See New Stills From Antonio Campos’ Thrilling ‘Simon Killer’

Tonight, the IFC Center in Manhattan will host a screening of Antonio Campos’ debut feature Afterschool, with a Q&A to follow. And since the film’s 2008 release we’ve seen Campos step behind the camera, playing the role of producer along Josh Mond for fellow Borderline partner Sean Durkin’s Martha Macy May Marlene. But next month will see his directorial return with the psychosexual character study Simon Killer.

Starring the talented Brady Corbet, Campos’ sophomore effort is an hypnotic dance with destructive impulse and impassioned aggression, telling the tale of a post-collegiate young man who travels to Paris and falls in love with a prostitute. It’s a dark and penetrating film rich with color, texture, and tone that shows what a force the duo of Campos and Corbet truly are.

And today, on the heels of the announcement that Corbet will be starring alongside Benecio Del Toro in the Pablo Escobar drama Paradise Lost, we’ve got a batch of new stills from Simon Killer to get you excited for its premiere at IFC in April 5th. Take a second look at the trailer below and see the stills—preferably while listening to THIS.





Get a First Look at the Trailer for Antonio Campos’ Brooding ‘Simon Killer’

It’s been eight long years since Antonio Campos invaded cinemas and unnerved audiences. His debut feature, Afterschool, the story of an internet-addicted prep-school student who captures the overdose of two girls on film, starred a young Ezra Miller in a haunting and career-launching role, but more than anything, served to shed light on one of the strongest new voices in contemporary independent cinema. As one third of Borderline Films—alongside Sean Durkin and Josh Mond—Campos produced last year’s Martha Macy May Marelene, just as Durkin had his hand in producing Campos’ latest feature, the brooding and visceral Simon Killer

After premiering over a year ago and running the festival circuit, the film about a lonely, heartbroken, and horny guy who graduates from college and heads to Paris, where he becomes involved with a  young prostitute, is set to finally have its US release thing spring and will play at the IFC Center starting in April. And as one of our most anticipated films of the year, I got the chance to see Simon Killer yesterday. So although I won’t say much, I will reveal that it got under my skin. 

Brady Corbet plays the titular role and does so wonderfully. He’s an actor that seems to make all the right choices, finding himself everywhere from Michael Haneke’s Funny Games to Lars von Trier’s Melancholia—and you can understand why these iconic directors are so eager to cast him. No stranger to portraying morally unsound characters that walk the line between tantalizing and creepy, Corbet is certainly a presence in Campos’ film that’s filled with stunning color sequences which play to the mind like emotional/psychological cues (akin to the way P.T. Anderson used Jeremy Blake’s expressionist work in Punch Drunk Love.) 

As of tonight, a trailer has finally been released so turn off the lights and get a first glance into the weird world of Simon Killer. Enjoy.