Your Weekend Jams From ‘The Bling Ring’ Soundtrack

Sofia Coppola’s much-hyped upcoming flick The Bling Ring may be the second all-star-cast-plays-teenage-girls-doing-crimes this summer, but it’s the first based on a true story involving terrible reality show alumnae. And, from the tracklist released this week, it looks like the film will have a pretty excellent soundtrack.

Music supervisor Brian Reitzell has worked with Coppola before on other films with excellent soundtracks, including The Virgin Suicides and the Jesus and Mary Chain-tastic Lost in Translation. Joining Reitzell is David Lopatin, better known as Oneohtrix Point Never, who is in charge of the score. The two come together for the “Bling Ring Suite.” The musical stylings and selections of both will certainly have a chance to shine in The Bling Ring.

And, looking at the tracklist as is, the soundtrack includes some excellent weekend party jams, assuming your party really likes Kanye West and krautrock. Which is an entirely possible and workable combination. So let’s kick this Friday off with some key selections from the Bling Ring soundtrack, shall we? Have a good weekend, everybody!

Sleigh Bells – " Crown On The Ground"

Rick Ross (feat. Lil Wayne] "9 Piece"

Rye Rye (feat. M.I.A.) – "Sunshine"

Azealia Banks (feat. Lazy Jay) – "212"

Oneohtrix Point Never – "Ouroboros"

2 Chainz – "Money Machine"

M.I.A. -"Bad Girls"

Kanye West (feat. Rihanna) – “All of the Lights"

Ester Dean (feat. Chris Brown) – "Drop It Low"

Reema Major – "Gucci Bag"

Can -"Halleluwah"

Kanye West – "Power"

Klaus Schulze -"Freeze"

deadmau5 -"FML"

Brian Reitzell and Daniel Lopatin – "Bling Ring Suite"

Phoenix – "Bankrupt!"

Frank Ocean (feat. Earl Sweatshirt) – "Super Rich Kids"

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M.I.A. Drops ‘MATANGI’ Mix for Kenzo Show

Yesterday, Parisian fashion house Kenzo premiered their fall and winter 2013 collections at a show soundtracked with a new M.I.A. mix as bold and multilayered as the threads onstage. The dynamite MATANGI Mixtape will definitely help tide fans waiting for the artist’s new album of the same name (from which we’ve already heard a few tracks, including last year’s excellent "Bad Girls" and another one with lots of tent puns) over before its April 15th release date.

"Paul Simon on acid" it isn’t, but from the first barrage of percussion, to M.I.A.’s declaration of "I’m thankful for my hands / ’cause it’s a good thrower / I’m thankful for my body / ’cause it’s a fucking banger," there are a lot of audible treats worth sampling. Hear the whole thing over at M.I.A.’s SoundCloud page or at MatangiMixtape, and start your week off with a bang. 

Creators Project: The Event of the Summer?

It was hot on Saturday afternoon when people started lining up to claim their wristbands for Creators Project, an all-day celebration of art and technology hosted by Intel and Vice at New York’s Milk Studios. There was a sea of anxious party-goers, and for all of the obvious reasons, I was expecting to hate the event, much like every other detestable summer festival. But this one was different. Ten reasons why after the jump.

1. The lines of people waiting to get their names checked on a list were actually stationed on 18th Street, three blocks up from Milk’s 15th Street location, which meant that the entrance to the actual event was absent of the kind of name-droppers who flirt with bouncers to get in. It was actually sort of insane to walk right up to event and, well, walk right into the event.

2. The food was free. Sure, it was hamburger fare, but at least they were Pop Burger burgers!


3. The doors opened at 2 in the afternoon, and were expected to close about 12 hours later, which, when you’re in a photo studio with tons of other sweaty revelers, can feel a bit like this. It can also get a touch boring. But the Creators had it covered, airing the USA’s final World Cup game out on the loading dock, where Gang Gang Dance, Interpol, and the Rapture would later play.

4. Often, when there are free drinks involved, they come in a variety of awful names and flavors. There was a bit of that at Milk—here’s looking at you, Cosmic Collins—but bars were also fully stocked with beer, wine, and liquor.


5. If you go to the MoMA early in the afternoon, their bathrooms look like Toronto after the G-20. Astonishingly, Milk attendants were kept things tidy throughout the course of the day.



6. The art installations were remarkable. From a cube of flashing, synchronized, colored lights into which guests were invited one by one, to a completely immersive virtual performance by the XX, to a digital scanning machine straight out of Philip K. Dick, the works of art on display were welcoming, interactive, and totally unlike anything I’d ever seen before.

7. The Pop Song panel. Want to watch Mark Ronson create a pop song in under an hour, using vocals from the audience? So did we. Also: holy shit.


8. There were no filler bands—not even the Rapture, about whom I was least excited. The only slight caveat to this is that still-fantastic Sleigh Bells are, counter-intuitively, better in the studio than on stage, and M.I.A. wasn’t killing it. But, oh my god, Die Antwoord, Interpol, Salem, Gang Gang Dance, Mark Ronson, and MNDR: thank you.

9. James Powderly’s laser-pointer show during Interpol’s set was pretty wonderful. How often can one stand near the West Side Highway, listening to “Evil,” while watching someone draw a bunch of giant dicks on the side of an adjacent building with lasers? Answer: not all that often.

10. While all of that was happening, there was a gelato stand offering up free flavored ices!

Photography by Garrett Pruter

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M.I.A. Defends Charges of Ignorance: “Google and Facebook were developed by the CIA”

How’s M.I.A. firing back against her New York Times take down? In case you’re not up to date on the epic spat that’s erupted between British music artist M.I.A. and Times Reporter Lynn Hirschberg, here’s the scoop: Hirschberg published a biting profile of M.I.A. in the Times Magazine that both obliquely and explicitly called M.I.A. out for basically being an ignorant faux-political provocateur. Sample quote: “‘I kind of want to be an outsider,’ she said, eating a truffle-flavored French fry.” Ouch. Elsewhere, Hirschberg cites a member of the Sri Lanka Democracy Forum, who claims that M.I.A.’s political messages have only made the violence and instability in Sri Lanka worse. How did M.I.A. get even?

First, she tweeted Hirschberg’s phone number, inviting her followers to harass Hirschberg. Then M.I.A. posted audio snippets of her interview with Hirschberg trying to prove she was mischaracterized. Perhaps she was! It was Hirschberg herself that ordered the truffled french fries. J’accuse! Not content with this, M.I.A. released a new song titled ‘I’m a Singer,’ in which she raps “lies equals power equals politics.” “You can talk shit to me,” she continues, “I’m used to it / You make me hard with the wounds I have to lick.”

Pharrell Williams Calls Lynn Hirschberg an Original Gangster

Pharrell Williams knows just about everyone. He knows MIA, obviously, but he also happens to know Lynn Hirschberg. We had the chance to break the news to him about the pretty entertaining spat that’s brewing between the New York Times writer and her latest subject over this article, and his reaction is also pretty entertaining.

Before we even explained the details of Maya’s Twitter antics to him, Pharrell exclaimed, “She’s an OG!” at the very mention of Hirschberg’s name. After hearing the story, Williams, who was delightfully shocked, said bluntly. “She fucked with the wrong person.” We agreed, but then wondered if he meant Lynn Hirschberg, or MIA. “MIA, man! Do you have any idea how much weight Lynn pulls!?” We’re pretty sure he was making a joke, but if anyone would know that, it’d probably be Pharrell.