A Chat with Lara Stone & Alex Prager at the Mercedes-Benz Star Lounge

Yesterday, Dutch supermodel Lara Stone (pictured) and visionary photographer Alex Prager graced the Mercedes-Benz Star Lounge to toast the launch of their Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week key visual. The striking image features a Calvin Klein Collection-clad Stone posing alongside the brand’s new SL Roadster amidst a surrealist setting akin to an Alfred Hitchcock film. Given that this is one of our favorite MBFW key visual’s yet, we sat down with Stone and Prager to learn more about the collab.

BLACKBOOK: Lara, were you familiar with Alex’s work prior to this project?
LARA STONE: Coincidentally, right when we started talking about this job, I received a catalog in the post about a photography auction and Alex’s photos happened to be in it. I was like, "Oh my god, that’s the same person!" It made me even more excited to work with her.

It was meant to be! Alex, what inspired the Alfred Hitchcock theme?
ALEX PRAGER: I feel like the ideas came together organicially. When I found out that Lara was going to be the model, my mind instantly went to Hitchcock because Lara has a strong presence and beauty that embodies the classic lead woman."

Did you have any involvement in selecting the Calvin Klein Collection looks?
AP: We had alot of people involved in selecting the clothing, but I definitely got in there to express my opinion. I thought certain shapes were really important to incorporate and tie into the story we were going for. I wanted dresses that would look beautiful when lifted up and blown into the air, so thankfully Calvin Klein has lots of different shapes to choose from." 

Lara, did anything crazy happen to you on set?
LS: Actually, during the ending bit I got quite sick from being spun in the air too much. I was saying "Oww stop!" but nobody could hear because the wind machine was so loud. [Laughs] So yes, I got spun around a bit too long, but in the end it was worth it because the images turned out really great.