Michelle Obama Has a New Personal Shopper

Since before fashion week slammed into New York City, questions about who, exactly, was outfitting the first lady in Marc Jacobs and McQueen were left artfully unanswered, though most everyone fingered Meredith Koop, a White House aide, as Michelle’s latest stylist. “For what it’s worth, I hear that Ikram Goldman, the Chicago retailer, is no longer directly involved with Mrs. Obama’s wardrobe, since December,” the New York Times’ beloved baritone Cathy Horyn smuggled into a recent article. Last night, the Washington Post put an end to the speculation.

29-year-old Koop, a former Kappa Delta and graduate of Vanderbilt University, has officially stepped into the unofficial role of Michelle Obama’s stylist. (The first lady has long claimed that she doesn’t require such sartorial servicing.) “Koop learned fashion gospel at the altar of Ikram,” wrote the Post about the famous, avant-Midwest boutique run by Goldman. Says Kristina Schake, a spokeswoman for the first lady, “Ms. Koop’s responsibilities include advising the first lady on her wardrobe and acting on her behalf in arranging for purchases, including considering the best offered price and buying on discount if discounts are available.”

The Posts’ article is as in-depth a profile of a heretofore unknown White House aide as one can reasonably hope for (now-typical Facebook crowdsourcing journalism is applied, as is ‘I sat next to Koop on a plane once’ reportage). Let’s just hope Koop learned enough at Vandy to keep Michelle looking elegant, singular, and controversial.