Gigi Hadid Books Maybelline: The 11 Key Moments That Got Her There

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Watch your back, Cara. 19-year-old Gigi Hadid is everywhere and she is killing it. Just weeks ago she was signed as the new face of Victoria’s Secret PINK and on the heels of that news, comes the super big news, which broke at midnight, that the supermodel du jour has signed with Maybelline. Just how big is this news? Well, big enough that her agency, IMG, presented her the final contract in the form of a wrapped gift.

Hadid started modeling for Guess Kids at age two, and so it’s with 17-years of behind-the-scenes knowledge that we present to you our collection of inspiration from the youthful, fresh-faced, and extremely well-dressed model.

2014 American Music Awards - ArrivalsPhoto: John Salangsang/

Damn girl. Gigi’s beachy waves and sunkissed cheeks soften the sharp look of this super fashion-forward paneled suit.


This dress looks like it was made for the girl.


Gigi’s got such a baby face (in the best way!), so her sleek, straightened locks really complement the sophistication of this all Chanel, leather pants ensemble.


A bit of a ’90s throwback here, with the slinky strapped shoes and the micro mini. I’m feeling Cher Horowitz vibes. The lavender fur + her blowout are perfection.


A darker eye for this sexy, extra cleavage baring, glitzy look and it’s mile high thigh slit.

Private Listening Party for THEOPHILUS LONDON'S new album: VIBESPhoto: Matteo Prandoni/

The quintessential model-off-duty look. Hair pulled back. Elevated basics. Somehow effortless perfection in its finest execution.

LAVA RECORDS "Lucky 13" DinnerPhoto: David X Prutting/

Kinda digging some ’90s vibes here too. Gigi loves a minimal, strappy sandal and the square toe on this one plus the cropped mock-neck top are a throwback to days before Hadid was born.

The Worldwide Editors of HARPER'S BAZAAR Celebrate ICONS by CARINE ROITFELDPhoto: Benjamin Lozovsky/

Making polka dots look sophisticated.

DKNY & HANNAH BRONFMAN Host Memorial Day Weekend Fundraising Dinner and Cocktail Party Benefiting Ovarian Cancer Research FundPhoto: Carly Erickson/

Hadid’s glowing skin and high ponytail are the perfect complement to this slinky bright orange gown.

Letters,Photo: Madison McGaw/

Gigi does ’70s rock goddess just as well with her teased out curls, whiskered skinnies, and dramatic cape.

PORTER MAG Launch CelebrationPhoto: Neil Rasmus/

We should all add a pair of leopard boots to our wardrobes now.

Congrats, Gigi, here’s to many more killer outfits and a lifetime supply of Maybelline!


10 Lipsticks That Last under the Mistletoe

Ella Petrusko (Marilyn) wears Chinti and Parker intarsia hugs and kisses sweater. Photographed by Justin Bridges. Hair and makeup by Ashley Rebecca. Styled by Alyssa Shapiro.


The Premise

A few weeks ago, two unlikely events coincided in a way that suggests near cinematic serendipity.

I met a boy, who, when I told him what I do for work, made an off-the-cuff remark about my job sounding like something out of a romantic comedy. Little did he (or I for that matter) realize just how much that would please me.

I think, (subconsciously, at least), there’s nothing more exciting to me than to imagine myself a heroine in some sort of How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, 13 Going on 30The Devil Wears Prada, that is in fact, just my real life.

Around the same time, our Senior Style Editor, Alyssa, who so gorgeously styled Ella in the above photographs, told me matter-of-factly that “could I please go on some dates, kiss some boys, and report back as to which red lipsticks stayed put.”

You can imagine the look on my mother’s face when I told her about my latest adventure. I was thoroughly entertained by the proposition and then failed to do my job until the day before this piece here was due. Having gone on a number of dates in pink stains or bare-lipped, I’d totally shirked my serious duties.

This negligence resulted in the following text to aforementioned boy: “Hi, so. remember that red lipstick article I was telling you about? What are you doing tonight? It’s due tomorrow….” I can assure you the waiting period on a reply was excruciating.

Special thanks to this anonymous gentleman for being super game. (Although it’d be pretty offensive if he weren’t, right?) As for me, it’s a tough life but…someone’s gotta do it right? 😉


Seeking A True Red 


A photo posted by Sara (@sarajanenyc) on

For every five red lipsticks I examined for this story, about two were what one might consider a true red. The other three were disregarded. The following reds are legit, hues that evoke classic screen sirens—the Marilyn Monroes of yesteryear to the Taylor Swifts of today. “Too pink,” or “too orange” or “too wine” or “too berry,” were all eliminated.


I’m going to call my co-tester, A, (for anonymous). We decide to consider a number of factors: how much lipstick is on his face, how much lipstick stays on my lips, and, to a lesser degree smell/taste and other guy-friendly matters.

lipsticks 1Everything but the mistletoe!

Best Practices

The best thing lipstick-wearing ladies can do is let our lips dry, refrain from eating, drinking, and talking and let the lipstick set. (Shutting up was a challenge for me). Begin with a primer. I used Make’s as much as I could, to provide a smooth foundation for the lipstick to cover. Even the best options need some drying time before you hop under the mistletoe.

Two other helpful tools:

As many Bite Lush Lip Wipes as you can possibly hoard. I didn’t have nearly enough and my skin was worse for it.

Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay in Place Lip Pencil which basically creates invisible lines to draw within when applying.

The Winners

1. Estée Lauder Pure Color Long Lasting Lipstick in Scarlet Siren is a true classic red that made it through a chai latte in the afternoon and a kiss in the evening. That’s not to say there were no traces to be found on A’s lips but my look remained in tact. It’s also less drying than most longwear formulas.


so. many. selfies.


2. Maybelline’s Super Stay 14Hr Lipstick in Ravishing Rouge is a super affordable option with a fruity scent that A appreciates and also stands some tea drinking tests. Another of the less drying formulas. A calls this “sturdy.”

3. MAC’s Matte Ruby Woo is a time-tested, mass-approved favorite. If given time to set, this baby won’t budge. Shopping before the kissing appointment (seriously, though), I notice the cashier’s solidly in-place red lip. Sure enough, it’s Ruby Woo.

4. Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G. in Love Bite is a favorite for color. Its old Hollywood-esque packaging is also a draw.

5. Gucci in Iconic Red is an accessory on its own thanks to its sleek black case and internal Gucci-logo detailing. It is actually deserving of it’s name (unlike many so-called reds!)

6. Butter London in Come to Bed Red is a moisturizing, brighter classic red with a matte finish (a plus for longlasting potential).

7. Bite Cashmere Lip Cream in Rioja is a liquid lipstick (so the application experience is different). It’s not guaranteed to leave the lucky recipient of your kiss color free, but it is pigmented enough to keep your lips stained with its gorgeous, deep red color post-kiss.

8. Hourglass Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick in Icon is a classic shade, but definitely a darker one. This will set like a stain—a major pro for long-lastingness, but I would use primer so it doesn’t sink into a liner-only look.

9. Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in F-Bomb is a moisturizing formula from a brand I’ve always found reliable for professional-level cosmetics. I prefer lipstick with a pointed tip as it’s easier to line the edges of the lips neatly, but this is still a solid pick. 

10. Topshop in Hazard is one of a number of solid reds from Topshop. There’s definitely a red for everyone in Topshop’s varied selection of cute black-and-white striped cases.

lipsticks 2With special gratitude to the curtained booths at The Breslin–a BlackBook approved location for a makeout sesh. 

My Life Lesson/ Non-Beauty Related Takeaway

Here’s the thing about a solid red lip: any partner worth your time is willing to pay the price of some lipstick on their face in the name of a good kiss. When A asks me if I “understand male psychology at all?” the point is made abundantly clear. (Yes, I do understand, thank you!) The making out part overrules anything and everything else. As it should. 

P.S. Fellow beauty junkies tweet us @blackbook and let me know your faves. 



Designer vs. Designer at the CFDA Vogue Fashion Fund Party

Photos by Carly Erickson (

The CFDA Vogue Fashion Fund celebrated the 2014 Design Challenge at the Ludlow Hotel in downtown Manhattan on Tuesday night to celebrate the finalists for the contest.

For this year’s Design Challenge, Maybelline New York assigned each of the ten finalists an American city and asked them to create a head-to-toe look that embodies the distinct spirit and style of the Maybelline New York woman in that city.

Guests of the event included CFDA President Diane von Furstenberg, and many other notable designers and models such as Jason Wu, Anna Wintour, Lily Donaldson, and Joseph Altuzarra.

Below are pictures of the finalists with their dates, wearing the creations for the contest.

CFDA / VOGUE FASHION FUND Design Challenge CocktailMiami: Wes Gordon and Lily Donaldson

CFDA / VOGUE FASHION FUND Design Challenge CocktailNew Orleans: Cora Emmanuel and Eva Fehren

CFDA / VOGUE FASHION FUND Design Challenge CocktailAustin: Gigi Burris and Drake Burnette

CFDA / VOGUE FASHION FUND Design Challenge CocktailNew York: Paul Andrew and Andreea Diaconu

Dannijo’s Beauty Look? Mongolian Road Trip

Backstage at Dannijo. Photo by Zac Sebastian.

Dannijo’s new collection was based on a Mongolian road-trip theme, with the new jewelry line drawing upon the tribal and nomadic culture of the Mongolian plains. It was only natural for the hair and make-up teams wanted the beauty looks to complement the jewelry line, and they chose two.

If you’re considering picking up some Dannijo to pile on, we can help you get the beauty look to go with it.

For cheeks: Apply a mixture of Maybelline’s Hot Tamale and Candy Coral Dream Bouncy Blush to cheeks — mix until you get a shade that suits your skin tone.

To highlight: Use Color Tattoo 24Hr cream gel eye shadow in Barely Branded as a highlighter on cheeks, then apply Face Studio Master Hi-Light in Warm Nude on top to blend everything together. As a finishing touch, apply Taupe eye shadow to as contouring on cheeks.

For a more muted eye: For the warm bronze eye look, use Eye Studio Color Tattoo Leathers 24Hr Cream-Gel shadow in Creamy Beige, and then Eye Studio Color Tattoo 24Hr cream-gel shadow in Bad to the Bronze. For more warmth, add a layer of Dream Matte Mousse in Cocoa on top.

For a bold eye: Apply a primer and then eye shadow in Brash Blue across the entire eyelid. Skip the mascara and instead apply clear gel mascara to brush up eyebrows.

For lips: Babylips lip balm in Quenched was applied to the lips, and then concealer was dabbed on for a more subdued, nude lip.

(All products by Maybelline.)

To compliment the makeup looks, hairstylist Rodney Cutler straightened hair and then either parted hair in the center or pulled it straight back, putting gel in the ponytail to keep shine and get rid of flyaways. Hair was first woven into a fishtail for the first two inches and then tied into regular ponytail.


Dannijo-4Backstage photos by Zac Sebastian

IMG_4085The final look

Brands Embracing Vlog Haulers

Less than a year ago an unlikely (and unfortunately named) fashion and cosmetics trend began sweeping the scene: vlog hauling. Today, what was once an internet phenomenon where women, thirty-somethings, and tweens alike would show-off an endless array of new purchases via web cam—garnering tens of thousands of viewers in return—is now a bona fide brand marketing tool. “Some people complain that haul videos are shopping porn, presumably because the girls are in their bedrooms, but I suspect that those people just haven’t seen enough of them. The videos are extremely tedious,” Cathy Horyn wrote of the nascent shopping practice. But audiences have yet to grow tired of the video diaries. And not surprisingly, the movement, which by default offers brands exceptionally potent—and nearly free—advertising, has caught the eye of quite a few major labels: L’Oreal and Maybelline, to name a few.

“L’Oréal is launching a YouTube style channel, but rather than hire professional makeup artists to showcase its products, the brand has tapped the world’s most ravenous cosmetics consumers: haul vloggers!” says The Cut. The channel, dubbed Destination Beauty, will feature appearances from the likes of KandeeJohnson and Panacea81.

Meanwhile, late last month Maybelline debuted what might be the world’s first haul vlog-inspired makeup line. Called MNY, the cosmetics collection is exclusive to the European market. “Lower priced, fast paced, and color drenched, the cosmetics collection is aimed at a generation of young women used to finding out about products through haul videos, street fashion and beauty blogs, rather than via magazines and TV shows,” says Women’s Wear Daily. The brand is relying entirely on word of mouth and digital initiatives (on sites like Facebook and Twitter) to help MNY become a household name instead of relying on any form of “traditional advertising.”

Pretty in Pink at Custo Barcelona

Custo Barcelona made a splashy debut at the tents over the weekend showcasing an “air show,” as designer Custo Dalmau called it, which focused on the texture and lightness of his carefree frocks, bathing suit cover-ups and airy suits. It was a poppy debut that played with texture (yarn and chiffon) and shape (bra tops with sarongs skirts). But makeup took center stage to really drive Custo’s concept home. Though giant pop art red lips appeared on several of the wispy dresses, the makeup was ostensibly light, pairing fluffy blowouts with peachy-pink eyeshadow and rosy cheeks. Seeing pink is not cause for alarm during spring fashion shows, but it’s significant that the makeup trend was also apparent on fall runways. Are fashion houses looking out for the penny-pinching consumer trying to stretch their purchases?

For fall, ADAM showcased artsy watercolor stripes on cheeks and eyes, Rocco Barocco had bright pink blush and matching pouts, and Anna Sui brightened up skin with baby and hot pinks. The fact that we’ve seen the color on so many fall runways will prove to bolster it, positioning the palette as a lasting trend (a scary thought considering the association pink has with Barbie, a Victoria’s Secret boudoir, and well, the popstar). Custo proved the color was very wearable, sending Sessilee Lopez down the runway looking flushed and subtly rosy, as bottle-blond Iekeliene Stange seemed ethereal in pink shadow that popped against her pale skin. Though it looks scary in the package (or way too sweet), the color is easy to pull off.

Eyes Subtle: Dior 5 Couleurs Pallette in Tender Chic, which has a soft baby pink color along side mauve, sable, and yellow hues to blend if you are gun shy. Estee Lauder Signature Eyeshadow in Rose Gold, which has a gradient theme to build upon a pink base. Barbie: MAC Pink Freeze eyeshadow, and MAC shadow in Playful. Both are bright clean pink, and is a specialty line created for, you guessed it–Barbie. Popstar: MAC Technakohl Liner Full of Fuchsia which is a fat-tipped liner that gives a shock of color.

Lips Subtle: Maybelline Lip Gloss in Born With It and Laura Mercier Lip Watercoulours, which has primer along with six shades, and is a fantastic investment. Barbie: MAC Lipglass in Sweetness, which is a light baby pink with just a touch of pearly shimmer, and MAC Lipstick in Real Doll which is more of a Skipper-friendly bubblegum pink Popstar: MAC Lipstick in Rocking Chick and Lipglass in Malibu Barbie–both are highliy pigmented fuchsia colors.

Cheeks Subtle: Laura Mercier Cheek Duo in Whisper, Stila Convertable Color in Peony, simple colors that blend well into the cheek. Barbie: Victoria’s Secret Blush/Highlighter Duo in Runway, which has a baby pink shimmer to it, and MAC‘s Powder Blush. Popstar: Rock & Republic Pressed Blush in Contrived and MAC Powder Blush in Fab, which is a plummy hue that stands out.