Barbecue For Breakfast? NYC’s The Lion Launches New Summer Brunch

During summer, anything goes. Hooking up with your ex’s best friend’s little brother? Why not. Downing bellinis and playing dirty Hangman on napkins? Cool. Eating barbecue for breakfast? Absolutely. At The Lion – the West Village’s dark wood-skylight-filled restaurant – you can do all of the above thanks to its new $25 Sunday BBQ brunch menu: Lion’s delicious invention that unites smoked pork butt, fried oyster po’boys, and jalapeno-spiked corn bread, all before noon. 

The BBQ brunch menu runs alongside Lion’s usual brunch menu full of fluffy pancakes and wild rice waffles & fried chicken. But it gives it that extra summer edge. Why not eat pulled BBQ-pork sandwich and juicy burgers at 11am? Who’s stopping us from toasting the commencement of summer with a handful of crispy onion rings and a Bloody Mary. Nobody. At The Lion, it’s encouraged. Eat responsibly? No way. 

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Spasso Launches Aperitivo Menu Full of Small Bites and $5 Cocktails

Five dollar fruit-infused cocktails are hard to find in New York. So are $3 crostinis, prosciutto, and stuffed eggs. So when a homey Italian restaurant in the West Village launches a daily aperitivo menu offering all of these things from 4-6pm, we take note. We listen. And we RUN there. To Spasso. Where limoncello and foccacia await.

Spasso’s Milanese-style menu features up to eight seasonal $2-5 snacks and $10 cocktails. But if you check in on Four Square, the drinks are actually 50 percent off  for the first round.

The cocktails feature such drinks as the limoncello and lime-based Maserati; the prosecco and peach Alfa Romeo; and the bourbon and orange twist Lamborghini. Yes, these deliciously-filled flukes are “driving” you and your night in the right direction. Most likely in the direction of THE SMALL BITES.

These bites are more than bites: when put together, they form an assorted platter of all the pre-dinner nibbles your grandmother served that your mom never let you have seconds of. But you’re an adult now, so go wild on such offerings as sliced mortadella and prosciutto, marinated eggplant, seafood salad, and sweet and spicy nuts.

If you’re still hungry when the clock strikes 6pm, stay for one of Spasso’s full meals that are equally as satisfying and three times the size. Or just sleep outside and come back in the next day at 4pm for some more sweet and spicy nuts. Whatever works.