Was Kirsten Dunst’s “Turning Japanese” the Catalyst for the Pastel Hair Trend?

Not long ago I was admiring Kirsten Dunst’s new bleach job, positive that the Antionette would be the next to follow Proenza Schouler’s surf-punk beauties and dip her tips into a pot of pastel blue, or streak her white-blond locks with bit of mint green. Little did I know she was the one who started the trend long before the catwalks teemed with color-threaded tow-heads. Last August Kiki bopped around with bright blue hair and a pastel sailor getup in a wack-a-doo Takashi Murakami video, directed by McG for the London-based art show Pop Life: Art in a Material World. The video, which has Dunst singing a Vapors cover of “Turning Japanese,” surfaced last month, just in time for blondies like Pixie Geldoff and Ashley Olsen to techni-color their hair, but was promptly pulled from every website known to the internet. Now it’s back up, just in case you needed one more reason to dye your hair cotton-candy blue. Video and other Easter-time dye jobs after the jump.

Comme Des Garcon’s Technicolor Coifs image

Becka Diamond, Ashley Olsen and Pixie Geldof’s Pastel Hair image (Who What Wear)

Fashionista’s Ode to Pastel Brows image

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