Yoko Ono Tweets Anti-Gun Statement on Her 44th Wedding Anniversary

Today would be the 44th wedding anniversary for John Lennon and Yoko Ono. It is, of course, a somber day for artist and musician Ono; this December marks the 33rd anniversary of Lennon’s murder. To honor the occasion, Ono tweeted a pretty strong statement about rampant gun violence in America, incorporating the image of Lennon’s bloody glasses which adorns the cover of her first album following her husband’s murder, the fantastic Season of Glass.

Ono and Lennon were returning to their home at The Dakota following the recording of Ono’s classic "Walking on Thin Ice," on which Lennon played guitar. He was holding a copy of the final mix when he was shot in front of his home by Mark David Chapman. Take a listen below.

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Mark David Chapman’s Autographed John Lennon Album For Sale

Today is the 32nd anniversary of John Lennon’s assassination outside his Upper West Side apartment building in New York City. Convenient, then, that the album he unknowingly autographed for his killer Mark David Chapman is also up for sale.

Lennon signed an LP of his and Yoko Ono’s album Double Fantasy for Chapman, who shot the Beatle to death five hours later that very same day. The autographed album was found outside the Dakota building in a front gate flower planter after the shooting by a fan and used as evidence in the trial against Chapman, given as it was covered in his fingerprints.   

According to NME, the album is for sale for more than half a million dollars. It has been held by several private owners since 1999.  Macabre Beatles fan with some extra scratch lying around can purchase the memoribilia from vendors Moments In Time

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