive.) The legendary fashion designer has gone all in creatively to bring us a place that reflects his perfected aesthetic. From the release:

The restaurant space is recreated to show his intimate private life, a very warm and welcoming design, reminiscent of his villa in Tuscany.

Cavalli Miami  features wine from Tenuta dgeli Dei an estate in Florence which has been owned by the Cavalli family for three decades. The estate produces great Tuscan wine as well as competitive trotter horses. It is mainly operated By Roberto’s son Tomasso. I caught up with Roberto Cavalli and asked him all about it. I left the original Italian translation in because I think it’s so sexy.

Is design universally applicable? If one can design a dress they can design a restaurant. For example a dress may be worn a few times but a restaurant must be durable and materials used need more permanence. Tell me about your experience as a restaurant designer.

Il design è applicabile a livello universale? Se una persona è capace di fare un abito, sono in grado di fare anche un ristorante. Per esempio, un abito può essere indossato più volte, ma in un ristorante i materiali usati devono essere durevoli. Raccontami della tua esperienza di stilista ristoratore.

Roberto Cavalli: Fashion and décor are undeniably intertwined in many different ways. Interior decorating and design expresses the most intimate and personal side of each of us. I love style and I believe it was only a natural passage for me to go from fashion to design, and especially to branch out into the hospitality division. It was simply a matter of timing and deciding how to share my inspirations. Cavalli is not only a fashion brand, it is a lifestyle. As a restaurant designer, there are so many materials, designs and aspects which have to be chosen during the design phases. For example I love to experiment, mix and match textiles and colors. I love to see what I can achieve and the new design limits I can surpass. As a restaurant designer I wanted to achieve and offer the experience imaginable: something unexpected which could not be forgotten.

How long have you wanted to express yourself in this way?
Da quanto tempo volevi esprimerti in questo modo?

RC: For a long time. But in this case, as in many others, timing is everything. Also, I am a true perfectionist. Therefore, I wanted everything to be flawless. There were so many things which had to be taken into consideration.

Cavalli Restaurant & Lounge Miami - Lounge

Will you be at this restaurant often. It is described to me to have a feeling like your home—will you be “home” often
Sarai spesso al ristorante? Hai detto che lo senti come casa tua, sarai a casa spesso quindi?

RC: I will definitely try to come back as often as I can. I love Miami and I love seeing my concepts develop into reality.

Did you get involved with staffing, uniforms and such details?
Sei stato coinvolto anche nella selezione dello staff, delle uniformi ed altri aspetti simili?

RC: I tried to be involved in every single aspect. As I said before, I am a perfectionist and I want to supervise and be a part of everything regarding my projects and my ventures!

So who will enjoy this restaurant?
Chi verrà in quest ristorante?

RC: All people who love to live well and who like to have an unforgettable time. Those who love glamour, elegance and want to be surrounded by love.

Miami has a vibrant nightlife scene which I’m sure the lounge will embrace. Do you have a feel whether or not the brand is exportable to places like Las Vegas or New York or Milan or Paris?
Miami ha un fortissimo spirito di nightlife, che sono certa il lounge sarà in grado di soddisfare. Credi il brand sia esportabile altrove in luoghi come Las Vegas, New York, Milano o Parigi?

RC: I personally think my brand is exportable anywhere in the world, and I actually I already have the Just Cavalli Club in Milan, which is one of the best in Italy. I have always been very successful in my business ventures and believe it will be that way still for many years to come.

Cavalli Miami - Restaurant

Your fashion brand has a great deal of caché. Fashion defines itself by the season—it grows and changes. How do you sit with the more permanent aspect of hospitality design. Is it enough that the menu changes?

Il tuo marchio di moda è molto importante e la moda si definisce stagione per stagione. Come riesci a coniugare l’aspetto più permanente del design nel settore dell’hospitality? E’ abbastanza che cambi solo il menu?

RC: Hospitality is a very tricky business. You need to know to develop a certain knowledge and expertise in order to be successful and to be a lasting establishment.

I see the opening is slated for NYE. Tell me about NYE, why open on that day?
Vedo che l’opening è prevista per Capodanno. Perchè hai deciso di aprire quel giorno

RC: NYE is such an important occasion to celebrate. It is the end of a year, which has just passed and the opportunity to share your joy with loved ones in the hopes of an even better year to come.

What are your personal favorite dishes?
Il tuo piatto preferito?
Salted fish—an incredible and very simple recipe.

Christmas Glittering background. Holiday abstract texture

For New Year’s Eve info Patrick Lingle at 786.236.0876 or via email at 

The Hidden Jewel of Art Basel: Artist Emanuele Viscuso

Amidst the cultural whirlwind that is Art Basel MiamBeach, you may find yourself entranced and engrossed in the week’s myriad art shows, nonstop parties, and warm climate pleasures divergent from the cool austerity of most metropolitan cities and cultural centers. But when it came to BlackBook’s journey down south this year, one of our favorite discoveries was lingering just down the street from all Basel’s excitement—the treasure of Emanuele Viscuso and his exotic home on the bay.

As our first decision made in our Art Basel planning, we opted to stay in an Airbnb house rather than one of the scene-centric hotels the city has to offer. Between the fairs (ABMB, Art Miami, Design Miami, Pulse, Untitled, NADA… the list goes on,) the people, and the parties, we already sensed a need for some quiet respite—and what better way to revive our minds and creative spirit between happenings than with some bay side reflection and relaxation?

Upon looking at Emanuele’s South Beach home, we had a feeling there was something special hiding behind his doors. Perhaps it was the house’s proximity to the water—including a pool, private beach, and 180 degree sunset views—or maybe it was the artwork that lined he house (the photos just don’t do it all justice), but we can say with assurance that there is truly something magical about it. As our host, Emanuele played a major part in our incredible experience—his home and stories of his life as an artist a true inspiration and one of the most unique experiences we could have had in Miami.

BlackBook’s home away from home for the past week, Emanuele’s house is filled with creations of his own from nearly 30 years of work as an artist: sculptures that capture and embody the movement of sound; a Frida Kahlo collaboration with the photographer Leo Matiz; trompe l’oeil library wallpaper. The energy in the house is incredible and supremely revitalizing—most of that comes from the artist himself.

With a background in music as a composer and concert pianist, Emanuele’s love of composition comes to life as the physical embodiment of sound through his countless sculptures throughout the home. Varying in color, shape, texture, and scale they’re a sampling of the versions he has housed at the Observatory of Contemporary Art (Bagheria), Paolo Pini museum in Milan, and Milan’s Malpensa Airport (something to look for on your next Milan Fashion Week excursion). The sculptures encapsulate the motion of music’s physicality—each line is a note, the lines together in varying heights, a chord. The sculptures reverberated with us even more strongly after he treated us to a private piano concert, playing pieces by heart from his own compositions that range from neo-classical wonders filled with emotion to songs akin to classic American jazz standards, as well as the compositions of one of his favorite legends Frederic Chopin.

Between the private concerts (with the stunning view of the bay at night), the Frida Kahlo-themed bedroom, numerous sculptures on view throughout the home, picture frames filled with happy, smiling faces ((Emanuele with Richard Gere, Emanuele with Liza Minnelli…) and the backyard space to beat all backyards, it’s clear we found the true hidden gem of Art Basel Miami Beach—and we couldn’t have been more pleased.

tumblr_mxgvlnT9lr1qaxqhho1_1280 Screen shot 2013-12-08 at 3.18.42 PM tumblr_mxgvlnT9lr1qaxqhho2_1280 tumblr_mxgvlnT9lr1qaxqhho4_1280 tumblr_mxgvlnT9lr1qaxqhho3_1280

Emanuele Viscuso’s work can be found here. 

Almost Everything You Need To Know About Art Basel In One Single Image

Ah, the celebration for Jeff Koons and Dom Pérignon at the Wall – perhaps no other event so perfectly summed up the parties of Art Basel in Miami more than this one. Jam-packed and star-smattered, it was sort of a grown up’s version of the world’s most hyperbolic Sweet 16 Party.

In the photograph above we see Zoe Kravitz, left, daughter of Lenny, who later stood in the DJ booth singing, karaoke-style, over his own 1993 hit, “Are You Gonna Go My Way?” Tucked in the background is gallerist and artist Tony Shafrazi; next to him is DJ Ruckus. To Ruckus’s right, with arm raised, is Aerosmith vocalist Steven Tyler (who also gave some self-karaoke assistance to 1989’s “Love In An Elevator.”) Mr. Tyler is flanked by luxury magazine magnate Jason Binn.

And there you have it.

Photo: David X Prutting and Keith Tiner, BFA