ME Cancun Goes All-Inclusive, So Drink Your Hearts Out

This past weekend, ME Cancun Resort officially went all-inclusive. I was questioning whether this was a smart approach, but then realized, as a guest, how much money I saved on booze. Lots. And food, too, but mostly to soak up the booze. I also no longer have to worry about non-guests taking that beach palapa with my name on it. There’s also free fitness classes, free WIFI, and free select items in the mini-bar. That said, there’s still some kinks to be worked out. For instance, hard liquor in the rooms costs extra, but you can go downstairs and get it for free. Weird. But I have legs.

For those who don’t know, ME is part of the Spanish brand Sol Melia, which is basically equivalent to Starwood’s W. The fact The Real World: Cancun was filmed here jacked up the hotel’s “cool” factor for Americans, who now come in throngs to relive…reality. Though tours of the Real World suite are not available to the masses, you can throw down $7,500 a night for the suite, if that’s how you roll.

ME Cancun offers three swimming pools, including two adult pools (I didn’t see a single child the entire stay), a full-service YHI spa, and a new partnership with London’s Hed Kandi and NYC’s 4AM DJs, who will provide their music in public spaces and make frequent cameos.

It’s funny to think Cancun made a serious bid to shed that “Spring Break” image a few years ago, positioning the beach spot as “luxury,” but it looks like ME hotel is bringing back the party. Seriously, booze and DJs aside, the mini-bar offers three different types of condoms, chocolate body paint, and a weird vibrating cock ring thing. I’m still trying to figure out what it is. In any case, it takes “party in my pants” to a whole new level.