Will The Ban On Over-16 oz. Sugary Drinks Mean The End of Bottle Service?

The mayor—in his zeal to leave office with us all healthy and fit and doing good things for the environment—has pushed through new regulations that will ensure all that. The ban on sugary drinks larger than 16 ounces may have severe and adverse affects on bottle service. All details here.

A strict interpretation of the rule by the NYC Department of Health will basically ban the common carafe from being used. That means the bottle of Goose or rum will not be accompanied by non-diet soda unless in small containers, and only one small container per person at a table is allowed. Heaven help a joint if patrons leave a table for a wiz and there are seven small containers and only four people present during an inspection.

Juices, unless they are 100 percent fruit juices, are also limited. No one serves 100 percent fruit juice. Fines will happen, and places will spend money to adjust. Having lots of small bottles or teensy carafes is a problem because, first of all, they are expensive, and secondly, tables have limited room. Tonic water, 7UP, and Coke or Pepsi are now villains in the eyes of this zealous administration. I personally only use diet but I am in the minority. Management-level personnel that I have talked to say this wasn’t thought out, and they intend to beseech the city for an exception.

A "sky is falling" attitude will be seen by city officials as a "boy who cried wolf" situation, as clubland predicted its own demise with the smoking ban. Somehow we all survived and our hair is cleaner and probably our lungs as well. This may be different since the city cannot expect a complete retooling of the industry’s breadwinner – bottle service – on such short notice.

I believe a carafe is never intended as something someone drinks directly from, so that does not fall into that 16-ounce serving size ban. Fines will be issued and someone will rule on this, but I must say that under this administration it has been very difficult for the average businessman to survive. Shouldn’t places that have invested in certain sized tables and soda gun situations, and have contracts or relationships with soda and juice vendors be grandfathered in? I can see forcing places to have more healthy choices, like fresh juice and more diet beverages, but to change the game like this seems very rude and lacks an understanding of the realities of the biz.

Given another four or 10 years in office, Mayor Mike would surely try to control who and how we sleep with people, ban bacon and maybe eggs, demand comfortable shoes instead of those harmful high heels, and prevent us from watching those ulcer-inducing Mets. All the good that he is done is diminished by his condescending dictator-elect attitude. People who want lots of sugary soda will buy multiple bottles which may or may not be recycled. Where does it fucking end?

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The Poor & Rich: the NYC Homeless, Champagne at Winston’s, Mark Baker’s Birthday

The night started at Winston’s, where champagne flowed and bon vivants were on their best behavior. I was then caught in that time trap that we Williamsburgers sometimes find ourselves in. It was too early for anything else, but going back to Brooklyn might end up being it for the night. That wouldn’t do: I had places to be. So I decided to take in the glorious night and walk down 14th Street to The Darby and Snap to await Amanda. I would meet my better half there before heading to Meatpacking. The swells and damsels in fine dresses of Winston’s were replaced by desperate men and damsels in distress pleading for anything I had and they didn’t. The $1,000 bottle of champagne set, $1000 shoe sets’ banter echoed in my ear as I ran out of change fast and decided I couldn’t feed the world. Who can.

Maybe a billionare like Mayor Bloomberg could make a dent on this tragedy under our feet. Maybe the city could do more. It got less insane as I moved off Union Square – but still, the hands were stretched for hand-outs.There was a party of some sorts by the Salvation Army Headquarters: dogs and sleeping bags and lots of young homeless drinking inexpensive bottles of swill. I read on my expensive phone earlier that our Mayor had banned food donations to homeless shelters because "the city can’t assess their salt, fat, and fiber content." The people I passed didn’t have calorie counters on their phones. Billionaire Mayor is worried about the nutritional needs of people who are rummaging through garbage and afraid of the places the city provides for them. I needed a drink and some thicker skin. I hated that my eyes avoided them, that I had moves with my hand and arms and head that could tell them I wasn’t going to be helping them.

The long legs of the gorgeous were supporting expensive smiles outside The Darby. The gays going into Stash’s gay night soiree were ear-to-ear as well. A couple of dozen Snap sports bar patrons were watching millionaires run around with balls. The spring is just born and the warm weather will soon bring the desperate hordes from everywhere. It’s beginning to feel like a Steinbeck tome out there. The tourists who support our economy will soon be here in herds, taking serpentine routes around the indigent to get to a place to spend $500 on a bottle of booze. I was swept up by my Amanda, and we politely passed on the cheap flowers from the more tycoon-ish poor. I remembered another article I had read earlier in the day which said that the Bloomberg administration was going to implement a policy where single adults would have to prove that they had no place else to stay but in a shelter. The people I passed could barely prove they were alive. How could they prove anything. Are their clothes smelly or torn enough, their demeanor below the civilized line the Mayor and his set have carved in the concrete? Can they sell their desperation enough to get in. Who are the doormen at these shelters? Will it be "Sorry, you’re dressed too nicely to get in?" I guess the flower peddlers wouldn’t qualify and the old lady with the old coffee cup with change in it wouldn’t either; they’re way too prosperous. That cup and it’s contents prove she can pay for a cot in a flophouse where she will surely meet some great people who will entertain her with threats and possibly worse. Maybe this isn’t the forum. Maybe my nightlife column should ignore what my eyes couldn’t ignore as I traveled from one heaven to the next.

The Double Seven opened up its doors for me and mine. Their door policies being the polar opposite of the Mayor’s. You had to have loot or be someone who can drive their brand to get in here. Single adults are encouraged. Money gets you in, not out. I was there for my dear friend Mark Baker’s 50th birthday bash. Mark will forgive me for using his article to air out my sudden conscious. He has a heart of gold and I’m sure feels the same sadness at the madness all around us.

Six bottles of Beau Joie Champagne were delivered to his tables; beautiful girls and sparklers and all the fluff that goes with a good time. The crowd was known to me, veterans of nightlife and the upwardly mobile, partying like it’s no longer 1999. All around the Goose and the champagne was helping the gathering affirm their good life. DJ Elle was playing a superb set – music that most of clubland has given up for pop mediocrity, offerings spewed by bad boys with laptops. Elle can go. She has the taste, the style, the guts, and more importantly the backing of the club to play the good stuff. I’m sure some of the crowd was soon rushing off to somewhere after for their Rihanna fixes, but while they were at The Double Seven, their ears were to be enlightened.

Mark Baker turning 50 is unbelievable. The energizer bunny of nightlife, Mr. Baker had an earlier go of it at the Liberty Theater for the launch of Malibu Red, with Ne-Yo performing. He’s off to Miami now to continue his celebration. There he will hold court at the Raleigh Hotel for this Music Loves Fashion thing. I have known Mark a long time. Our old dogs played with each other on Hamptons beaches a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away when they were alive and young, when we were also younger. He is a young man compared to me. I told him I have shoes that are 50 and, sadly or wonderfully, it’s almost true. He is a gentleman who deserves all that the world has to offer. Seeing him smile as all the love, affection, and attention came to him last night put a smile on my face. Cameras jumped up to catch THAT event.

I asked Mark about hitting the half-century mark.

"First I never even thought I’d live past 40 so making a half century is just a bonus to me lol, I feel better than ever (and cutting some bad things out of my life have made things WAY better) …..no more sweating the small stuff as everything WILL be ok, we’ve made it this far so stressing over bs just isn’t necessary, I cherish and value the LONGTERM friends I’ve made over the years and even laugh harder with a couple that I’ve scrapped with, life is good, business is great and gf relationships .. Well you know how they go in this business lol.its always a work in progress (isn’t there a club called that ? Lol….I’m blessed to have the life I have and I work hard at keeping things as simple and drama free as possible and  happy day to day…Just have to rememember …"LIFE…IS GOOD"…:-).
Ps ! I’m celebrating with a four day marathon party starting on wednesday at the liberty theater and the double seven and ending in miami on saturday with a pool party at the RALEIGH..your welcome to join….if you can keep up….lol"

Watch Mayor Bloomberg Perform a Broadway Number with Nick Jonas

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is known to don a Broadway costume and bring out his singing voice each year during the city’s Inner Circle charity dinner, and last night was no exception. Bloomberg performed alongside How to Succeed in Business Without Even Trying stars Nick Jonas and Beau Bridges in a custom-tailored spoof of the hit Broadway show. Here’s "How to Succeed by Bloomberg."

You were a great sport, Mayor Bloomberg, but I wouldn’t recommend quitting your day job (not that you need the money).

Morning Links: Bloomberg Upset by Diddy’s NYPD Escort, Lindsay Lohan Blames Mercury for Her Woes

● Mayor Bloomberg wasn’t pleased to hear that the NYPD provided Diddy with a police escort to his New Jersey afterparty last week. Diddy’s people claim that the mogul “was stuck,” and the apparently well-connected dry cleaner who arranged for the special ride says it “all happened last-minute.” [NYP] ● Video game company Gate Five is suing “diva grinch” Beyonce for $100 million for pulling out of a dance game, causing the company to lay off 70 employees a week before Christmas. [Page Six] ● Gwyneth Paltrow has been following her muse lately, but calling her grandmother a cunt on Chelsea Lately yesterday might have been taking things too far. “She must’ve been in a lot of pain,” said Paltrow, “because she was mean as hell.” [NYDN]

● Lindsay Lohan had a rough Good Friday in court and is now blaming the planets for her woes. “Mercury must be in retro-grade,” she told Jay Leno last night. Which, okay, on Friday it was! [Gawker] ● will.i.am. thinks it’s a turn-off for girls to have condoms. “That’s just tacky,” he told Elle. That he admitted that his mom made him masturbate for the first time when he was 19, which makes us think things are…complicated. [Elle] ● Having signed off Governator duty, Arnold Schwarzenegger is looking to suit back up as the Terminator. Apparently, he and Fast Five director Justin Lin are shopping a new sequel to studios, a sequel we can only imagine will involve more chiropractors and ice-packs than previous iterations. [HR]

Mike Bloomberg Mocks ‘Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark’

Apparently Mike Bloomberg does comedy? At last night’s Inner Circle comedy show, put on by City Hall reporters, the mayor arrived dressed up as Spider-Man, getting stuck (intentionally) in mid-air to poke fun at the flailing Spider-Man musical’s technical problems. “Will I be up here long?” he joked. Our mayor, everyone!

A stagehand replied, “We just have to issue an RFP, get three bona-fide bids, go before the community board, submit a ULURP application, and do an environmental-impact statement — and we’ll have you down and you can grab the train home.” Get it? The extended joke is kind of a clunker, but it’s nonetheless refreshing to see the mayor being silly. Points for trying.

Plus this picture, via the Post, is crazy:


Bloomberg also made fun of a number of different NYC-related topics, like the newly named “Ed Koch-Queensboro Bridge” and the city’s unpopular response to the blizzard in December. The theme of the night was “Meet the Focker-Uppers,” in reference to Meet the Parents, which is literally an eleven-year-old cultural allusion. Couldn’t have been written by anyone under the age of 40, I suspect.

Morning Links: Justin Bieber Hosts ‘Daily Show,’ Lady Gaga’s Album Sounds like Mint Fields

● A jacket-ed Justin Bieber made for a cute Jon Stewart on last night’s Daily Show. Stewart, on the other hand, looked less-cute in his Bieber-esque purple hoodie. [GawkerTV] ● Designer Thakoon Panichugul’s designer Yorkshire terrier-Chihuaha mix, Stevie, has reportedly become quite snappy in the approach of Fashion Week deadlines. So snappy he even bit an intern! Thakoon’s reps are denying it. [NYP] ●Oh no! Miley Cyrus got another tattoo! The new dream-catcher inked under her arm makes five, and we all know what five tattoos means for a young starlet, don’t we? (Gang bang queen.) [People]

● DJ White Shadow, a primary collaborator on Lady Gaga’s upcoming Born This Way says the Lady’s latest is, “Like a golden spaceship touching down on a rainbow runway in a field of fresh mint.” [Billboard] ● You can now buy a piece of internet history: The man with the golden voice, Ted Williams, is selling the cardboard sign and camo jacket he wore in the YouTube video that brought him initial internet fame. [TMZ] ● This week’s Valentines-themed New Yorker cover finds NYC Mayor Bloomberg gazing loningly into the eyes of his number one admirer — himself. “I thought it was cute looking into the mirror,” he told reporters. [CityRoom]

Bloomberg’s Quest to Save Fashion

Mayor Michael Bloomberg is making the survival of the Big Apple’s fashion industry his pet project. The Mayor has already involved himself in Anna Wintour-approved initiatives, like her incubator for emerging designers, and it appears that his commitment to fashion is only growing. In fact, he’s got a six-point plan. “Outlined at the Women’s Wear Daily C.E.O. Summit at the Plaza Hotel, the mayor’s initiatives are intended to reinforce the city’s position as a magnet for emerging designers and to nurture the next wave of design, management and retail professionals,” says the New York Times. After city officials and fashion-industry heavyweights participated in a year-long study, called FashionNY2020, Bloomberg has settled on half-a-dozen initiatives that should encourage the stability and vibrancy of the industry.

First up is the NYC Fashion Fund, which will work much like the CFDA/Vogue award of the same name by honoring burgeoning brands with capital and insider support. Then there’s Project Pop-Up, which challenges designers to come up with original, temporary brick-and-mortar environments. New York City Fashion Fellows “will single out 30 rising stars in fashion management; and Designer as Entrepreneur, which will teach emerging designers to develop business plans and management skills.” What’s especially interesting here is the emphasis on business experience as opposed to creative talent. After all, heading a fashion label is no easy feat, and raw design skills do not a successful label make. Also of note: the fact that NYC has proven itself beyond a doubt to be the global capital of young designers. Paris, Milan, and London have produced significantly fewer major designers in recent years. Bloomberg, for one, has no doubt that’s because NYC is focused not just on finding the freshest talent, but on finding the best ways to support those designers.