Tommy Hilfiger Gave Nicki Minaj a Crazy-Pricey Rolex for Being His Met Gala Date

What does a ridiculously wealthy fashion designer who has everything give to a ridiculously wealthy pop star who has everything? A $37,000 Rolex watch, obviously, which is exactly what Tommy Hilfiger did at last night’s Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute gala. Before Nicki Minaj even served her guest duties, the famed design star handed her a box enclosed with the coveted Rolex Oyster 41 watch in Everose gold, which she posted on Twitter. The former BlackBook cover star‘s Tweet was accompanied by "Oh gee, thx Tommy," which isn’t exactly how I’d reply if someone gifted me someone’s salary to wear on my wrist. (It would be more like: "OMG, seriously? For me?! Like, this isn’t a joke? I don’t have to give it back, ever? I can’t breath…I can’t breath. Really? Oh, Mr. Hilfiger, thank you! Thank you a thousand times over!")


But this kind of stuff happens to stars all the time, so I get the nonchalance. Hey, it was worth a Tweet, at least. Our friends at The Viviant also note that Zooey Deschanel, Lily Aldridge and her husband Caleb Followill of Kings of Leon were also at Hilfiger’s Met Gala table that night. Wonder if they received the same love? (I really can’t picture Deschanel sporting a Rolex, for some reason.)

6 Intense Hair Situations at Last Night’s Met Gala

A lot happened at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s annual Costume Institute gala last night. The exhibit’s "Punk: Chaos to Couture" theme inspired starlets, songstresses and socialites, to really go for it and sport daring get-ups and beauty looks. Oh, and as expected, Kim Kardashian indeed graced the red carpet with her presence in a custom Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci floral thing that has quickly spawned it’s own "Bitch stole my look!" moment with a sofa. (Social media is fun.) But more than anything, attendees expressed their inner punkdom through crazy hairstyles that ranged from brilliantly bold to major mistakes. Let’s revisit these looks, shall we? Starting with tamest (when Anne Hathaway going blonde is tame, things must be getting wild) to zaniest. 


Always a risk-taker (I’m still defending her Golden Globes dress), Sienna Miller turned up with an expertly-executed comb-over bound by a side spike headband. She paired the look with an equally eye-catching Genevieve Jones’ Teague Ear Cuff in 18K White Gold with Diamond Pave.


Katy Perry continued her Dolce & Gabbana love affair with a hyper-embellished dress and straight-up crown pairing. Oh, hey Kate Upton, is that you trying to photobomb?


Ahh! Miley Cyrus didn’t hold anything back with this hair-raising ‘do, which was big F**K You to all the haters who still don’t understand why she’s going for a look that’s a cross between Susan Powter and Guy Fieri. (Do you see it?)


Nicole Richie dyed her hair grey for the occasion, and it somehow made sense. People have been comparing her to Albert Einsten, which is a pretty lazy observation, if you ask me. She did it way better than Lady Gaga did that one time


Last but not least, I’ll leave you with Sarah Jessica Parker, who wore a costume mohawk by famed milliner Philip Treacy. This proves that SJP will never not be Carrie from Sex and the City because the fashion world continues to hang onto her every over-the-top style moment. Who knew that Hocus Pocus chick would have such a storied career?

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