The Ghosts of Bowery Past: CBGB, Greenhouse, & W.i.P.

Yesterday I took one of my first days off since ’03 and it was grand. Me and mine went to the Bronx Zoo which was a zoo. Apparently, Wednesdays are donation day with no fixed admission fee, which means approximately 1 billion people descend upon the zoo to enjoy the nice day with the pretty animals at no cost. We had a blast, completely captivated by the captivated lions and tigers and bears. ..oh my! Amongst the zillions of people, we somehow found Hotel Chantelle go-go dancer Nicky Delmonico and assured her tonight’s hot “Generation Wild” Rock Party at Chantelle would be cool. The joint fixed its air conditioning.

We got home, washed the day away, and headed to DBGB Kitchen & Bar for dinner with Marky Ramone and his Marion. We were joined by chef Daniel Boulud who bombarded us with funny tales and scrumptious deserts. Marky and I told and retold tales of yore. We talked of Dee Dee, Joey, CBGB, and Max’s Kansas City. I don’t desire to dwell too long in the past, preferring to keep looking forward, but sitting with an old war horse like Marky leads to inevitable digression. Eventually I’ll tell you all about it. 

As he posed for photographs with giddy patrons – suburban people who now live in nearby condos and chic apartments where there once stood burnt-out buildings that punks, bums, dealers, and scum squatted in – we talked about the ghosts of Bowery past. It was inconceivable to us that such folk are now frolicking and enjoying such fine fare where we youthfully played amongst the ruins. Back then, a container topped with aluminum foil filled with chicken vindaloo and eaten with a plastic fork was fine dining.

Marky is still touring, still banging his drums not so slowly, and doing lots of other things I will, as I said, eventually talk about. At DBGB, his gravy… er sauce, is for sale and prominently on display up front. Marky Ramone’s Brooklyn’s Own Marinara Sauce is featured in delicious pasta dishes that we all shared prior to our entrees. We headed to Bantam, side-stepping homeless folks who haven’t quite heard the good news about how fabulous the neighborhood has become.

I saw a petition on Petitionbuzz that was under the banner "ALLOW WIP & GREENHOUSE to reopen.” When I clicked through, I read this:

"As many of you already know W.I.P & Greenhouse are still closed pending a scheduled hearing on Friday. I know that I can speak for many people when I say that this is a big blow to the people employed by the club, the nightlife community, as well as to the party goers themselves. We all loved hanging out and partying at W.I.P and are sad to see that the actions of 2 world renown hip hop artist acting like thugs shut down a place we all love and leave 300 people (including Greenhouse) out of jobs in this depressed economic state.  I Emailed @NYNightlife asking him whether or not he thought this petition would even be worth while / effective. He replied saying that he would contact someone at WIP/Greenhouse and see what they think. 10 minutes later he Emailed me back saying that he was told "it would go a long way", which means that every "signature" counts. The hearing is scheduled for Friday, so until then lets all make it a point to get as many people  to sign this petition as possible and to share it with everyone we know, thank you."

I have been pretty harsh on the players-to-be-named-later over there at W.i.P./Greenhouse, but anytime a club is closed because of the illegal actions of its patrons, I get confused. It’s like closing Kennedy Airport because the TSA caught some joker smuggling some blow or because a couple of schmoes duked it out on a long line. There were a lot of people making a living over there at those joints. I’m hoping that "were" gets changed to “are.”


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This Weekend: Work & Play All of Labor Day

It seems to be happening fast. Last night I felt comfortable going out in my leather jacket; the temperatures easily allowed it. There was a hint of cool air in the wind, and traffic was nonexistent. I could park anywhere in my ‘hood. I had a Kojak spot in front of the house. New Yorkers were off to elsewheres, grasping at the last straws of summer. Union Pool’s patrons included last-gasping college types partying hardy before they were off to dorms in exotic locales where they will surely party just as hardy. The small talk was all about "what are you doing for the weekend?" As for me, I’m headed out Monday to DJ poolside at The Montauk Beach House.

My plan (and I never plan) is to play all surf rock, from Jan and Dean to the Ventures to the Tandems, Beach Boys, and Dick Dale – heavy on the surf guitar instrumental tracks. I’m bringing along a bikini-clad go-go gal for effect. I might drive out on Sunday morning and crash at a friend’s. I want to catch the DJ setfrom Julio Santo Domingo. He is the founder of Sheik ‘n’ Beik parties and record label. They throw events in New York City as well as in Miami, London, Paris, and Barcelona. It’s going to be techno music for the socialites…  not my usual cup of tea but since it is the end of summer… I may upgrade from that cup of tea. Besides, while not teetotaling, I get to hang with pal DJ and The Montauk Beach House booker Terry Casey, fast friend DJ Kris Graham, and the awesome DJ Brigitte Marie who, with a bunch of others, will be on before and after sir Julio. I’ll pop by Ditch Plains Beach, where surfers will be trying to catch that last wave of the season. The trip home should take about seven hours of bumper-to-bumper. Amanda will opt for singing “99 Barrels of Beer” rather than listen to my mixed tapes …again. Although it’s hard to have trouble in bumper-to-bumper please be aware that the roads are dangerously full of party animals who truly believe that they can
drink and drive.

Last night I dined with Marky Ramone, his lovely Marion, Jonny Lennon, and Adam Alpert at Gran Electrica, 5 Front Street, in Brooklyn. It was all fun and games ‘till the food came and then it was hard to concentrate on anything else. It was outside and wonderful and the war stories underneath the ivy were so much fun. Mark, the last of the Ramones as I knew them, is enjoying considerable success in his "post" career with his band Blitzkrieg and all sorts of other spin-offs and endeavors. The best benchmark for success, as I see it when I get to hang with him, is the all apparent love and respect and admiration he shares with Marion. I met them, we figured out last night, over 34 years ago. They have never wavered. He has never allowed the awe I have for his career interfere with our friendship. Jonny and Adam are my DJ agents and they must be good at it because I’m spinning three times this week…The Montauk Beach House on Monday, Hotel Chantelle tonight, and Bantam tomorrow. I will move off my usual rock offerings at all three gigs and serve up some Michael Jackson, who was born on August 29th, 1958. I read that, according to The Guinness Book of World Records, Michael Jackson was the most successful entertainer of all time. I guess that depends on how you define success.

10 Years Later: Remembering Dee Dee Ramone

It was 10 years ago today that my friend Dee Dee Ramone passed. I was in the joint and a buddy told me the news. I had lent my buddy the autographed copy of Dee Dee’s book Legend of a Rock Star: A Memoir: The Last Testament of Dee Dee Ramone that Dee Dee had sent me to kill some time and say hello. I always wondered how he got it together to get it to me. I remember how helpless I felt, being so far away from the street when I heard the news. Normally I’d be on the phone or on the corner dealing with it, with others who were dealing with it. But at that point, I was far away and with only one buddy to give a damn. Dee Dee had played my club SPA with his latest band and I had missed that too.

He was in Hollywood when a death, long predicted by many, came as a surprise. His addiction finally demanded payment. I will dine with Marky next week, the last of those Mohegans that I knew personally. He’s been touring with his band Blitzkrieg, doing mostly Ramones covers. His bass player yells 1, 2, 3, 4 before each song and it makes me sad. Dee Dee’s tombstone is not far from where Johnny lays at Hollywood Forever Cemetery. It has the Ramones seal on it and the line from one of his tracks: "I feel so safe flying on a ray on the highest trails above.” On the bottom of the stone "O.K…I gotta go now" is inscribed. It’s been a dozen years since I last saw him and I think of his bad-boy energy and his friendship and the endless conversations we had in front of the Chelsea where we both lived for a time …where he was always hanging, waiting for something, maybe just a hello or a chat or something else to calm the seething just under the surface.

The first time I saw him was at the club MY FATHER’S PLACE out in Long Island. My date was into punk, I was into jazz. She was stoooopid hot and I aimed to please. I knew of the Ramones as they werefrom Forest Hills, a hood just a bike ride away where the girls were pretty and their brothers didn’t know where I lived. We were in striking distance of the stage when the show began. We were unexpectedly shoved up front by a surge of inhumanity. Dee Dee was inches from me and he pummeled me with noise, sweat, and an occasional stray finger as he slammed his bass and screamed 1,2,3,4 one song after another. He tossed me a Ramones guitar pick which I gave away a couple years ago to a dude from a local band. He will cherish it.

It seems longer than 10 years. It seems like a lifetime ago. I’m sorry if you missed Dee Dee and the Ramones. They were grand. O.K…I gotta go now.


This Thursday, June 7, from 6pm to 9pm The Hole Gallery ( which is constantly showing work that interests me is offering PORTRAIT OF A GENERATION, June 7 – August 10, 2012. One hundred artists "who make up the art scene" are exchanging portraits of each other. Three of my favorite people on earth – Erik Foss, Clayton Patterson, and Bijoux Altamirano – are contributing.

 From the release:

"This massive exhibition will serve to give image to a community of people, both renowned and emerging, who are dedicated to making artworks. The works will be hung salon-style on our walls of Gallery 1 and 2, and include painted, drawn and photographic portraits."

What Happened Last Night At The Amy Winehouse Foundation’s After Party At The DL

T.G.I.F…and F.Y.I: with half the known world M.I.A. (missing in action) in MIA (Miami) for the W.M.C. (Winter Music Conference) and the U.M.F. (Ultra Music Festival), there was a great music based party at The DL ( Delancey and Ludlow?, Down Low?, Designed by Lewis?) in the L.E.S. (Was that as good for you as it was for me?). Anyway… the after party for the Amy Winehouse Foundation event that happened earlier at The Waldorf Astoria was one of the most fun parties I have been to in quite some time. A gorgeous, mixed, hip and smart crowd gathered to hear Mark Ronson and a few other DJs (Disc Jockeys) spin. Mark, of course, produced Amy Winehouse’s glorious multi-platinum album Back to Black, and arrived with producer Danger Mouse for his 1am set. I did the opening set, followed by Andy Rourke (ex-Smiths) who is working on a new album. Lucas Walters, Gavin Russom, and Vikas kept the crowd till 4 A.M. (ante meridiem). O.K. (OKAY), I’ll stop.

I chatted with Mark who closed out the set with Amy and his Valerie. It was a sobering reminder of her early departure and why we were all there. It was great seeing him. We worked together at Life and other clubs I directed back in the day. Whenever I see him I am awed at how much he hasn’t changed. Despite being very successful, he remains the same accessible and straight-up guy he always has been. Terry Casey put the whole thing together. I am in the process of redux-ing The DL which has proven to be a wonderful adventure. 

The vibe last night was outstanding. The beautiful Taquana Harris turned to me mid-evening and remarked that the party was very reminiscent of the old days in club life that have seemed so far away and unattainable. I guess if one gathers immense talent for a good cause, people of substance will come out to play. None of the DJs played a set in any way similar to the others. The public, which is much smarter than the pablum-packed sets usually offered at nightclubs, embraced the eclectic mixes from all the genres offered. I must note that Marky Ramone and Paul Sevigny were also wonderfully willing to lend a hand with the event if we needed them. My day today is shot a good sign that my night was grand.

Marky Ramone On His Legacy, Pasta Sauce, and Gelato

I mentioned the other day I was heading to The Bell House to catch Marky Ramone’s band Blitzkrieg. Outside was a food truck with a prominent display of MARKY RAMONE’S MARINARA PASTA SAUCE. Inside, a mixed bag of oldies but goodies mixed with the hip kids with hoodies. The band was banging one Ramones hit after another with a trademark 1-2-3-4. letting you know that one track had ended and another had begun. Mark. the last of the Ramones as I know it, was slamming his drums while his bandmates did their own thing rather than imitations of the departed Joey, Dee Dee, and Johnny. Looking up at the stage made me sad. My brain wandered back in time to some show somewhere with all of them leaping and posing and punk rock and rolling into a frenzy. Although I was happy to see this as live as it’s going to get, it made me pine for my punk past. Backstage, I quipped with Marky (whose real name is Mark Bell) if it was a "coincidence that they were playing The Bell House. "Right," he answered. "My friends think I bought the place."

Marky’s off to Europe and Asia where huge crowds will gather to get a taste of legend. Tommy Ramone was the original drummer and did the first couple of albums, but then gave way to Marky who, by all accounts, is one of the best drummers out there. It was Marky who did most of the touring, providing a steady beat behind the mayhem of bass player Dee Dee and guitar hero Johnny. Joey’s deep vocals and uncanny timing are not evident in the current shows. Blitzkrieg’s lead singer Michale Graves’ higher-pitched voice and twirling angry punk bad boy act is in sharp contrast to my memories of Joey’s steady lean-on-the-mic approach. It wouldn’t have been right for Michael to do Joey. Michael had to do it his way and that’s ok by me.
There has been some controversy regarding a book called Commando: The Autobiography of Johnny Ramone. I saw an interview with Johnny’s widow Linda who I never had beef with although I never much respected either. In this interview, she discounts Marky’s role in what has to be described as disgraceful revisionist history. I haven’t read the "autobiography," but I am wary of the content. As I remember it, Linda was banned from the shows for a while when it was found out that she had cheated on her then-boyfriend Joey to carry on an affair with Johnny who she eventually married. Although that bothered many, it never bothered me because love takes us all on strange journeys and she was there with him to the tragic end. My beef now was her calling Tommy the true drummer of the band and refering to all the other Ramones, including Marky, as basically hired guns. I have no beef with Tommy either. In the 15 or so years I hung out with the band, I only met him twice and I’m sure he doesn’t remember our quick hellos. Linda’s memory and perspective are different than mine. I, after all, wasn’t fucking or fucking over half the band. My memory, backed up by Wikipedia and some other sources, has Tommy quitting the band in 1978 and Marky taking over.
"Marky was with the Ramones for the next five years. He was asked to leave the band in 1983 to conquer his periodic drinking. He returned in 1987 and played with the band up until their retirement in 1996."
That’s the bulk of Ramone’s career and it seems difficult to deny that. Another bit from Wiki:
"In October 2001, Marky appeared on MTV accepting a lifetime achievement award presented by Bono of U2 to the Ramones. Marky Ramone’s hand prints are on the Hollywood Rock Walk. In March 2002, Marky was inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, at New York’s Waldorf Astoria as a member of the Ramones."
Whoever’s good enough for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is good enough for me. The politics that plagued the Ramones in life haunts them to this day. Marky continues to write Ramones history with Blitzkrieg while it seems others may be attempting to rewrite history for their own purposes. I, of course, loved Johnny and look forward to reading his book.
I exchanged questions with Marky as he was heading off to tour but didn’t ask him about the book -that can wait.
The Brooklyn show brings you back home… You and your brother Freddie were raised in Brooklyn. Will lifelong friends be on hand, or has the road taken you far away from all that?
Don"t think the road has taken me away from childhood friends. Life goes on, and luckily you make new friends. I did see a few people last night from school/ the old neighborhood, but they were just acquaintances. I run into more old friends when I play on the West Coast!
What’s up with your not-so-secret sauce?
All these years, while going overseas, the local promoters always take the band out to eat in the best place of wherever you happen to be. Whether it’s sushi in Japan, steak in Argentina, pasta in Italy, I have become what’s now called a "foodie."  My grandfather was also a chef in NYC at the 21 and the Copacabana, and when I was a kid, on Sundays we would cook for the family.  learned how to make tomato sauce for spaghetti as a cheap and filling meal when I was a teenager just starting out in the business. A couple of years ago, Tony Bourdain asked me to be on his show No Reservations, and then I meet Daniel Boulud; both encouraged me to get into the food business. I always admired Paul Newman’s product line, so I figured why not?  Now I also have a gelato in over 100 countries called "Marky Ramone’s Cookies," cause it’s got chunks of chocolate cookies crunched up in the gelato. Both products support various charities.
When are we going to DJ together again?
Would love to DJ with ya…I love to hear good music on a great loud sound system. It’s always a fun night for me.
What is the Ramones legacy?
The Ramones legacy is that we always knew the show/music was the best. And that time proves we were right.
What are you going to be when you grow up?
Luckily for me, I have always earned my living "playing," so thankfully I don’t have to grow up!! In fact, I have to leave for the airport now to go play in Greece, Hong Kong, Vientnam, China, and a few other places I will think about when I get there…..
My own personal rock and roll revival has me heading tonight to Hellbent Tuesdays at Ace Bar to visit my dear friend Jamie Lynn and to hear music by DJs Ian El Dorado and Marty E. Thursday, before I head off to join Sam Valentine and Michael Tee, and DJ my version of rock classics and the "danuchit" at Hotel Chantelle, I will head to the Tribeca Grand Hotel. There, another happening centered around yet another dead rock star will tempt me.
The Morrison Hotel (gosh there’s a lot of "hotels" involved with rock) and Grandlife present Jesse Frohman: Kurt Cobain exhibition after party. The Virgins are performing and Sailor Jerry Rum will sponsor delicious cocktails. Music will be provided by Jarvis Cocker (PULP), Jason Buckle (Relaxed Muscle), Mike Nouveau and Tennessee Thomas.

All-Drag Ramonahs & Sailor Jerry Rum: Just A Night At Arlene’s Grocery

O.K. I love Sailor Jerry parties. The music always slams , the crowd is hot in a tattooed sort of way, and there is always an abundance of Sailor Jerry Rum around to… lubricate the attendees. Yes, I got me another tattoo: a sort of naked cheerleader, and for no good reason. I’m past the point of great philosophical meanings for my ink. I just like it. Maybe in 40 or 50 years I’ll regret these hasty decisions, but I bet my eighth wife will think they’re hot.

The highlight of the evening was The Ramonahs, an all-drag Ramones cover band. It features TV tattoo celebrity Oliver Peck doing the lead singing. He and his bandmates don silly wigs and wear fake boobs as they slam through a fairly cool Ramones set. For an old codger like me who saw the Ramones a hundred times it was … well, music to my ears. I texted Marky Ramone about it but, alas, he was in Italy. I think he would have laughed and even joined them. This gig was like that.

The shin-dig happened at Arlene’s Grocery. Arlene’s is special; a throwback to an age of enlightement. It has its ups and downs, but who doesn’t. Monday night was a definite up. Special shout-out to Sailor Jerry P.R. Dana Dynamite who helps organize these soirees.

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Hot Stuff at Hotel Chantelle, Surf’s Up, and Gay Pride

Help me, I’m melting! I actually need someone to pour water over me as I just don’t do well in the heat. In a heat-of-the-moment decision, I decided to DJ for free, something my manager Adam over at 4AM frowns upon. The occasion was the Surf’s Up soiree over at Aspen Social Club, which was converted to “Aspen Surf Club” to catch the wave. When I got settled and shook a bunch of hands and kissed the babes on the cheeks I went to the DJ booth where DJ Life was killing it. His offerings of hip-hop, pop, and R&B was just what they wanted so I opted out and headed to Hotel Chantelle where I really wanted to catch Luc Carl’s set.

The Aspen Surf Lodge event had a door proceeds benefactor in the Rockaway Beach Alliance. Every hipster I know is heading out to beaches in Fort Tilden and Rockaway these days. The night before at The Darby I dined with Marky Ramone and his wonderfully-made Marion and my gal Amanda. Marky felt strongly that a street in Rockaway should be named after Dee Dee Ramone, who penned the classic Ramones track “Rockaway Beach.”

That song has tourists from all over the globe flocking there. Marky pointed out that Joey Ramone Place is at 2nd Street and  Bowery, just a hop, skip, and jump from what is affectionately called the Ramone’s loft. It is actually the loft of artist, lighting designer, road guru and all-around genius Arturo Vega who I named my Chihuahua after. “Rockaway Beach” is one of the most recognized tracks from this seminal NY punk band, and a street for Dee Dee would indeed be sweet.
The air-conditioning failed to meet the test at Chantelle and, although we DJs did our best and the crowd tried to make a go of it, everybody ended up on the roof and partied under the stars. I had fun playing tracks that had some sort of heat reference including "Hot Stuff" by The Rolling Stones, "I’ll Melt with You" by Modern English, and eventually "Smells Like Teen Spirit" by Nirvana. They say the air will be fixed, but it was a bit too late for last night’s party. I’ve always been taught to "never let them see you sweat"…last night, I failed.

I would be remiss and subjugated to much emotional distress by my friends celebrating Gay Pride if I didn’t mention it. My fabulous friend and fiend Patrick Duffy has done it again. A fabulous event will mark my introduction to OUThouse within the THE OUT NYC resort complex. The space is behind a red unmarked door at 510 west 41st Street between 10th and 11th. This is a private affair with a $50 6pm-9pm champagne-and-curated- cocktail reception so if you want into OUThouse you better hustle.

The gift bags are a "must" with “a gorgeous equality candle, jewelry by Chris Habana, and a skin spa gift and much more. The gala has a name: “The Garden of Earthly Delights," a very special Pride benefit for the Courage Campaign and the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Campaign. The shindig is hosted by the ever-fabulous Amy Sacco, Peter Davis, Christopher Valiante, Michael Warner, and of course Patrick Duffy. DJ Angola will set the tone, and my favorite Monday Night Bingo buddy Murray Hill will perform. I wouldn’t miss it for the world …unless their air conditioning is on the fritz.

Ramones Mania: Marky Ramone Performs Sunday, Johnny’s Tome Comes Out Monday

Game of Thrones is just days away. For millions, it will define their Sunday nights. I, alas, will have to TiVo it because I will be swept to The Bell House on a wave of rock and roll nostalgia and friendship. Marky Ramone is in town with his band Blitzkrieg and they will be playing that great Gowanus venue. It will be Ramones’ songs 1-2-3- 4, after each other and it is as close to the real deal as can possibly be. Alas, Joey, Dee Dee, and Johnny have passed on but their legacy will be remembered – Ramone right at this show. Marky is touring and I don’t get to see him much. We are trying to get a dinner in, but it will probably have to wait until he returns from a European tour which will take him and Blitzkrieg to Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Asia, Spain, Germany, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, and Italy with more dates to be announced. I’m going to catch up with him at the shows and ask him a bunch of questions for Monday’s post.

It’s a very big week for Ramones fans. Johnny Ramone’s posthumous tome Commando: The Autobiography of Johnny Ramone is coming out. Johnny’s wife Linda and pre-Marky drummer and original member Tommy Ramone will be on hand along with John Cafiero (editor and Johnny Ramone autobiography chief-of-staff). It will be at the Tribeca Barnes and Noble (97 Warren Street) on Friday, March 30th where someone, not clear which of them, will be signing books. I will read this book with great interest. Johnny and I were friends for a long while. I got along with Linda just fine when she was Joey’s girlfriend, but things soured (I think) when I was double-dating, with Johnny fixing him up with my friend Lisa. That stuff probably never made the autobiography anyway. It was before I knew about him and Linda. We were hanging at clubs like The Peppermint Lounge. Johnny was very conservative politically and we had many conversations about his right and my left leanings, but we always got along despite that. He was a very sharp guy and, as far as I could tell, the absolute leader of the band. He held them together with his business sense and maniacal devotion to rock and roll.
Things got bad when Linda made her shift from Joey to him, but the band played on. The Joey Ramone song "The KKK Took My Baby Away" is thought by some to refer to Johnny stealing Joey’s baby away. I last hung with Johnny a few years ago at the Hudson Hotel Library. He was playing pool with Nicolas Cage, who he had become friends with. Nicolas was really friendly, going out of his way to engage me, but Johnny was quite cold. I questioned him about it as we had never been like that. I was in trouble then and obviously this bothered him, so I bolted. I was surprised when he caught up with me down the long hallway leading to the exit. He wanted to hear my side and I returned with him back to the lounge. We talked frankly, no-holds-barred, as was his norm. It got heated but it was hashed out. We left as friends. I was saddened deeply when he became ill and died. After every show back in the day, I would go backstage and he would turn to me and ask me if it was good and I’d tell him the truth. He knew I would always tell it like it was. He was obsessed with making his fans happy. He was visibly upset when a mistake was made or if he felt one of the other band members had flawed or didn’t share in his enthusiasm. I’m going to pick up a copy of the book but won’t need any signature on it.
Domi Dollz
In a couple of weeks, on a Thursday before my DJ gig at Hotel Chantelle, I will join the Domi Dollz at the Museum of Sex. They will attempt to teach the sexually needy how to:
create more than just a moment in the bedroom, but an entire experience that will leave your partner begging for more. NYC’s most famed kink experts will explore ideas and techniques from setting the mood, sexy games, and thinking outside the bedroom to the art of the striptease, kinky foreplay, and fantasy scenarios. Enjoy sipping tasty aphrodisiac cocktails while the gorgeous Domi Dollz seduce and inspire you to create your own seduction experience.
OralFix: Aphrodisiac Cafe
Museum of Sex | Lower Level
233 5th Avenue @ 27th St
New York, NY 10016
Thurs, April 12th @ 7pm
Admission : $25
Seating is limited
The Domi Dollz are simply sexy. They are gorgeous, experienced, intelligent women who talk the talk like they know how to walk the walk. Come, please, please…please.

Marky Ramone, Danny A Flick, & Nana Opens

One of the upsides to my job is the connections. I sometimes have the ability to connect people to each other for collaborations, gigs, work.  When I saw Marky Ramones Blitzkrieg last week at Irving Plaza, I was told a hundred times that it all was because of me that Andrew W.K. was now the lead singer of this fantastic, more than a Ramones cover band. My friend, Mirrorball honcho, Michael Blatter sent over this link where the guys sing my praises. Yes I am blowing my own horn, but I am proud that my little part in this has resulted in a world tour and so much fun for so many people. 

I am proud as punch for a former employee of mine, Danny Abekaser, better know in club circles as Danny A. I never thought of people as employees, as I didnt run things like that, unless they really fucked up and then I’d just fume and yell and occasionally shoot them and draw chalk marks around where they had laid as a warning to others. Danny has been an actor and producer in so many flicks± most notably he produced and starred in the Jesse Eisenberg vehicle Holly Rollers playing the drug dealer Jackie and he was Dino Lapron in the The Iceman with Michael Shannon.
When he first started, he had a bit part in Made, which was partially shot at my joint Spa. He did a scene movie called Point and Shoot, and at that time, told me he was going to really get into the movie business as a career. It seemed like an impossible dream, but he is now working on the Martin Scorsese/Leonardo DiCaprio film The Wolf Of Wall Street due out for Christmas. He is also producing and acting in a film called The Life which is coming out in about five months. I spoke to Danny and I have a sneak peak at the club flick for you.

The good ole Double Seven, which for me was a double five maybe, will reopen as Bar Nana (63 Ganesvoort Street.) Jeffrey Jah and David Rabin are there, as well as Raphael Cejade Bloom, Kyle Hothkiss-Carone and players to be named later. It’s a great space in a great location and a powerhouse team. It opens tonight, but alas I will be DJing at Hotel Chantelle.