Fratelli Rossetti is Transforming Footwear


When you think of shoes, the first thing that pops into your mind isn’t usually carpet. That is, unless you’ve seen Fratelli Rossetti‘s new striped loafers. The Italian footwear brand has teamed up with handmade rug creators CC-Tapis to debut a line of striped shoes that are equal parts classic and contemporary.

Founded just outside of Milan in 1953, Fratelli Rossetti has become one of the leading names in Italian footwear. With a focus on both craftmanship and comfortability, the brand creates stylish shoes for every season. CC-Tapis, a Milan-based brand, produces eco-friendly rugs that are handmade in Tibet and Nepal.



For their collaboration, Frattelli Rossetti and CC-Tapis created two pairs of multicolored shoes that exemplify both brands’ focus on fashion, function and sustainability. Using white, mauve, pink and black to create a signature striped effect on the soles, the “Stripes Under Your Feet” capsule is a bold, yet understated statement. And in line with both brands’ disdain for mass production, the shoes are limited edition.

So, be the best dressed of your friends and buy them while you can. We have already.


Photos courtesy of Fratelli Rossetti


Kick & Play: Dissecting The Wingtip Shoe

Last month, we shared a casual-looking wingtip that was good for that weekend-casual look. This week, we’re going to talk wingtips – but from the dapper, cleaned-up perspective. From the color to the laces, we’re diving into all the pieces of the classiest and most versatile shoe.

Wingtips originally come from the brogue shoe, a style originating from Scotland and Ireland. First used as an outdoors or country-walking shoe, it was not considered to be appropriate for social or formal occasions. Now? It’s perfect.


gravitypope: Brown

The art and aesthetic of a brown wingtip is remarkable. It’s the most interchangeable shoe when it comes to work and play. You can throw it on jeans – whether they’re rolled up or not – with socks or without socks. And when you throw it on a suit of nearly any color, it’s game over. My favorite look right now: on a blue suit or tapered jeans.

It’s probably also the easiest color to find, so you can get a good-looking pair at almost any budget.

Available nearly everywhere, but try gravitypope for $175.

Cole Haan: Grey

Cole Haan wingtips

Grey leather might be one of the hardest colors to find when it comes to a well-constructed shoe or boot. If you ever spot somebody with a pair of grey leather wingtips, trust that he or she paid a pretty penny. A more common style, but still a great look, is grey suede.

But the look and feel of a leather grey wingtip is quite stunning. That said, they aren’t a shoe that you can wear with everything. With a pair of dark jeans or pants, this pair gives a standout look. But do be careful: scuff marks don’t look as attractive on grey.

Available at Cole Haan, $248.

Wingtip Colors   

shoe colors

Feeling bold? Many footwear companies are now releasing wingtips in bright colors. From blue shades to bright yellows, there are a lot of ways to personify your outfit by sporting an unusual color. In particular, Cole Haan is a brand that definitely wins this battle, but if there’s a color you desire, it’s out there. Just keep digging.


shoe laces

Another way to make your shoe your own is to get creative with laces. Just because you have a brown or black shoe doesn’t mean your laces have to be the same. Add a little flare, and change the lace color to something completely contrasting in nature.

Laces available at your local Nordstrom or Forgetful Gentleman, $19.99-$40.00.


One Girl Cookies, New York, NY
Meet Juliette. She’ll be your best friend. Why? Because she’s a hazelnut cookie. Two hazelnut cookies, actually, with chocolate cinnamon ganache stuffed between them. One Girl Cookies is a very warm, friendly bakery in Brooklyn’s DUMBO and Cobblle Hill, where every cookie is named after ‘one girl.’ From creative ingredients in their cookies to their fun spikey buttercream on cupcakes, this is a must-visit for sweets-lovers.

Millions of Milkshakes, Los Angeles, CA
So Millions of Milkshakes has become one big party that celebrities regularly show up to. But still, they always make it about their shakes, not the crowd. This is one place in LA that really gives you the power to put whatever the hell you want in your milkshake. From the candy to fruit to nuts to powders to fudge, you select a ton of ingredients, pick an ice cream, and watch them blend. Or just go with a celeb’s favorite. Some drinks are simple (Kim Kardashian Shake: strawberries and bananas topped with whip) while some are absolutely insane (The Jabbawockeez Jabba Zabba Wokstar Shake: Nutella, cookie dough,  nuts, brownies, mixed berries, Ferrero rocher, bananas, Reese’s peanut butter cups, swirl ice cream, whipped cream, and gummy bears).  The name isn’t a joke. You can make or drink whatever your heart desires.

Sauce, San Francisco, CA
Sauce is a restaurant with a tagline: Drink. Eat. What should you eat? The dessert sampler. Why? Because it comes with all three magical creations. Cookie dough bonbons with vanilla ice cream. Fresh cinnamon sugar doughnuts with vanilla bourbon sauce. Strawberry sponge cake with Frangelico peanut butter and vanilla ice cream. This late-night café in San Francisco is just what your Friday nights need.

Walk fresh. Eat right. Be well.


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So, There Are Manhood-Enhancing Swimsuits

It’s funny: one freezing January morn you could go shopping for a heavy winter coat and find the stores full of nothing but clothes more appropriate for spring. And our minds do something similar, wandering ahead of the current season, looking forward to a change in the air. You’ve caught yourself daydreaming about the summer, the beach. But when the time comes to strip down to swimwear, will you have the confidence to strut your stuff?

YOU WILL, with the help of, a website devoted to resolving a very specific problem: those regular little swimming briefs aren’t sexy enough! How do Cocksox® briefs enhance and emphasize your package? It’s quite simple: Cocksox® are “made from technologically advanced SUPPLEX® fabric, which is slightly heavier than the cotton in most cotton undies” and “come in styles ranging from traditional boxer briefs through to the super revealing mesh sling shot.”

Summer is saved! So rest easy these cold months in the knowledge that when the mercury hits 90º, you’ll get to call explicit attention to your sexual organ with a camo- or leopard-patterned dick thong. According to the helpful diagram below, you won’t have to worry about rings or slings, whatever that means. Cocksox® swim suits will also angle your penis up somewhat, like you have a tiny soft boner. Just like you always wanted.

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Flip-Flops and Sandals: Let’s Cut Them Out, Gentlemen

Hey, you guys (and I mean that not in the familial bloggy voice but literally, I’m talking to you guys, dudes, men, whatever). We’ve got to talk. And it’s a serious subject and I want you to pay close attention. I know the summer’s here and you’re embracing shorts and t-shirts and, in some cases, tank tops (do you!), but we’re really pushing the envelope when it comes to what you’re wearing on your feet. Sandals and flip-flops? No. We have to issue a moratorium on such footwear, and I’ll tell you why.

It’s your feet, you guys. Your feet are disgusting.

Now, I’m no stranger to the fight. I love how great boat shoes and top siders look, and thank goodness they’re in style because I’ll be rocking them all summer! Yes, they’re rough on my feet, especially when I’m breaking them in. And wearing socks and boat-shoes is a big no-no, especially when it’s warm enough for shorts. You don’t want to look like your grandpa with the loafers and the tall white socks paired with your cargo shorts. (While we’re on the subject of shorts, let’s briefly touch base and all agree that shorts should have a maximum of four pockets—two in the front, two in the back, and that’s it.) And I get that you want to let your feet breathe, because summer’s hell on those encased and unsocked dogs of yours. 

But look, you can’t just let those feet out in the open, especially in their present condition. You must realize that other people can see your feet—passing you on the street, sitting next to you on the subway. Gentlemen, your feet look like hell. 

First of all, clip your toenails. Clip them! This is vital, because they’re just waiting to poke an eye out. And while you’re fiddling with your nails, might I suggest you clean them, as well? And your heels. I am worried about your heels. Moisturize, men! Your heels are about to fall off and everyone will see because you’re convinced that it’s perfectly appropriate to expose them to the wild with little protection to keep them intact save for the strap of leather keeping your woven sandals on. 

Another pro-tip: Don’t wear those kind of sandals. I have made the same mistake, but in my defense I was 17 years old and it was 2001:

tyler sandals

Basically, you have two options. Either you ditch the sandals for closed-toe shoes like regular adults, or you go ahead and get yourselves a pedicure. I know, I know, you’re a man, but if you’re going to be confident enough to bust out your feet in public, you should probably feel comfortable having someone clean them off for you since you’re so clearly against doing it yourselves. Think of the children! And also of the ladies, if you’re into the whole heteronormative generalizations and stuff. They’re worried about your feet, too. 

Pop Up Flea Returns For Third Year

Michael Williams of A Continuous Lean and Randy Goldberg of UrbanDaddy are teaming up again this weekend for the third annual Pop Up Flea, featuring new and vintage goods for men. Temporarily filling the Openhouse Gallery at 201 Mulberry Street, the Pop Up Flea is appropriately part flea market, part pop-up shop.

You’re guaranteed to see hand-tooled leather goods, cabin-chic design-y items, and plenty of plaid. The list of vendors is a who’s who of the best in classic men’s fashion and accessories, including Billykirk, Gitman Brothers Vintage, Schott NYC, L.L. Bean Signature, Gant, and Oak Street Bootmakers. The Flea opens Friday at 3pm and runs through the weekend. Full details here.

Rick Owens’ Blistered Leather Jackets

If yesterday’s jacket was too much Chamonix and not enough Shoreditch, why not look to Rick Owens for your more urban alternative? Check out these two pieces, with Owens’ signature semi-destroyed and blistered leather treatment. The high-necked and hooded Scuba jacket fits like a gem and is surprisingly warm (I tried it on last week, but with a price tag skyward of $3,000, this may have to wait until…well forever).

The Bomber is an equally cool albeit slightly more traditional option. Either way, you can’t really go wrong with a Rick Owens jacket—they are impeccably well made and permanently stylish. But considering they can cost the equivalent of a down payment on a car, just make sure you really want it. Available at Rick Owens.

The Latest from ‘Fantastic Man’: Plus-Size Model & Sponsored Content

For its latest issue, European men’s magazine Fantastic Man dips its well manicured toes into both the plus-size model and sponsored content pools for the first time. There’s been endless blog banter surrounding women’s magazines’ semi-embrace of plus-size models in recent months, but it’s Fantastic Man‘s that’s highlighting a larger male model for its 11th installment. Men’s mannequins may be slimming down significantly this season, but over at the uber-sleek title from the duo behind Butt magazine, a male model with a sizable stomach and softness around just about every edge is front-and-center in a fashion editorial. “A series of stylistic suggestions for bold summer fashions to be worn by gentlemen of quite marvelous shape,” reads the display.

Meanwhile, a co-branded fashion editorial from Fantastic Man and H&M warrants a raised eyebrow. I’ve written before about the wild success Monocle enjoys with co-branded products, but this sponsored content is slightly different. Essentially, the styling and setting of the fashion shoot read like regular Fantastic Man, while the clothes all come from a sole proprietor. Conde Nast women’s rags have tried this kind of partnership before, and I’ve rarely seen it executed in such a mutually complimentary fashion, but the advertorial isn’t likely to go over well with all readers given the fine line it blurs. Still, it’s by no means as, er, subtle an endorsement as Tavi and her endless assortment of SS10 Miu Miu wares.

Men Love Manx

Women aren’t the only ones who love a garment with a little firmness.With new shapewear styles flooding the men’s wear market in the last few months, purveyors of the male version of Spanx—Manx—have watched sales go through the roof. “We are selling them as quickly as Spanx can make them,” Neiman Marcus’ s men’s fashion director Nickelson Wooster told the New York Times. Meanwhile, Michael Kleinmann, the president of Freshpair, a purveyor of men’s and women’s underwear, called Manx “the next big thing.” Another popular but hush-hush product in profile-enhancing underwear is in the works, a wonder-garment Kleinmann called “the equivalent of a push-up bra” for men. Not surprisingly, online sales heavily outweigh those of in-store purchases. It seems men are shy about shopping for Manx in the public domain.

What are the big selling points for the garment, aside from slimming down dudes’ silhouettes? Some men are claiming that the suction-like style actually relieves back pain—likely bull but a claim nonetheless—which is not to detract from another another, possibly more important benefit: Manx can help men be less self-conscious about their nipples. The real catalyst for purchasing slimming undergarments is either insecurity or vanity. Men are looking for a simple sartorial pick-me-up the same way women have for centuries. After all, aren’t Spanx really just modern day corsets (albeit far more comfortable versions)? That said, there’s no denying there’s a double-standard with regard to men and women and their respective self-maintenance. And with everything from murses to heavage and meggings circulating heavily in men’s fashion, I think Dockers’ ‘Wear the Pants ‘ campaign has the right idea.

Why Men Have It Made For 2010

Roland Mouret is doing it. So is Ruffian, whose lower-priced line for guys will debut at Macy’s this spring. Add Matthew Williamson and Zero + Maria Cornejo to the list too. Now comes news that John Galliano, the eccentric, long locked designer behind Dior who made a name for himself designing clothing for women, will be getting into the men’s wear game as well.

Galliano is launching a men’s line under his namesake label. According to an Ittierre spokesperson, “the target consumers are ‘trendsetting, extravagant, adventurous’.” Given Galliano’s personal style (for which words like lavish and over-the-top can be a vast understatement), don’t expect the sleek, extremely slim and often monochromatic styles like those for which the men’s side of Dior is synonymous. The collection is set to debut on Jan. 18 at men’s fashion week in Paris. While seeing what Galliano has in store will surely be a treat, let’s just hope the catwalks are spared to particular budding man fashion trends come spring.